Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Prayer to the DNC

Ya'll know my other baby is politics and I said I would try not to discuss it here, but I just have to vent. I have been conversing with Christie about the happenings over at the DNC. Great conversation btw. But after going to lunch and reading the coverage, it just frustrated me and I just can't get it off my mind, so I decided to talk with you gals.

Will someone in the Democratic Party get some balls or something before we lose this thing!!! I am not saying you have to sling mud, but the Republicans are ready to spank that ass. Like it has been doing.

Let me tell you a little something about our friends the RNC. THEY DON'T CARE. They don't play by the rules and they are straight gully. Look at our president. You got to respect someone who says. I do not like gay people. And I believe a marriage should be between a man and a woman. Therefore vote for me and I will ensure all the "Christian" values. Well, you mutherfluckas voted on that a lone and THAT is how he got in again. I am not saying he is right by a long shot, what I am saying is he told you what he was going to do and he did it. The DNC is tap dancing, take a stand and shoot for the stars. DAMN.

Please do me a favor. As I said before, the Presidential election is not as important as your local elections. What I mean by that, because I know some people are saying, what? why is Urban saying that? is she trying to tell people not to vote. My answer to you is: Yes, you need to vote in your presidential elections. However, many folks believe that is the only election they need to participate in and that is not the case. Who takes after you every damn day - your local person. When it was a vote for war did the president go over there all by his lonesome? He sure as hell did not. He needed votes from who? YOUR STATESMAN. THAT is what I mean when I say your local election is the most important. It really is people because at the end of the day, they are the ones making decisions about you and yours.

Make sure if your state is renewing someone your ass is there to vote him/her in. I am just looking for some DNC insurance, because I am scared, as I was 4 years ago, when I knew he would be voted back in again.

I have been fed up with the DNC for MORE than the past 8 years. There has been numerous times the RNC could have been called out on shit they did and the DNC said nothing. WHY! When we mess up, you better believe they did something about it. Remember Bill and Monica, man they were all over that. Well, the last 10 or 12 sexual allegations were against the RNC (except for a couple dems) and nothing really said.

Don't get me wrong the speeches so far has been cool and all, but cool is not whats going to cut it.
You have to be ready to FIGHT and that does not mean slinging mud, but it does mean fight and buddy boy if you do not fight and use all your weapons, you are going to be going on tour with my main man Al.

We all have opinions and I am cool with that, so feel free to express yourself and tell me how you feel. Republicans or Democrats.

peace (relax.relate.release)

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Buying Textbooks

Now, I am not new to the college game. I know books cost but DAMN!!!!!! I went searching online to get a better price, I mean that is what I normally do, but some people are crazy. Now, one of my books cost 133.00 new. So I run across this glowing description on Bamazon:

Most Content Pages Missing;Some Bent Pages;Frayed Corners/Bent Cover.

Missing pages and then some. So if your like me you would think this book would be WAY cheaper. Well, like me your ass would be wrong. They want $124.00 - Hell for $9 dollars more you can have a fresh book.

ARE YOU KIDDING - THE BOOK IS MESSED UP - missing pages dude!!

I just had to share.

Back to school.......for me too.


Sunday we set down for a big dinner (Roast beef, fresh green beans w/smoked turkey, seasoned rice and texas toast) to talk about the new school year. Expectations, fears and myths.

The kids started school yesterday, except College Boy who do not start until Wednesday. He had to register - which as I told you gals, he had to do by himself this year. Well, I might as well been there because he called me a million and one times. I almost blocked his damn number. But, what's a parent to do. I would have been mad if he did not. Mr. Stefon is starting the 5th grade and Anger Mgmt is starting high school. And yes, I took pictures. It almost didn't happen because they started with the don't touch me, do I have to take a picture with him/her. I tell you.

