Wednesday, December 13, 2006

The End - Clapotis folded

Middle - dropped stitch


Artyarn Supermerino 130

My so called life....


Finally, we went to settlement Monday afternoon and we are now homeowner's!!!! Yeah!!! I am so happy, the seller is still in the home because he is moving to Georgia and he is trying to settle on his new home. He payed rent for 30days so he has until January 11th or before (guess which one I am hoping for?). The best thing about a new home is......SHOPPING. I don't know if i told you guys/gals but I have to buy everything anew anyway because my place flooded in July and we lost our sofa and dining room set so I can't wait.


I finished the clapotis for by bf aunt and she loved it. The only problem is, I finished like the day of and I didn't have a chance to take many pictures or of it on her, so I will have to get her to take a picture of it.

However, I do have some and here it is.