Friday, August 24, 2007

Weekend - Uniform shopping, Bock Party

YEAH it's Friday!!! I don't know why I am so excited, except for the fact that I won't have to work for two days. I have a home owners meeting tonight and it is going to be crazy. Power crazy people are too funny. Can't wait.

Tomorrow my daughters' school is having a block party so the fam plans on attending even though it is suppose to feel like 107 tomorrow (damn D.C. humidity).

As usual, I am a big time procrastinator so I will be out and about buying uniforms for the kids and supplies. Sunday, I will be up twisting my daughters hair (all natural). Anyway, I hope to do some knitting - maybe finish Starsky or at least finish the right front.

Have fun!!

Thursday, August 23, 2007


The last couple of days has been one for the books. Let's see where do I begin.

I spent all day yesterday registering him in school. He got all the classes he wanted. His major is Computer Science and he is taking 6 classes. People keep asking me why is he taking so many classes. Well, he is 18 and we are not allowing him to work so he can focus on school, which means, if your not working you should go to school full-time (hell, I did it and worked AND had a family). He is so excited, we had a late lunch together and we talked (he still likes me).

Funny moment - we went to the bookstore and he looked at how much his books cost and was like WOW for one book, oh I am getting my books from - very good son, because if I am paying for it that is EXACTLY where your getting them. He thought books were like 50 - 60 dollars - two of his books are 153 a piece!!

He thanked me for coming with him, because he said he didn't know what to do and was intimidated since it was new. I told him welcome to the club, every college student feels the same way the first time around. Going through this process made my pockets lighter (damn, can someone say yarn diet), but in a good way. I kind of got a little jealous at the end though. I wish my mom and dad would have went with me and helped me through the process. Oh well.

Pomatomus - SSS - NOT
Okay peeps. I do not have the dreaded Second Sock Syndrom. What I have is, IDWTWMTS, I Don't Want To Waste My Time Syndrome. My daughter is a size 7 and the sock fits loose around her calf and I want to do it over with some elastic. The foot is self fits fine, I did a great job and my daughter is upset with me because she wants me to complete the sock even if it is loose. I am not putting in all that work to have the sock lay around. I started knitting the second sock on a smaller needle and it still is loose, therefore it has been kicked to the curb (for now).

As always, I put it on the back burner. I really need to complete this sweater it is really easy, but I get so bored and distracted. I can not wait to complete this thing, but again, it is wasting away in a Ziploc bag.

Ene's scarf
Well, I am now on row 6 (this is why I can't complete Starsky). It is amazing how you can be scared of a pattern and than be like It's Whatever!! I bought the book Scarf Style for Ene's last year and the yarn and casted on but was scared because I never did a yarn over and some other things and was like why do everything in the book has to be a chart. I need someone to hold my hand and now. NOW, I can do all that - WHAT - All That. YEAH!! So now me and Ene's are friends and we are getting along quite well at the moment.

Until the next time~~

Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Guess who has an 18 year old son???? Yup me!!! I can not believe it. I love him dearly. He is so handsome and he is such a sweet boy. My baby - can you tell. I realized today - starting Monday, I will have 1 kid in College, 1 in the 8th grade and 1 in the 4th grade. WOW!!! My babies!!!

Okay, well I got to run. We are taking him out to eat.

Knit Status
Sock - put it down, not SSS - will explain tomorrow
Starsky - picked back up, completed left front
Ene's Scarf - completed first row

Harry Potter - finished this weekend.

Let's keep it moving

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Pomatomus, Rock

So, how was the weekend?

Mine? It was okay. I stayed home with the rooster and chickens and we chilled out. I surprised myself by fixing the clogged sink in our bathroom. Let me just say that I am Wonder Woman (I used to love that show Linda Carter - remember and the cartoon)!!! Anyway, my husband was taking his time (I'm sure none of you have experienced this). So, I looked in our handy Home Depot book (I think everyone should own it), flipped to plumbing and since we had the tools (he bought them, but have not used them) and commenced to fixing. I learned from the book not to use draino or any of the other products - it destroys the pipes. And guess who would have to pay for the plumber and pipes - Not Gonna Happen Capt'in!!. I pulled out the hand angler and did the line and I used the small plunger and guess what no more clog. 1 for me 0 for the house (husband). I called him and he came running upstairs. I said look No More Clog. You know what this man I love did???? Guess??? He ran the water like I was lying and kept running the water and than said, "Yeah you fixed it (Jealous? Ego hurt?)." Me being the sensitive wife that I am said, YUP, sure did and you didn't do jack!!! Jack I tell you. He just looked at me like I was crazy (used to that look).