My first day was yesterday and I thought I had everything planned out. Was a little nervous starting my first day, but everything was fine. I thought Graduate school would be so hard and rigid, but so far, what is being asked of us is no more than what Undergrad required. Have the same Know it all and students repeating the same question, while the rest of the class look at them like were you here in class with the rest of us? As usual there will be 2 TEAM projects. I so HATE team projects, I always get the damn loser. I already know a couple people I do not want on my team.

All in all, I liked my first day. I like the professor teaching style (so far). Only problem, I miss my family, especially Mr. Stefon. When I got home at 9:45 p.m. College boy came and talked to me - he wanted to know how my first day went (see why I love this boy), so we talked and then he said - oh, Mr. Stefon, said to tell you good night. I think me being gone will be the hardest on him, but I am only gone 2 days out of the week - taking two classes (trying to justify). He will be okay.

Monday, August 25, 2008

The Weekend

This weekend was great. As usual, we ditched the kids after taking them shopping for school supplies and hung out with my god-sister and her husband. They wanted to try a new restaurant and the husband and I decided to take them to P.F. Chang.

They loved the place. The food was great, we ordered a variety of things Moo Goo Gai Pan, Kung Pao Shrimp and Scallops, Orange Chicken and Cantonese style Shrimp and Scallops. To be honest the hits were the appetizers – crab wonton, chicken lettuce wrap (my fave), spring rolls and every one’s new favorite – drum roll please – crispy green beans. Man they are so good, we were all sharing and did not want to taste my husband green beans, although the waiter told us they were the best thing on the menu. We all tried one and were hooked. I mean really, REALLY, good ya’ll. If you ever get a chance, please get them, you will not be disappointed. After all that food we walked around Columbia Mall, because we were greedy and wanted some Cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory (that is the ONLY thing I buy from them - the rest is garbage). The husband and I bought a whole cheesecake to get back in good with the kids.

Hold up, I knew it was something I had to tell you folks. While we were waiting at P.F. Change for our table, a couple with their baby – I say, about six – seven months were sitting beside us and the baby needed a diaper change. No problem right. I mean its natural we all have to go. But here is the kicker. Why were they trying to change the baby in the stroller in the front, were everyone is waiting INSIDE the place. My god-sister and I are giving each other the eye like do you see this ish? Then the husband gets up and instead of changing the baby there, he goes OUTSIDE????? WTF? The wife, is just sitting there, talking about, you need this (wipes) don’t you. WHAT!!! People, if you have kids or going to have them, the bathroom have changing tables (even men bathrooms now), and if they do not you can change them in the stroller, like he was doing, just crazy.

Knit news!!

I finally completed chart one of Ene and am moving on to chart two.

Friday, August 22, 2008


Nineteen years and 1 day ago (Aug 21, 1989). I gave birth to a beautiful, extra long, big headed baby boy. He has been my pride and joy and I am so damn glad he allows me to be his mommy and use him as a science project.

Because I was being bad yesterday (clears throat), I did not get a chance to write my letter to him, so I plan on doing that at lunch, I believe I told you all before, but just in case I did not. I write a letter to my kids on their birthdays and tell them all the positives of the past year and then I (lay the hammer. Sike.) tell them what they need to improve on (Mr. Stefon’ will be four pages this year). My baby is 19. He is just a well rounded, boy – oh man, with a great heart and responsible. He just makes me so proud and makes me smile. I remember when he was little he would say, mommy you look so pretty today and I would look at him (knowing he is lying because I just woke up), smile and say thank you. Although, Mr. Conservative would make kissing noise and call him a kiss ass.

I keep saying I will tell you the story of my 19 year old, but I am a procrastinator and figured I would type it yesterday, well, we all know that did not happen. Maybe next week.

In addition, if you are in D.C., M.D. or V.A. there is a big block party today on U Street and some other happenings this weekend for Ben’s Chili Bowl, 50th Anniversary. If you are ever in D.C., you have to hit up Ben’s Chili Bowl on the famed U Street aka Black Broadway. I will be meeting my mom and Mr. Stefon at lunchtime to take in the festivities. My order is always the turkey burger with vegetarian chili – AWESOME, my girlfriend, love their regular burgers and half smokes, with a Strawberry milkshake.

