Friday, May 20, 2011

Past Weekend: Graduation and Birthday

Hey folks,

I am officially done with school!!! This past Saturday, I graduated and now have my MASTERS!!! Who would have thunk it!! I remember posting anxiety of getting in and now I am done.

The day started off kinda cold, very wet and dreary. Did I tell you that the graduation is outside. Um yeah, who wants to hear their mother talk about leaving because she ain't come to get no damn pneumonia. um, mother dearest you can go inside and watch on the big screen t.v.s they have. Also, if anyone wanted to complain it should have been the graudates since we had to sit in the wet dang on chairs when the rain stopped. With all that said it was really nice once sun peeked through. The grounds at CUA are gorgeous, especially with the Basilica as the backdrop of the graduation. However, it was hectic for a moment because CUA has two graduations. So I had to attend the first one with EVERYONE and then the second one with my department. Which was pretty cool because it was more intimate and with your class and the champagne jazz brunch after was a nice touch.

I should have been with the nurses. They were so excited.

The commencement speaker was spea.ker of the h.ouse John "CRY BABY" B. he so works my nerves. He cried from beginning to end. I knew he would that's all his ass do. His speech was some garbage. His background is one of those pull yourself up by your bootstraps so I tried to have an open mind and listen, thinking - hey, he should have a great "go get em, the world is yours speech." UM, NOT.

I so am going to miss the CAT.HOLIC UNIVER.SITY OF AME.RICA

I partied like I was a Rock Star. I had a cook-out in honor of the festive occasion and I did something I never do which is enjoy the moment and accept the day as my day. I love to help everyone else, but feel uncomfortable when the attention is on me. Felt good to just STFU.

AND then on Sunday, I turned the big 37. Which is cool, because my crazy ass was telling people I was 37 last year until Anger Mgmt told me, your not 37 your 36, so I have been practicing for this number for a minute. So, now I have to take time and write new goals for myself because right now I am just floating through life trying to figure out what's next. Which can be a good thing, but for me not so much. The last time I didnt have goals I felt like I was wasting time.

P.S. now ya'll know this event was FILLED with drama. I will write about that later.