Congratulations to Rock for winning Hells Kitchen!!! Hey, remember the place we took the hubby for Fathers Day to eat BSmith??? Well, that is where Rock works/worked. I hope the food doesn't change that much. Any who, good luck in Vegas! I still can't get over the chick who took the food back out of the trash and she was in the final three.


I would like to introduce you to Pomotamus. My daughters' sock (notice no s on sock). I am so excited it is a full blown sock. Gusset - DONE, Toe - Done, Grafting - Not a problem. I picked up stitches people - HA!!!

Here it is and hopefully I will have sock two done soon.

Friday, August 10, 2007


I didn't think the weekend would get here!!! I hope everyone have a wonderful weekend!!!

Do anyone have any plans? Me, I hope to knit and get this sock off my back. But, I doubt it. At lunch time I tried to knit two rows and had to frog them because I made a mistake - dang it!! Oh well, I should of just read Harry (which I will do on the way home). Maybe load my stash on Ravelry.

Anywho, do you and have big fun!!!

Peace & Blessings

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Flowers for him and package

You gals know how I do. Ghost for a minute. Than come back with back to back post. Flowers for the gentleman. I bought the hubby flowers yesterday and he LOVED them (oh boy). I do it every now and again and he always love them. Note to self do it more. Ladies, no matter how manly man your husband is, they love romance too. Get that man some flowers.

Knit news
Yesterday, I showed you what I sent to my spoilee. Now, here's what my spoiler sent moi! BTW, my spoiler was no other than Mrs. KBlue on KnittingHelp. Yeah me!!! Yarn for dying, KoolAid (52 packs), stitchmarkers, mearsuring tape, journal, directions on dying my own yarn and this beautiful purse (I had to tell the daughter I will FIGHT a kid for real).

Thanks Kblue and Papergirl for changing my mind about Swaps. I tell you people are a trip. Don't join something if you can't finish (I already told y'all about all that drama).
I will try better with pics, but I can't find my camera (let son use it for senior project, he swears he gave it back to me - whatever), so I use the cellphone, plus I am lazy.

I am still knitting the Pomotamous, but it's hard because Harry Potter is soooooo good, I am trying to read very, very slowly, but it's hard!!
BTW, I just wanted to say that I am not dissing the site, I am just saying people, it's okay to just like it. You know how it is when you want something so can taste finally get it.... and it's Sorry, that's how I feel. I am glad that I am a member, but um...yeah.

Until, next time!!

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

I am alive


I missed blogging, but life called and I had to reenter the real world, you know, kids, husband, work, and bills (damn it). I made a pact with myself that I would not blog at work, can you believe that!! That means I will have to work, hell who would of thunk that. Sike, bossman (just in case your reading). My knitting was taking over my world and something had to give. However, something knitty did happen to me this past week - Friday to be exact.
Yup. I am a member..... Really.....I am. But, guess what. I don't have too much to say. I love the layout, nice and clean; and the fact that your blog/flickr and all that jazz. That is neat, I must say and you can IM as well. um yeah. NEXT.
Clapotis #3 Ug-i-lee or Pretty?
I am happy it took me awhile to write about the Ugilee Clapotis. I really didn't like it at first. But now that time has gone by I likey!!! I thought that the colors were off and that I would only be able to wear it during the winter with my white coat. But guess what? I like it alot (Britsh Accent please!!) Love it. Lorna Lace Lions & Lambs was well worth it!!! Especially since I got it half off. Without further ado - I now present to you Pretty Clapotis formally Ugilee Clapotis.

Summer Swapper Knitalong with Knittinghelp.

My secret pal was papergirl and she was fun to chat it up with. So, the second part of the swap was to knit something for our partner and I decided to knit something that I never knit before. Here is the set. The pattern called for Rowan DK Handknit yarn 100% cotton. My partner said she wanted orange and boy did she get what she asked for. However, this yarn was really harsh to the hands, but once it was knit up, it was pretty soft.

Okay, peeps. I am sorry for the misspelled words and runon sentence and all the other bad grammar. But it has been so long since I had FO. Blog with yah tomorrow (hopefully)!!