Hookie & Jealousy

Got up to go to work yesterday and was not feeling it. My mom and daughter was walking with me to the metro because they were going to spend a grip to get their hair braided and I was the unlucky one going to work.

WELL, that changed. Got on the bus and my phone rang, I was by the Capitol (beautiful up close). Anywho, see it’s Mr. Conservative, so I answer.

Me: (whispering, I hate talking on the bus) Hello?
Mr. Conservative: What’s up? Did you leave for work yet?
Me: Yes (why you clocking my time and I left out late, so dumb question - see my mindset - don't judge me).
Mr. C: Oh, damn, I was hoping to catch you, I am leaving work right now (unexpected), so I was going to tell you to stay home.
Me: Um, I am right up the street from you at the Capitol, I CAN GET OFF THE BUS.
Mr. C: Get off the damn bus, I am turning around and on my way.
Me: Cool
Me: I ring the bell to get off. Why the lady sitting next to me act like she did not see me ring the bell and did not move? UM, EXCUSE ME. (why she suck her teeth). Whatever, do not care today.
Mr. C: Scoops me up and we hang out and um, yeah we hung out.

Oh, did I tell you my mom have been over my house for a week? I cannot have relations why her ass is in the house. SO, daddy put in some work. THANK GOODNESS FOR CELL PHONES other than that I hate them.

I did not knit yesterday at all. Why? Wanted the husband to know he was Numero Uno in my life. Why? Because he is jealous of my craft, can not believe it but it is true. How do I know?

Clue #1: In the car on the way to the Wine Festival, I am looking around for my knitting and said out loud.

Me: Damn, I left my knitting on the couch.
Mr. C: Good
Me: What?
Mr. C: I said, good. I am tired of you with that damn yarn every where.
Girlfriend: Dying laughing.
Me. (smirking because it is cute): Boy please, I guess I have to talk to you two. I was trying to avoid that.

Clue #2: We were going to eat.
Me: I guess, I can leave this (my project) in the car.
Mr. C: Please.
Me: Hold up, that is the second time you said something about my yarn. I ain't mad at football.
Mr. C: Yeah, because you like football and you love that yarn more than you love me. I talk to you and you don't listen, you just keep knitting with your head down. (I do not have to look at you to HEAR you, you only need my ears, not my eyes.)
Me: What, boy stop. You know that yarn can't do me like you do.
Mr. C: Whatever (smiling).

Best part. He is recognizing that I like to knit and he also, commented on my CPH about how nice it is AND he has picked out a project he wants me to knit. I am loving it because I believe he thought it would be a passing fancy and it is not.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Moderne Log Blanket & Ene's Scarf

Moderne Log Blanket (Yes it is spelled right)

The Modenre Log Blanket for College Boy has been kicked to the curb. I love the pattern. Well, I do not know if I should say love with all that damn garter stitch on size 6 needles. I will say I like the FINISHED blankets I have seen. The yarn I chose to knit the blanket with is Knitpick Swish Superwash. It was chosen because it is machine washable – remember this is for College Boy, he will be 19 in two days (insane). Do not want crazy mystery smell in the house.

The yarn is not doing it for me. It seems too thin, airy like. Me no likey. His room is on the first floor and it gets ICE COLD. Which is crazy to me because it is not a basement (growing up we had a basement and it froze us), first floor is not underground. Yes, I know temperature rises, but still. Anywho, pattern and yarn does not mix, so I need to find out what I am going to do with 9 balls of Superwash in different shades of blue. It should not take me too long, the kids’ favorite color is blue, I am thinking of a scarf for Anger Mgmt. Look at me growing up in the knit world, I so would have knit this thing in the beginning because I wanted a FO even if I did not like it, all because I have to prove to my self I can finish what I start. The Hell with that, after Starsky, no sir, I know when to say uncle.

