Wednesday, April 30, 2008

A Lacy Bolero and Herbs

Yes, you read the post right. I actually have another knit project finished (singing stuntin like my mutha)!!

I finished the Ribbed Lace Bolero by Kelley Maher AKA Springtime, on April 19th, but did not have a chance to take a picture (lazy). Well Ms. Anger Mgmt is going on a field trip today and wanted to wear it, so I made her take a picture early this morning (so no she is not wearing it with what she has on it's her pj's). I will try and get a better shot later. I used Knitpicks 10 1/2 and 8 needles. Lion Brand Cottonease - lake (1 skein and a little of the second). A very easy knit. Without further ado:

This weekend I went to the U.S. National Arboretum. When you come to D.C. you should really visit it is so pretty. Once a year they have a sale on the plants and herbs they have been growing through out the year at a discount price. Well I was overwhelmed with the flower selection, so we decided to start a little herb garden: Rosemary, Pepper Mint, Apple Mint, Jalapeno Hot Peppers, Peppers - Mildly Hot, and Basil. I reached for the Habernos and my husband said hell no (I'll tell you that story another day). I can't wait to plant them, but the experts told me to wait because of the shifting weather here.

Rosemary close up

Friday, April 25, 2008

Orange Hat

I forgot to add. That I will be part of my Homeowners Association Orange Hat Patrol this weekend so send up a big one for me!! We have serious issues and I am trying to be apart of the solution even if I think our HOA is some shit.


Acceptance, Tulip robbersand some more

Hey blogging family. Guess what this is?

In case you didn't get it. That is my acceptance letter from Cat.holic Uni.versity Graduate School!! Yes, they would accept me AFTER I have decided NOT to go any more. But it is always good to know somebody wants you, that you are worthy enough. Now I am back to the drawing board of do I want to go or not, it was easy to make the decision when I figured they were taking too long and since they didn't want me, I didn't want them. But now I am like, ha, do I want it? Buggers. At least it is a good diliemna to be in and I have until August to make a decision.

Tulip robbers.

People, I have these special tulips that are different than the others. The old homeowner planted them, I don't know what they are called but they are so dainty and beautiful. They bloomed Monday and they are sooooooo pretty. When the husband and I pulled into the driveway yesterday they were blowing in the wind with all the other beautiful tulips yellow, red and some red/yellow just gorgeous (I know I need to take pics before they blow off). Once we got in the house, I remembered I was waiting for my refill meds, and I went to the mailbox to check to see if it was in. I open the door and what do I see? Not three beautiful tulips, but one! What the hell happened to the other two?!?! WE just came in the freakin house!! After I came from the mailbox, I looked at it and realized that the other flowers behind it were cut too! Thank Goodness my rose bushes are in the BACKYARD!! Dilemma, my lilies will bloom soon. ASSWIPEs, if I catch a grown ass adult doing this IT WILL BE SO ON. What do I do? I go in the house get the scissors and cut the last one, so that I can enjoy her, hell if other's are beautifying their home, I might as well too! I just didn't want to do it yet, so the seedlings can drop and I can enjoy next year. FUCKERS!!

I love these shoes - look at one of my new babies for the summer. I love them because of the heels. Walk it out!! Have a great weekend ladies (gents?)

Monday, April 21, 2008

Student of the Month

Mr. Stefon is student of the month!!! I figured I would give him his own post since I give him such a hard time. The boy is not bad, he is just different then his brother and sister. When they were little you never knew they were in the room. They sat down nice and quiet and didn't move. Perfect, I tell you. When Mr. S was born, I don't think he took kindly to the quietness and decided to mix things up a little. So, when you tell him to do something he has to ask why? how come or any thing else (because we said so). A brilliant child but dang.

Any who, Mr. S has been on t.v. restriction a little before Christmas. Not because he was bad, but because I felt like he was behind in school, not on level. One thing you should know about me is I value education (I think that is why my folks have so many problems, we got away from it) Enough preaching about that. Anywho, I told him that he could no longer watch t.v. during the week. On the weekend is fine, but he did try to get over in the beginning and said. Well, since I can't watch t.v. during the week, does that mean I can play my game. Um, no. What does one have to do with the other? My kids can't play video games during the week.

