Monday, June 30, 2008

Italia Vogue = Black Models

Hey ladies,

I have been meaning to post this, but you know I am lazy. Anyway. Please make sure you get the new Italia Vogue - July issue. It is an all black issue. Here is a story on it.

There has been a huge drop off of black models in fashion magazines and the runway and this magazine is going ALL black. It will drop tomorrow here in the states.

I will not tell you that I ran around like crazy last week in 3 1/2 inch heels trying to get this magazine because I thought it dropped last Thursday (came out in Europe) and I HAD to have it. I went to many Magazine places in the city thinking they carried it, but nope. So, I went to old faithful Borders and yup, they carried it, but did not have the July issue on the stands. DAMN my toes.

Anyway, I will be getting two prints - one I can thumb through and one as a collectors item because it is no telling when this will happen again.


Friday, June 27, 2008

Party time!! Go Urban! Go Urban!

Ya'll I am getting down at my desk, with my door closed of course. THANK GOODNESS IT IS FRIDAY!!! Want to party with me? Well. I was at my desk and was singing some Go-Go and decided to check You.Tube to see if any was on there and sure nuff it was. If you are from the AREA you know what I am talking about. Love some Chuck Brown and you know people are playing the Godfather at all the cookouts. But let's bring it to the youngins and make me feel like I am in the club again.

Here is a taste.


I am feeling this one too. I'm Classy not Trashy!! Oh and when she hit him with boy please you lookin ragedy, my favorite part!

My Phatty!! Yup it's my phatty!!

Pieces of Me by Ashley Simpson but Go-Go Version

I think I need to go to the club!!! My husband hates go-go and he is a native Washingtonian - except for Chuck Brown, everyone loves Chuck.

They had some Chuck online but not any good audio really so I will definitely have to download some.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Urbanknitrix - email conversation with friend

THANK YOU for letting me vent. I have had some time to Relax, Relate, Release. Although, I am still upset. I guess it is not enough kids dying accidentally. But moving on.

EMAIL CONVERSATION: Excuse the ebonics, two ole friends chatting.

BFF Email: Girl, I made a big mistake. Do you remember Retardo?
Urb Response: Yes, what did you do?
BFF Email: I’m not saying.....You know.LOL
Urb Response: Whatever, what? How did you hook back up with Retardo?
BFF Email: Girl, we have been talking. I just didn't tell you. SORRY BOO
Urb Response: How did he/you find him? I thought he left the state or something. You are off the hook.
BFF Email: Girl, he never left and we have been hanging out. sometimes he take me to lunch or dinner when i have time on my hands. one thing led to another.
Urb Response: How long have yall been dating? I thought he fell off the face of the earth.
BFF Email: Girl, its not really dating. i don't know what it is? he has changed his ways though. A LOT!! HE ask me all the time to go out but i don't be having a sitter like that. Girl, he is a different person.

People always seek advice from me. Not bragging, just the truth, friends, strangers, etc. I asked a friend before why and she said she knows I will give it to her straight. No cut cards and not maliciously. I will listen to you, cry and withhold judgment until you ask for it. Anywho, let’s get back to the program.

Will you date your ex after he tried to have you arrested for harassment and stalking? I mean what’s really hood! I know we all do stuff. I just do not understand when you have kids.

About 4 or 5 years ago, my bff dated this fool who was older and married. His wife was supposed to been dying and authorized this (I do not care if I am on my deathbed it ain’t happen). No, I do not believe it, but I have heard of arrangements like this. Anyway, he was older and very controlling. You know the type want to give a little young thing money and you have to stand at attention and look pretty when he asked. Well, she got tired and broke up with him. A very rocky on again, off again relationship. Then one day out the blue, she brings him up and they were “just friends”. Wife still living, okay. She gets a phone call from a girl – NOT HIS WIFE. They talk of course. Compare notes and low and behold, he has proposed to this chick, she has a wedding ring and all and wife still here mind you. The other chick called ole dude and told him what was going on. He called and cursed my friend out and told her not to call the chick. Well they kept talking.

Now ladies (gent are you there?), I am only going by hearsay, because we are known to do crazy things. My friend called me hysterical. Boyfriend filed harassment charges against her, which are very serious. The police came to her house and served her papers. She of course countered the same thing. They had to go to court. However, before they could make it to court, he called her and told her do not worry about she did not have to show up, it did not mean anything. I told her, you had better get your ass to court, what if he is lying. Well it all came out good in the end because he did not show up and it was dropped. Oh one more thing, her dad is a Reverend and this fool called her house when she was living with her parents and told them that he was the father of her daughter. He is not, but can you imagine what she went through with her dad, mom and the bible. It was not a good look.

