Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Almost Free!! .........almost

Almost done!!!

I just completed my 62 page stupid paper and now only have a 3 page and 10 page paper left.

Go me!!

I can almost see the light. Almost.

I hope every one is doing okay, I have been reading blogs, even if I have not responded.

So let's do a quick update...

I am still employed at the company, almost been there a year and let me tell you them folks are more than two kinds of crazy. I am just like totally amazed. Some of the shizznit people do, I am just like damn. I will definitely have to change names and put it on here because you all CANNOT believe the stories I will share you would swear I made it up.

Family is still the most important thing to me and we are still loving each other as we are suppose to.

Until the next time......