Ene’s Scarf is back!

Yes, the little seductress kept calling my name and I just had to answer. I was so ready to feel her up again, but did not feel like doing the 375 double stranded knitted cast-on. She is a looker. Man she kept batting her eyes and eyeballing me. Finally, I said you know what, its on like butter popcorn. I got the Addi’s and the Blackberry Ridge Yarn, and told her to back that thang up! This is my third try, so her ass better put out or she is out. I want all the YO and Slip Stitch, Knit Two Together and Then Slip Stitch Over Love – WHAT!! O-KAY-KAY-KAY (in my best Little John voice).

I am ready – ya heard!!! (um, can you tell?)

I am on chart 1, row 9 yeah me!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Tropic Thunder

OMG!!! Let me just tell you that this movie is NOT for little kids. The husband and I went to see it and could not believe the parents with their kids. I mean the words they use people in some scenes - I cringed for the parents. We told our kids we needed to see it first since it IS Rated R. Well we told them hell no.

This movie is too freaking funny and no he is not in black face. I know a lot of people had issues thinking he was making fun of black people but he was not. I know disabled people are boycotting - now they may have a reason..... There are a lot of people in this movie. Everyone was excellent, but my favorite two are Tom Cruise and THE Robert Downey Jr (I have a crush on this man - have you seen him on GQ, couple covers back with the gray hair - a fine bottle of red wine).

I can't wait until others have seen it so we can discuss. Is it worth the 8.25 matinee admission? Um, if nothing else is out and you want to laugh, yes. But some parts were like WOW.

Okay, gotta get back to the debate, of why they are not going to see this movie. Amazing, they think they can wear us down. Now, THAT is what's hilarious.

Urban's Slouchy Beret

Urban's Slouchy Beret
Pattern: Gwen's Slouchy Beret by Lauren
Needles: 7 & 9 16 inch Circulars
Yarn: Paton's Classic Merino
Color: Paprika

Do you see the 70's vibe w/the shades and hoops? I am channeling my inner Rasta.

I LOVE my new hat!!! Just LOVE it!! I know I will be rocking it all fall, winter and spring. I did not use the lightweight yarn called for because I wanted something heavy that will keep me warm when the crazy weather hits soon.

This is my first true hat (Cecile was seamed). All of it was knit on circular needles which was great because I did not have to seam anything. So, what did I learn? Um, to use my circulars the correct way. I think this is the third project I have used from start to finish with my circulars. The only thing I would do differently, would be to use DPN's at the end when there was less stitches. Oh, and to use yarn in different weights so you can really see the beautiful design.

I used YARN AND NEEDLES FROM MY STASH!!! Before I bought my Knitpicks set, I bought all these needles STILL in there case to be used for hats, but never used them. Well, I finally did.

I am so happy with myself. I wanted to be ready this year for the fall and winter. I was so mad at myself last year when the kids and I did not have cold weather supplies (had to buy them) and I am SUPPOSE to be a knitter. I always felt a season behind. Well, what a difference a year makes!!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Talking Poster,, and Knit news

Did I tell you gals, I stopped drinking coffee? Yup, sure did…..until today.

I was up so late because I HAD to watch Mr. Michael (his body is sick) last night and Cullen Jones and guess what I am so happy I did. My husband was ready to kill me but whatever. I was all over the place.

TAKE THAT FRENCHIE!!!! Not because your from France, but your swimming should have done the talking for you!! Ha!! I am not going to lie, I thought they were not going to let Cullen race, when I heard them say that they had to pick who will still run AFTER they broke the record in the semi’s I was like – oh, hell, he is about to get robbed. But, they did the right thing, he earned that spot. Go U.S., Go U.S. Ya’ll know we are a sports family – minus the two oldest, however Anger Management has really been into the games. Oh, and how come the U.S.A has to keep going against China? I am tired of them. Damn. I was even proud of my Prez yesterday, he sounded like one when he was talking with Bob (asshole) Costas.