I know people can change but it is not THAT much changing in the world. Just my opinion, what is yours? Oh and did you catch that last snippet about not having a baby sitter. OH WELL.


Man I am so heated. ****Warning*** Plenty of cursing and grammatical mistakes.

I can't believe this shit. They (The Suppose to Be Cou.rt) just fucked the citizens of D.C. more. Oh my freaking GOD. As if we needed more guns on the streets of D.C. I just don't understand it. I am against guns PERIOD.

It just makes no sense to me, a nation with so many guns and so much crime. What burns me the most is that the person who originally filed a suit against D.C. don't even live/work in D.C. I mean WHAT THE FUCK!!!

I am just so pissed right now. I was hoping for a better outcome when it went to the Court. But I was delusional as usual ESPECIALLY SINCE SOME ON THE COURT ARE HUNTERS!!!!! FUCK ME!!!!!

I just can't believe this shit!! This is such a huge blow. And don't give me that shit about how you can go through checks and all that shit and its your right. Maybe so, but why do you need AK47s your ass is not hunting bear.


Friday, June 20, 2008

What's in Your Fridge Pantry

Well, well, well. I was tagged by Patrice to do the "What's In Your Fridge/Pantry.."
Here are the rules.
  1. Post the rules before the pictures/descriptions.
  2. Take a few shots of what's hiding in your fridge..freezer...pantry...cupboards. The more the better.
  3. You can either simply just include the pictures or even better give some description of what's in there...your favorites...where you (or how not) it's organized...and/or whatever else you want to include. The more info the better...yes...I like details!
  4. NO tidying up! If you want to turn around things so you can see the labels thats fine...but no re-arranging or cleaning things up. The whole point is to see things the way they actually are...naturally. If there is nothing in your fridge show that... Just keep it real!
Keep the tag going. Pick 7 other bloggers to join in on the fun and tag them by including their names after your post and by leaving a comment on their blog letting them know they have been tagged. I think it would also be great if you would let the person who tagged you know once you have posted your pictures.

I have to have my eggs when I bake or whatever, that is why that is 54 eggs (2 packs of 18 for like 2 dollars and some change.) Big ass bottle of condiments to last 20 cookouts.

Pantry again and Multi peppers and Beefsteak tomatoes.

Big ass bottle of Oil, and Trash Bags (I have not bought trash bags in 3 months). In the Freezer gotta have the Freeze Pops - do yall remember them?

Homemade Apple Pie (Granny Smith apples are the best) and Fresh Rosemary and EVOO Baked Red Potatoes.

Let me start off by saying that I shop at and I use my cellphone camera, which means blurry pics and big items. I LOVE I try and convert everyone, you would think I had stock in the place. You just can not beat the prices, although you might want to stay far away from the fresh fruits and veggies. I can not cosign that. Your veggies and fruits should not look like they could not get a long and have been fighting AND lost. Damn. Just can't eat that (Normally go to the market). However, I do get some like the tomatoes and the assorted peppers, I can not beat the price anywhere else. In D.C. You pay a arm and a back (sometimes a left butt cheek) for assorted peppers and I ain't having it. I got that bag for a little over $5. For six peppers red, yellow and orange. The tomatoes would have been a steal if I didn't have to throw them in the trash because of the chemicals certain people are putting in our food. I will be growing my own next year.

Whose up next?

Up to you. It was fun, although I forgot to do the spice cabinet and another secret cabinet.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Mr. Stefon, the kids working and the Hulk

First off, let me begin by saying THANK YOU for making me feel like a KNITTER. As I said before, this pattern is really easy – TRUST, if I can do it any body can. So get them needles, patterns, yarn, and get to knitting!

My family is big movie watchers. When The Hulk came out the first time, we all HATED it. We told every one not to see that movie! I was hurt because the green man was my bun coming up. Therefore, when we heard there was going to be another we were not too happy….until, the husband and I found out Big Ed was going to be in it. WE LOVE ED NORTON. ***Sidebar***Ed Norton is the business. He is so versatile, I do not even want to start naming what I like him best in because too many! In addition, if I see him in person the husband better watch out, I might know his ass over trying to get to him. Okay, I woke up.

The movie was great, we are still talking about it today and we saw it Friday, before Anger Mgmt graduation (Yes we squeezed in; I tried to convince her that it was her gift but she was not having it).

Anger Mgmt and College Boy are working this summer. Anger Mgmt do not want to work she has been trying to get out of working since her dad told her last year, that that was her last summer of loafing. College Boy is used to it he has been working since the 9th grade as well, although she thinks its unfair because this is her 8th grade summer (I did not tell her to be born in January, well…I guess, never mind). She text me on Monday telling me she is bored. I text her back and said it was money. Homegirl, text me back and said so. All I could do was laugh.