So, last Thursday, he wanted to know if he could get off restriction and I told him no. Not until I receive something from your teacher (although, I was going to let him off, because I saw improvements). He said, well what if she doesn't give me anything. I let him sweat and said, well.

Friday, I get a phone call from his teacher and she said that she see a tremendous improvement. He is not only on level - he is doing much better. She said he is participating in class, raising his hands (and making gestures, saying stuff like - all man, I know that one) and helping others with their work. Go Stefon, it's your bday!!

I am so proud of the little monster - we made a big deal and told everyone like we did Anger Mgmt and he was so excited. He wants approval from his big bro College Boy, so I made sure I told him and he went upstairs and especially congratulated him and he was cheesing for days.

What was a trip though was when he know people get stuff for being students of the month. And I said from who your school, he said, uh yeah and your parents too......

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Expulsion, Suspension and then some

I hear what everyone has to say in reference to picking up the young lady, but I would not. Don't get me wrong, I would not want any harm to come to her. However, she did not get help by getting picked up, which mean she will do it again. Her parents need to rectify this problem, and what if something happened once she was in my car. If it was my child and you got the phone call, tell your child no, or do it and knock on my door. My friend, the mother has a problem with authority herself and that is the reason she didn't do anything. And that is also the reason why she has issues with her sons. See, I believe that you don't have to be your children best bud. That is why so many kids are out of sorts today. Too many parents want to be friends and not chastise their kids. Children need discipline and that does not mean that you have to go upside their heads, but they do need to know that with every action there is a reaction - choice/consequence.

I get a call from the same friend last week.

Friend: I am so sick and tired of these kids.
Me: Why? What's wrong.
Friend: I am on my way to the youngest school (he is in the 10th or 11th grade). They are talking abut Expelling him from school.
Me: What!! What is going on?
Friend: He went off campus for lunch (not allowed), and when he came back in the security officer smelled weed on him and he said it was so strong he could not let it go. So, I am on my way now.

They had to wait for the Police to come and weigh the drugs to see if it would be distribution, plus he had $120 dollars on him. It was not distribution, because it didn't weigh much. He had money on him because he works. Plus the police said he would have a lot of $10 on him not $20. Whatever, that means.

Later on that night, I am talking to her on the phone and she told me she told him to write a essay. While were talking I hear him and his brother (who is suspended for 10 days for being disrespectful with a teacher) laughing it up, and I am like is that him and she goes on this rant with him. Boy, you should have your head down in shame, I can't believe you. He said to her, for what, I am not going to walk with my head down and feel shame. Okay, I got in trouble and I will fix it. YOU JUST MAKE SURE YOU GET MY PAPERS ON MONDAY, SO I CAN DO MY WORK. He did not yell this, I just had to put this in caps. Do you know, all she said when she walked away was I hate my kids.

He has not been officially expelled from school. They have to go to a hearing, but in the meantime, he has been going to see a counselor (where he is drug tested weekly), still working, playing in a go-go band and hanging out.

I try and talk to her, she knows it a problem. But I asked her how can you deal with the blatant disrespect. I just don't get it and she told me I was right, I mean we were having this conversation after she told me she went to get his school work, the one he told her she better get. I mean come on.

The reason why I say she has a problem with authority, is because she will talk about the faults of the teachers and everyone else. And I have told her for years that you can't talk bad about the teachers in front of them, no matter how dumb you think the rule is, a rule is a rule. Hell you follow them and your an adult, they need to know that they have to follow them too.

I don't know what else to say. Oh and by the way I got another call yesterday the oldest just got suspended again for being disrespectful to one of the teachers again, this time for 3 days. So, now she has both of them at home.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Po.pemister and drunk kids

Rockstar Status
So, that rockstar named the is in town and I saw soooooo many people lined up around the Whi.te Ho.use to see him drive really fast by them - I kid. I wanted to take pictures, but this BIG lady sat by me on the bus, I have nothing against the big girls, however, I do when you hem a sista up in the corner. I could not reach for my trusty cell phone because she was in my space, so no pics, maybe on the way home. Anyway, I didn't want to see him, but for some reason this morn, I was like you know what, it will be so cool to see the Pimp - I mean P.ope mobile, you know to see if it had some spinners on it or something.

Looks like Cat.h.olic U did not lose him, but they must have lost my email, because they still did not give me a answer as they emailed and said they would.

