Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Po.pemister and drunk kids

Rockstar Status
So, that rockstar named the is in town and I saw soooooo many people lined up around the Whi.te Ho.use to see him drive really fast by them - I kid. I wanted to take pictures, but this BIG lady sat by me on the bus, I have nothing against the big girls, however, I do when you hem a sista up in the corner. I could not reach for my trusty cell phone because she was in my space, so no pics, maybe on the way home. Anyway, I didn't want to see him, but for some reason this morn, I was like you know what, it will be so cool to see the Pimp - I mean P.ope mobile, you know to see if it had some spinners on it or something.

Looks like Cat.h.olic U did not lose him, but they must have lost my email, because they still did not give me a answer as they emailed and said they would.

Drunk Kid

Okay, the friend I told you about. More issues - so many that I will have to do one story a day.

So her oldest son, went on a date with a young lady that wants to do big things, like go to Harvard, have values (I hear) and make something out of her self. A go getter. Well he gets home at midnight. Soon as he comes in the house he ask his mother could he pick up ANOTHER chick. HOLD UP. He just got off one date and is talking about picking up someone else....

Friend: Why am I picking up someone else kid?
Son: Because she is drunk.
Friend: Okay, so when did I become the taxi for drunk kids? Why can't she call her parents?
Son: Because her mom and dad will be pissed and they will not go get her. Please pick her up she sounds really drunk and she is talking about riding the train and I don't think that is safe.

Me while she is telling me this story: Please tell me your retarded ass didn't pick her up? (exact words)
Friend: Girl, she was tore up, she could not walk to the car straight, she smelled like she was smoking something (her son said dippers), and this is not the first time she heard about this girl
drinking. BTW, she does not like her, she likes the other one but I told her evidently your son likes her - she probably giving him a little something special.............

Me: Okay, so she is doing this all the time and she is in the 11th grade, underage. You should have knocked on her parents door and told them or left her at the house so she had no other choice but to call. Think about it, her parents may not know because she is hiding it and now YOU are - have your ass heard of aiding and abetting.

I love her, but I swear. Wait until I tell you what the boys have done lately. Preview: Expulsion from school and suspension.

Maybe I am too harsh, I would not have picked her up. My husband said she was right - picking the girl up, but she should have knocked on the door and talked to the parents.

Question - What would you do? or What would you want a parent to do if they had your kid?


Nik said...

I would have picked her up and told on her after I got her home. Walked to my car with a smile as I heard the parents gettin' in that ass.

Two Cables and a Frapp said...

Because my son is 22, not long ago I've seen similar circumstances;-- Honestly, you'd rather bite the bullet and pick the child up than to later hear that she were harmed because of her being drunk. -- Then talk to the parents. Bottom line; What would want another parent to do for your child if you were unaware? This is only my opinion though.

CiCi and CAJtalk said...

I would NOT picked her up .. Let her call her parents and then they would have to know what was going on. Get it all out in the open and maybe she will become accountable for her actions..instead of protecting her.

Lisa said...

I would have picked her up and confronted her parents about it. I would rather know she's safe than see her on an episode of Forensic Files kwim? I would then tell my son, stay the hell away from her!

sherry said...

I would have picked her up, walked her to the door and talked to her parents. I agree that you would feel bad if something had happened to her.

AND keep the boy away!

Anonymous said...

I think she did the right thing. It was an example of "the whole village raising a child" that our community doesn't seem to do these days. It's what I would have wanted if it were my child. And I think even if she doesn't want her son involved with that particular young lady, she should recognize and acknowledge that he did a pretty mature thing by letting his mother know he had a friend in a possibly dangerous situation.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with most everyone here MAINLY because it's too dangerous out there. That's my first concern; a young drunk girl is just a target for any perv who happens upon her.

KnitFloozy said...

I would go pick her up - but I definately would talk to her parents... I'd want someone else to do the same if it were my child.