Mr. Stefon got dealt with on Monday. Why you ask? The hell if I know, he keeps pushing the buttons.

On Saturday, I decide to bake a cake and have him help because he is always yapping about how grandma let him do xyz. I let him help. However, we did not ice the cake or decorate it. He came to me later and asked me to do it I told him no, maybe tomorrow. I had every intentions of doing it on Sunday, but it was Father’s Day, so another day goes by. Well, on Monday, after running the kids and all that I cook dinner and look at the cake. WHY SOMEONE PINCH THE CAKE? I said what the hell? Mr. Conservative comes in there asking what is wrong, dying laughing because we all know who did it.

ME: I already know who did this crap. SSSSSSTTTTTTEEEEFFFFFOOONNN

Stefon: Ha?

ME: What happened to my cake?

S: (he says nothing looks down shame faced)


S: Yes

M: Why?

S: I don’t know?

I will not incriminate myself in this post, but TRUST, Mr. Stefon got dealt with!!!

But hold up, why he ask me for money the next day and some cake. Boy please you will not get NADDA. I am sorry I do not believe in rewarding crap like that, not at all. I ain’t the meanest mother, but I am not your friend either.

What was Mr. Conservative doing during all this? CRACKING UP! I mean, rolling on the floor. The other two were just shaking their heads, like, we never did anything like that. I looked at College Boy and said boy please, you used your damn shovel to cut my cake when you were little!

Wish me luck, I am going to a interview to get Mr. Stefon in a tennis program for the summer, maybe he will use up some energy.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Hemlock Ring Blanket

Hemlock Ring Blanket
Started: May 2, 2008
Ended: June 14, 2008
Yarn: Cascade Eco 2 skeins (not all of the 2nd skein)
Needles: US size 10 1/2

Ain’t that a blip, you know I hate conforming, but I had to with this baby, too pretty to write my regular, this pattern, and this yarn. See. I know how to act sometime.

Okay, back to the project. I love this lapghan. I originally was making this for my FIL for daddy’s day, but I think it is kinda girly. He is a suave, cool, dude, but I do not think this will look good on his sofa. I will knit him something else.

Starting this project was a hassle. I ordered a deeper brown yarn from WEBS, but as soon as I ordered, someone came in the store and took the last, and then I switch to a lighter brown – same thing. I was ready to quit ya’ll, but I really wanted to tackle this blanket. And I am glad I did, I got a lighter yarn, and I am so happy I knitted this beauty. My kids and husband love it. My mom likes it too, which is saying a lot. So, this baby needs to find a home because it is too light for my living room (kids). I think I may give it to my mom or my Great Aunt.

This is a really easy knit, as long as you pay attention on certain rounds. A fast knit as well. It took me awhile, because I was reading The Pillars of the Earth 800 + pages and it was ssooooo good. So, I would read and knit like 4 rows a day, other than that you could definitely bang it out. As a gift this would be cute, but would the recipient want to pin it out and block it after? I wonder, because this would be great Xmas gifts.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Anger Mgmt get's top honors and the dress


My chest is poked out y’all. Ms. Anger Management received the top score is her class. SHE WAS NUMERO UNO!!!! We were/are so proud of her.


The dance was nice. When she got dressed with the hair and all that, she looked awesome. Also, that is when I realized my baby isn’t so much a baby any more, she is turning into a beautiful young lady. Damn.


We went online to buy her original dress and we found out her dress was out of stock tell August. Well, we were up shit creek then because she can’t stand pink (I think I traumatized her when she was a baby), she loves blue and all the stores we went to had pink. Time was running down and then she went on the Honors trip so I could not get anything with out her consent (because I was still finding dresses in pink – its her color!). When she got back home I showed her the dresses I saw and she was none too happy, but at the same time we had to get something. My budget was $200.00 (folks, I was not trying to spend that AT ALL), I figured that was the going rate for the dresses. Well, I call the shop and ask do they have the dress and they said yup and we got chucking to the burbs. When we get there she do not look at the dress because it is multicolored and she see blue dresses. Well while she was trying on those dresses I got the sales girl to get the dress I called about, it was on the mannequin. My husband agreed that was the better dress. Any who, she shows me the contenders and she didn’t like them because they showed her boobage. One thing I like about my daughter is she haven’t discovered her body yet. She is a brick house and do not know it. She hate showing her legs, she will only wear Bermuda shorts, they have to come to her knees (for how long, not much). When she tried on my dress she looked beautiful in it, everyone told her and she kept saying, I don’t know because it is too short. I said well lets ask Dad and he said it was just fine. STAMP of APPROVAL (no cutouts) - 24.99 people.

