Friday, September 05, 2008

REDAMNDICULOUS - Fireplace continued

Mr. Conservative: (comes in the room smiling, boyfriend thinks the fireplace is fixed): Hey, what’s up? Did the Fireplace peeps come
Me: Nope.
Mr. C: WHAT? (picks up the phone)
Me: Before you call, let me tell you my convo I had earlier.
Mr. C:
It’s 2, I thought you said they will be here by 1?
Me: Um, yeah and I thought you said they would be here at 9.

Mr. C calls the people and they said they are still sending someone and that the dispatcher spoke to your wife earlier and said someone was coming. (they are lucky I did not get on that damn phone).

At about 4:30 the guy shows up (ain’t that some shit).

Fireplace guy: How do you shut off the gas?

Mr. C & I look at each other with the WTF face.

FPG: Do you have the manual?

Mr. C is shaking his head and I am wondering if I should clear the house before we all get blown up. I go upstairs and get the manual because my beloved (men – yes I said it) could not find it. Took me all of 30 seconds.

FPG: Oh, okay. Thank you.

This guy does all this stuff and then realize. Guess what people? WE NEED A PIECE AND IT NEEDS TO BE ORDERED. WTF. Oh and it is not the original piece they were suppose to fix today, it is a different piece. THIS IS SOME BULLSHIT!!!

See I have a problem with this and I try to let my husband be in charge of some stuff, because hell, why should I do everything.

In April, we had the same company come out because the fireplace would not stay lit. Someone came out diagnosed the problem and we were like okay cool. We decided we would get it fixed later because summer was approaching.

Well, my husband scheduled the appt for yesterday and they sent someone over and now they are saying a different piece, and by the way, it now cost $165 - not free, or $119.

This shit right here burns me up. You do not show up when you are supposed to and the dispatcher is an asshole. The person you originally sent out to diagnose the problem, diagnosed it wrong and you want to hear the kicker of all this shit.

Fireplace guy: Hey, the company will ask me did I collect any money from you guys and I will tell them, no, this is a continuation of the last visit. No need to make the company rich right?

Mr. C: Um, okay.

Me & Mr. C when his ass left. Shit, he better tell the company that, because we was not paying them shit.


So, a piece will be ordered. Which piece? Who knows, when they come back (I will not be here), we may need another piece.

To be honest, the worker who came and the customer service rep were nice people it was just that damn dispatcher earlier and all was not lost.

My husband asked the guy did they have a plumbing section because we needed something done with our dishwasher, he said yeah we have that side, but show me what’s wrong I am a plumber. We showed him and he told us how to fix it. He said that would have cost us $300 +. He also told us, if we did not fix it before he comes back to fix the fireplace, he would fix the dishwasher too.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

The fireplace guy

So, guess who decided to call me? The fire place company. Convo went like this -

Me: Hello
ASSWIPE: (All jovial) Hi Urban we are still TRYING to get someone to come out.
Me: What do you mean trying? Someone was scheduled @ 9.
AW: (Still smiling) Well, we are sending someone.
Me: At what time?
AW: (Still freaking smiling - can you tell I am getting heated) Well, soon maybe around 1
Me: Well, if it is going to be after 1 I need to know.
AW: Well, I always call before hand. I am trying to get them for free.

Commercial interruption: Per husband, I am suppose to pay $119 NOT something for free.

Me: What do you mean you are trying to get someone for free? I am paying for the service.
Me: Some piece or something is suppose to be replaced (remember the husband scheduled it).

Me: (EYEROLL and trying to stay calm because the piece do not grow on trees - that is why we called they are suppose to bring the fucking piece). Sir, wouldn't it make sense that you all would have figured this shit out before you scheduled the appointment yesterday. I would think, that when my husband called and made the appointment you all discussed all this, BECAUSE HE WAS GIVEN A PRICE.

AW: (no longer freaking smiling) - let me pull the ticket and call you back.
Me: Yeah, you do that.

DAYHUM!!! We have used these people before with no problems. But, wtf, where is customer service hiding? I mean, dayhum, why me.

How come........

I took off today for some ME time and I now have duties. I chose the wrong day to be off. First off Mr. Stefon is home with me asking me a million questions. Why is he home you ask? HE is suppose to be sick and his father told him he could stay home. I told his father that his ass is not that sick that he needs to stay home. Mr. Conservative tried to tell me he had a fever - man whatever, the school has nurses. Secondly, if he is so sick how come he keep asking me questions? I thought he said his throat hurt.

I also have to listen out for the UPS guy because College Boy is having his books and some other stuff delivered.

Oh and my husband scheduled the fireplace guy. Ain't that some ish, he was off Tuesday and Wednesday. Anywho he was "suppose" to have been here since 9:00 and it is now 11:04. WTF.