Moving on. The weather in D.C. is gorgeous, has been for a couple of days now. I do not know what this mean, but I am scared of what is to come.

Friday, went to a Happy Hour with my two favorite coworkers – had a great time, got our favorite drinks (Stoli & Cranberry) AND the waitress hooked us up, it was not Happy Hour yet, but she gave us the special price. We went to the old dive (Post Pub). Fun times, however I have to tell you gals something. How come, I went to the bathroom and almost pee on myself. Why you ask? Damn, did she drink too much? Well, I was wondering the same damn thing. I did the squat our mom’s taught us when your out in public using the restroom and all of a sudden I hear talking. WHAT IN THE HELL?!! People, this is a single bathroom. Only I am in here – kay. Then I realized.......

it was the damn poster on the wall. What type of shit is that!! I am so sick of advertisement, you can’t run from the damn things. And whose bright idea was it to put a talking poster in a bar!!!! Why in the hell would you have that shit in a bar? I know people have been messed up behind that one.

So after sobering up on the metro, Mr. Conservative picked me up and we went out for Sushi!! We had a ball, I love spending time with him. Except when he looked me in the eyes and was like – how many drinks did you have? He is not my father. We did not leave the kids out, we took them out to eat Sunday.

Knit News

I started my first hat on circulars and luv it. I feel like this is my first hat since, the other hat I made was made on straight needles and then I seamed up the sides. I must say this hat has made me very frustrated, but it was not the pattern or the hats fault it was all knitter error. I had dyslexia or something yesterday because I was not reading the pattern right. I think I started over 4 or 5 times which makes no since, because it is a cookie cutter pattern (my how I have grown as a knitter – look at me calling something cookie cutter).

Oh and Anger Management has got her knitting mojo back as well, let’s see if she finish something, that has always been her problem. She is knitting mittens now on dpn’s. She completed one bootie and stopped because the ladies at her job are trying to sign her up to knit and she is not having it (so much like her mom), so instead of saying no, she no longer bring her project to work. You know what I told her to do, but she thinks I am mean – oh well, let other’s dictate your life then.

Did I tell you I taught my niece how to knit while she was here and her oldest brother, the 13 year old asked me to teach him?

What did you and your family get into?

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Hope's Bright Ass Cabled Bib

Needles: Addi size 6

Yarn: Rowan Handknit DK Cotton 1 skein (I think I only used half)


Hope is going to be the cutest, BRIGHTEST, little thing with her new bib.

There are some patterns you see and want to make, but do not need it at that time. Well this pattern was one of them. I seen it a while ago and always wanted to make it, but had no reason to.....until now.

I always order an extra skein when I knit projects for other's. I had this Rowan because I knit my KnittingHelp Summer Swap partner a bright orange (her request) spa set last summer. So since I had the yarn the pattern called for, I got to work. The only problem was the brightness, but I figure she is a baby and she is fierce, so she will be able to MAKE IT WORK!! Now, I just need to find some cute buttons.

What did I learn you ask? I learned how to do a Provisional Cast On (THANK YOU KNITTINGHELP!@!!). Everything else was knit, purl, cable, a button hole and shaping.

Friday, August 08, 2008

Conversations with Urb

Two days after I saw Hope.

Me: Babe, say yes
Mr. Conservative: What am I saying yes to?
Me: Just say yes.
Mr. C: I cannot just say yes what out you telling me what.
Me: Come on. Will I ever do anything to hurt you? Say yes.
Mr. C: Um, yes you will. But okay, yes.
Me: Thank you so much, I hope we have a girl this time.
Mr. C: (choke). WHAT! Sssshhhhiiiiitttt!!
Me: You already said yes so you cannot take it back. I want another little girl.
Mr. C: See that is why you should never have held that baby. Man, are you serious.
Me: Yup. Don’t you want another little girl?
Mr. C: HELL NO. We have enough goddaughters and your nieces.
Me: I am just kidding I will just visit Hope. You know I am not birfing no mo babies!!