THE SHOE: Now we go look for the shoes, I said why don’t we go to payless you don’t wear heels and this is a one time thing. We go there and they have shoes for 19.99, I said hell no. If we are going to pay that much, we might as well spend a little extra and go to Macy’s. We are walking down and we see some shoes (can’t remember the shop, but one of those teens, young adult shops) and we go in. I see some gold shoes for 29.99 and am like way to much for this store, but I am tired and she could fit them. We go to the register and the shoes were FIVE DOLLARS. Could not believe my luck.

THE BAG: I thought I had a gold clutch at home, but it was chrome – damn. We go out on the day of the dance after getting our hair and nails did. Mr. Conservative took us to Pentagon City and we ended up at Macy’s and we found a Gu.ess clutch which looked more her age for $59.99. I wasn’t mad at the price because I got such great deals with the dress and the shoes. Got to the register and magic happened again. The bag was 19.99.

So, everything came to $49.98. It’s my burday!!!

Thursday, June 12, 2008


Did he really say she is not the boss of him and more? Ain't no damn way. I am sorry, I believe kids have rights, but damn, he would not have got into the first minute of a convo. You do not raise your voice at me at all. Discussion are civil especially with your kids. I can honestly say I would not be here right now, if I would have stepped to my mom like that; furtermore, if it was my kids, I would be writing this blog from a jail cell, inmate number 666666.

I still don't get it - why isn't she telling a story from her jail cell? This should be a Snapped Episode. And this video would be used as evidence for the defense. I probably would get off if I could stack the deck with a jury of my "peers". Ya dig!!

WHATEVER and a big NO Ma'am.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Bathing Suits: Conversations between Mr. Conservative and Anger Mgmt

My baby is back!!!

Miss Anger Management just returned from a weekend in Rehoboth Beach, which was very big. Her school took seven honor students. Originally, they were supposed to go to Puerto Rico, but parents did not want their children leaving the country. Understandable. Hell, I did not want mine to leave the house. This is her first away trip. She has only been allowed to go to her Grandma’s house and two aunts. That is it. No spending a night over friend’s house. Nada. Well, she is growing up. My little young lady, and as usual I do have a story to tell. We went shopping for bathing suits and the child has always had a one piece ALWAYS, even as a bambino. While we were shopping 50 million stores, on the 51st we were dog tired and determined this would be the last store so she had better find something. Well they really did not have anything and then she says this suit is okay and the conversation between her and Mr. Conservative went something like this –

Anger Mgmt: Well, I do not see anything. I might as well get this one mommy (I normally fight for her, if her dad is unreasonable.).
Mr. Conservative: Let ME see? (He is not stupid she said it too quick and specified me)
AM: This one.
MC: Girl, you funny. Was you smoking crack this morning?
AM: What?
MC: You heard me you must have been smoking crack!
AM: So, I can get it daddy? (She is delusional and he was laughing, so I guess she thought he was joking)
MC: Hell no, was the crack good to you; it must have been if you thought you were getting that suit.
ME: (DYING laughing, and of course, putting my two cents in) I do not see anything wrong with the bathing suit; it is a full bathing suit – just CUT OUTS on the sides.
MC: Oh, okay, so she gave you some too. I do not care what either one of you says, you better, find another bathing suit because she ain’t coming out of here with that one. (Awe, look at him trying to be all rough, and put it down….I like that, he’s getting extras tonight – ya feel me!).

We end up finding a bathing suit that was suitable to all of our standards, and we confirmed that the child was a little delusional and not on the pipe.

Shopping for the Eighth Grade Prom is tonight cannot wait!!

Monday, June 09, 2008

Fast Ass

This little treasure was sitting in my inbox this morning and I could not believe it. What this little girl is doing in this video is what my mother calls being a fast ass. That is my mothers term for little girls that act like their older, a little fresh if you will. WELL, I must show her this video. I don't want to hear about "in their culture" and all that, because she is rocking a little extra when she gets on the ground. And why did it take so long for her dad to get her? I guess he figured she better make that money first, then grab her.

Well, I just got one damn she give lessons?

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Hey Urb, how are you?

Let me think about that loaded question? You know I can curse like a sailor, but I won't I will just show you a picture and you can just imagine the words I am using. My week is going a little something like this.....

Do you knitty people know what this is?

Well, let me just tell you. That is my knitpick needles with my special project that has a gazillion stitches on it and it broke this morning while I was standing up knitting on the freaking train. I have been contemplating jail time since Monday, wondering if I have friends or family that will spend their stimulus check on me so I don't have to be in the cell with Big Bertha, if I strangle my employer. You know just a little, not a lot, but you know there are implications there so.....
The weather has been PMSing, don't know if it wants to rain, or be sunny.

Anywho, this has been my week, so far.