Drunk Kid

Okay, the friend I told you about. More issues - so many that I will have to do one story a day.

So her oldest son, went on a date with a young lady that wants to do big things, like go to Harvard, have values (I hear) and make something out of her self. A go getter. Well he gets home at midnight. Soon as he comes in the house he ask his mother could he pick up ANOTHER chick. HOLD UP. He just got off one date and is talking about picking up someone else....

Friend: Why am I picking up someone else kid?
Son: Because she is drunk.
Friend: Okay, so when did I become the taxi for drunk kids? Why can't she call her parents?
Son: Because her mom and dad will be pissed and they will not go get her. Please pick her up she sounds really drunk and she is talking about riding the train and I don't think that is safe.

Me while she is telling me this story: Please tell me your retarded ass didn't pick her up? (exact words)
Friend: Girl, she was tore up, she could not walk to the car straight, she smelled like she was smoking something (her son said dippers), and this is not the first time she heard about this girl
drinking. BTW, she does not like her, she likes the other one but I told her evidently your son likes her - she probably giving him a little something special.............

Me: Okay, so she is doing this all the time and she is in the 11th grade, underage. You should have knocked on her parents door and told them or left her at the house so she had no other choice but to call. Think about it, her parents may not know because she is hiding it and now YOU are - have your ass heard of aiding and abetting.

I love her, but I swear. Wait until I tell you what the boys have done lately. Preview: Expulsion from school and suspension.

Maybe I am too harsh, I would not have picked her up. My husband said she was right - picking the girl up, but she should have knocked on the door and talked to the parents.

Question - What would you do? or What would you want a parent to do if they had your kid?

Monday, April 14, 2008

Life - Making decisions, falling down stairs and some more

Where do I begin? Do, I start off with me thinking I was at the bottom of the stairs and was not, which led to me falling on my 33 year old knees! Oh and with Mr. Stefon behind me, which will not let me live it down. He told my husband once they knew I was okay and we were in the car to be taken to school and work - oh, the way you were laying there - I thought you were dead. I did not hurt any thing, except my ego (next time I will turn the light on).

Next, unrelated to me falling down the steps, my back was acting up last week. Literally could not move, I have never experienced back pain like that. Why me? Why now? Damn. But, hot pads and my husband made me feel better, except when he tried to give me a massage and damn near killed me, but he was trying to help. I had to let him know that the insurance policy is not that big to bring a young girl in here to take care of Mr. Stefon and Angermgmt will run her away (I think, don't know about that girl, she might just be happy). I know my sweetie College boy will look after me - I so love him, he is 18 and cute as the devil and when he came in the house Sunday, he came upstairs gave me a hug and kiss and told me he missed me this weekend - boy I wish I could bottle him up. I want so much for him - too mushy I know, so moving on.

Then, I finally made a big decision. I am now taking classes to get a Human Resource Management Certificate than a HRM Graduate Degree from Uni.versity. Why? Well, CU has been getting on my last nerves. Originally I was suppose to start this past January, but they said they didn't receive my application fee (I paid using their online system - update your shit). So, once I told them that, they checked, apologized and then said they didn't have my transcripts. WHAT?!? So, I called my undergrad and they had it documented on when they sent and who they sent it to. Ha. Somebodies lying.... So, I call Ca.tholic back and they said
maybe another department received it and blah, blah. Guess what? Yeah they did (I swear, I hope they don't lose the like this, it will be an international incident!!). Long story short, I have decided to get my certificate from Cornell University. I will take it online and after completion I will have a certificate that states it is from Cornell NOT ecornell which looks like it is online (even though it is - you know some people look at it differently.) Anyway, I am happy with this decision. I know I want a graduate degree, but now I can get it with what I really want and it might just be HRM, but we will see. Oh and as I thought this crap was to a close, I got an email from CU telling me that they will all meet this week and let me know if I need to come in for an interview or if I will be waived (shit I graduated Cum Laude and you want me to interview? Fudge you). So, I will like to take the time out to give them THANKS, because I would never have looked for an alternative if they were not pussy footing as the old folks says and make a decision on my own. I started class last week and I love it so far. Best part, it is a helluva lot cheaper!