College boy needed a state issue i.d. and I needed to get a i.d. with my name change (yes, I am just getting around to doing it). We are in the crazy amusement park and decided to ride the big roller coaster called the d.m.v for the second time - don't ask what happened the first time. Anywho, he registered to vote....again.

College Boy: Mom which party should I chose, I do not know yet.
Me: WHAT!!! Um, well, historically a child normally chooses his parents party until they finally get an opinion of their own (history proves this).
CB: Well, I do not know which party so which one can I chose.
Me: Are you serious? Well chose Independent or any other.
Me: I cannot believe you did not choose my party. You are a wimp.
CB: Well I had great parents who told me that I do not have to follow what everyone else does I should be my own man and make my own decision.

Now what can I say to that because it is true.

Me: Well, who said parents are right. Don't try and use our words against me.
CB: Are YOU serious?
Me: No. You know I have to say something. I am just proud that you are being a productive member of society and that your exercising your right to vote no matter what party you are in. However, you now will be exercising your right to be on jury duty because I swear they get me every year.

College boy needed to go and cash his check and I let him do it by his lonesome. He will be 19 soon and he needs to start doing some things on his own. With his other jobs, he had direct deposit, or I handled everything for him.

College boy calls me.

College boy: Mom I feel so stupid.
Me: Why, what happened?
CB: I cashed the check and the woman asked, how do you want this back? I told her I want money.
Me: What?
CB: Exactly.
Me: (trying not to laugh) what did she say?
CB: She said, do you want 5, 10, and 20.
Me: Yeah.
CB: I just feel so stupid.
Me: It is okay. We all have to learn.
CB: Yeah but I still feel so stupid.
Me: Well, you need to get out more and start doing things on your own. I am going to let you handle more things yourself.
CB: You are right I was thinking the same thing.
Me: Good because I am not helping you register this year. Your on your own, I helped you last year – oh and I am not your academic advisor, you need to plan your classes with him/her and then I can go over with you, but you need to pick them.
CB: Fair, but you are still going to me my mom right?
Me: That is still up for debate.
CB: Whatever, you know you love me.
Me: Bye boy I have to get back to work and so do you.

Many more conversations to come!

Thursday, August 07, 2008


Setting: 2:00 a.m. in the morning.

Roll over, cannot sleep, and cannot breathe. What the hell? Someone is trying to kill me. I think it is Mr. Conservative. What in the hell did he eat? Hmph, was it the vegetarian baked beans? I do not think so, he has eaten them numerous times with no problems. Maybe it was that nasty honeydew melon he continued to eat AFTER he said it tasted funny.

Oh LAWD, I need air, damn it. I have to get up and make it to the window. I do want to live and see my 35th bday and see Mr. Stefon grow up and move out. Nevertheless, this man beside me must be working on a secret weapon for the government and it is inside him.

This feels like an episode of Snapped. I am going to have to check our insurance papers because he might have upped the numbers without my notice. Damn shame. Well, I will not have to go and get my eyebrows waxed, since I no longer have any and if I had a mustache and nose hair that would be gone too.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Hope's Teddy Bear Bib

Hey yarny folks!!

I have a finished project. I actually finished weeks ago, but could not post because I was off and had mucho kids. I COMPLETED my first baby knit for my niece Hope. This was a really cute knit and it went pretty fast. Best part, I knit from my stash (bought for a rabbit that will not be made). I will definitely knit again, but I think I will do something to make the teddy bear stand out more. The bib can be used on either side too. I will try to get a better picture, but you know how that goes. The teddy bear bib pattern was free - YEAH. Click here. I used Bernat Cottontots and have plenty left over. I also used size 6 knitting needles. To knit this project you only need to know how to knit, purl, increase, decrease and i cord. Without further ado:

Hope's Teddy Bear Bib