Thursday, August 23, 2007


The last couple of days has been one for the books. Let's see where do I begin.

I spent all day yesterday registering him in school. He got all the classes he wanted. His major is Computer Science and he is taking 6 classes. People keep asking me why is he taking so many classes. Well, he is 18 and we are not allowing him to work so he can focus on school, which means, if your not working you should go to school full-time (hell, I did it and worked AND had a family). He is so excited, we had a late lunch together and we talked (he still likes me).

Funny moment - we went to the bookstore and he looked at how much his books cost and was like WOW for one book, oh I am getting my books from - very good son, because if I am paying for it that is EXACTLY where your getting them. He thought books were like 50 - 60 dollars - two of his books are 153 a piece!!

He thanked me for coming with him, because he said he didn't know what to do and was intimidated since it was new. I told him welcome to the club, every college student feels the same way the first time around. Going through this process made my pockets lighter (damn, can someone say yarn diet), but in a good way. I kind of got a little jealous at the end though. I wish my mom and dad would have went with me and helped me through the process. Oh well.

Pomatomus - SSS - NOT
Okay peeps. I do not have the dreaded Second Sock Syndrom. What I have is, IDWTWMTS, I Don't Want To Waste My Time Syndrome. My daughter is a size 7 and the sock fits loose around her calf and I want to do it over with some elastic. The foot is self fits fine, I did a great job and my daughter is upset with me because she wants me to complete the sock even if it is loose. I am not putting in all that work to have the sock lay around. I started knitting the second sock on a smaller needle and it still is loose, therefore it has been kicked to the curb (for now).

As always, I put it on the back burner. I really need to complete this sweater it is really easy, but I get so bored and distracted. I can not wait to complete this thing, but again, it is wasting away in a Ziploc bag.

Ene's scarf
Well, I am now on row 6 (this is why I can't complete Starsky). It is amazing how you can be scared of a pattern and than be like It's Whatever!! I bought the book Scarf Style for Ene's last year and the yarn and casted on but was scared because I never did a yarn over and some other things and was like why do everything in the book has to be a chart. I need someone to hold my hand and now. NOW, I can do all that - WHAT - All That. YEAH!! So now me and Ene's are friends and we are getting along quite well at the moment.

Until the next time~~


Beta said...

AAH!! congrats to the young man of the house. Both on the birthday and college. How exciting :) (I'm also a fan of
And before you ask, no, the shrug is not done. It is not portable and most of my knitting has been on-the-go recently. So all I've been working on is Monkey socks.
The only time I seem to be able to work on the shrug is during little Ugly Betty marathons on

Christie said...

Yes, congrats to son! I just helped a first day college student find her train. I didn't even know her, but she said she was studying business law and I felt so proud of her! There need to be more African American women doin' it! Right of our high school! Taking 3 buses and a train!

Anyway, congrats to son! And it's great that you went with him...he'll remember that when his kids go off to college and walk them through it all. :)

Virtuous said...

Good stuff!! @ son matriculation thru college! :oD
What a proud parent you are!!!
Yep I am jealous too I wish someone was with me thru all the 1st time stuff of college. He is certainly blessed to have you as his mother.

OOh Pooh! @ Pom Socks

Yep I can understand @ Starksy

YAH!!! @ Ene's Scarf!! Go! Go! Go!

PAJNSTL said...

LOL @ Stacey and Matriculation! I swear that must be the word of the year for collegiate scholars. (I had orientation 2wks ago, heard that word like 15times. Every time I heard it, I was like "Who uses that in everyday talk")

I wish my parent was able to walk me through it. I'm glad he still likes you!

And 18hrs is like a fulltime job! Lol

Bev Love said...

Do you ever type the charts out into words? I always do, I don't care how big the chart is. I want to know I have to Sl1 K2TOG PSSO not /] or something. And using Excel, there is auto complete so I don't really have to do much typing. I use index/flash cards for patterns with 8 repeats or less. Makes lace and cable patterns go so much faster.