Knitting - last as usual. I keep making mistakes with the freaking socks, I don't know why, but my count keep being off and I have restarted, like 3 freaking times, so that shit is in time out and I don't know when it is coming back out. However, I did start a new project and that could be the real problem. I love it so much. I am making my daughter the shrug, although, I had to unravel 2 inches because of a mistake, but it didn't bother me too much. You know how it is when you like something.

Hold up, one more thing. I have tulips in my yard ya'll and I am HAPPY!! Can you tell? Guess what I am not the only one happy. Why one of my neighbors is cutting my damn tulips!!! What the Fuck! Who does that? My husband said - babe, why did someone pull one of the tulips out the ground (they left it in the yard, bulb and all), them kids get on my damn nerves. So, I go and take an inspection. Um, dear heart, lets not blame the kids so fast. he said why. I said look at the damn plant, besides the one someone cruelly pulled out the ground, they cut two of them. I said look at the straight line across, kids didn't do that. A grown ass adult did that shit and they must of did it when they saw our ass leave. Ain't that some shit? Let me catch there ass.

Friday, April 04, 2008

More than meets the eye

TRANSFORMERS!! I so loved the cartoon and the movie was okay (husband hated it). Anywho, every time I knit something Mr. Stefon ask me when am I going to make him something. He also, told me that he has been waiting over 2 million years. Whatever!

I want to make Anger Management this shrug and I knew I would feel guilty, so I found a quick knit for him. I used Debbie Bliss Cotton, which I had in my stash and the first washcloth was done with size 8 KnitPicks - Hated It, to lose. So, I went down to a size 7 and Bam - me likey. I finished at work (what the mouse will do when the cat is gone), so again crappy pictures. This project only takes a couple hours, but I was reading Anna, damn that Tolstoy can make you think you are there at the ball - lovely. The pattern is free.

Debbie Bliss Cotton

Transformer too big

Transformer just right

This was his answer after seeing the first one.

Thanks Mommy, cool, but you know it's suppose to be red. Where are my socks and blanket?

Damn. He must not know his momma that well, it will take like 2 million years.


Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Life in review over the past two weeks

Gone, baby gone
The Assassination of Jesse James
I am Legend - again (damn Will - I need some water or a fan - good Lord)
No Country for Old Men (I do not know why it won anything at ALL - if it was between this garbage and American Gangster? They should have won hands down!)
I Left (or Buried) My Heart at Wounded Knee
The King and I (the old one of course)

The Secret Life of Bees
Anna Karenina (will be reading for the next 20 years)

CPH - haven't had a chance, been reading, I need to do the arms.
Pomatomous - have been knitting the second sock, slowly.
Looking at new patterns - tried one, and me no likey

Everyone went to the dentist over the last two weeks (thank goodness the kids and husband dentist is open on Saturdays and the evening - I go closer to work).
Spring Break has come and gone.
My mother is moving back up here from Georgia - I feel like Jerry when he was talking about his parents moving back to NYC from Florida, if George parents moved down - I need the cushion damn it!
Another job fair - 2 - I really must be losing it.

Michael Jackson CD - let me just tell you, I too use to be a big fan and use to have one of the hugest crush. My godsister had him all over the place and her cousin Tony was worst, she had him on every inch of her wall, door and ceiling. I use to be so jealous her mom let her do that, because my mother was not having it at all! My gf told me they released a new cd with the old songs, plus some new songs with Fergie, and Kanye and I told her I was not getting it.

How/why did I get it. The computer in the house is in the living room where we can monitor them and I noticed Anger Management on Youtube watching Thriller and on another night I watched Stefon watching Beat it (and Eat it - remember that with Weird Al?) and Jackson Five cartoons.

I bought it up jokingly to the husband that the kids was watching Michael and that he had a new CD and he acted like a kid and was like really - why didn't you tell me, I didn't know he re-released it, we should get it.

We bought the CD - and guess who has been jamming to it? ME, let me just tell you they can have the new trash added to the CD - I only listen to the first half which is the original and so does the kids, they do not like the new ish. When I told College boy we had the CD he asked could he burn it on his laptop - go figure, another generation bites the dust. I feel like a little kid again, I forgot about all those songs.

So now when we get in the car Mr. Stefon wants to hear Billie Jean or Thriller and I don't care as long as I get to hear PYT!