Thursday, September 04, 2008

How come........

I took off today for some ME time and I now have duties. I chose the wrong day to be off. First off Mr. Stefon is home with me asking me a million questions. Why is he home you ask? HE is suppose to be sick and his father told him he could stay home. I told his father that his ass is not that sick that he needs to stay home. Mr. Conservative tried to tell me he had a fever - man whatever, the school has nurses. Secondly, if he is so sick how come he keep asking me questions? I thought he said his throat hurt.

I also have to listen out for the UPS guy because College Boy is having his books and some other stuff delivered.

Oh and my husband scheduled the fireplace guy. Ain't that some ish, he was off Tuesday and Wednesday. Anywho he was "suppose" to have been here since 9:00 and it is now 11:04. WTF.


Pajnstl said...

hmmph don't you hate with folk make plans on your day!

Virtuous said...

LOL @ the school has nurses! Haha!