Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Pomatomus, Rock

So, how was the weekend?

Mine? It was okay. I stayed home with the rooster and chickens and we chilled out. I surprised myself by fixing the clogged sink in our bathroom. Let me just say that I am Wonder Woman (I used to love that show Linda Carter - remember and the cartoon)!!! Anyway, my husband was taking his time (I'm sure none of you have experienced this). So, I looked in our handy Home Depot book (I think everyone should own it), flipped to plumbing and since we had the tools (he bought them, but have not used them) and commenced to fixing. I learned from the book not to use draino or any of the other products - it destroys the pipes. And guess who would have to pay for the plumber and pipes - Not Gonna Happen Capt'in!!. I pulled out the hand angler and did the line and I used the small plunger and guess what no more clog. 1 for me 0 for the house (husband). I called him and he came running upstairs. I said look No More Clog. You know what this man I love did???? Guess??? He ran the water like I was lying and kept running the water and than said, "Yeah you fixed it (Jealous? Ego hurt?)." Me being the sensitive wife that I am said, YUP, sure did and you didn't do jack!!! Jack I tell you. He just looked at me like I was crazy (used to that look).


Congratulations to Rock for winning Hells Kitchen!!! Hey, remember the place we took the hubby for Fathers Day to eat BSmith??? Well, that is where Rock works/worked. I hope the food doesn't change that much. Any who, good luck in Vegas! I still can't get over the chick who took the food back out of the trash and she was in the final three.


I would like to introduce you to Pomotamus. My daughters' sock (notice no s on sock). I am so excited it is a full blown sock. Gusset - DONE, Toe - Done, Grafting - Not a problem. I picked up stitches people - HA!!!

Here it is and hopefully I will have sock two done soon.


del said...

LOL@Hell's Kitchen! Yes, I am soooo glad Rock won...I just loved how he showed his faith the entire show. And YES, how can anyone who dug food OUT OF THE TRASH even think she deserved to win?? OMGosh, that was the nastiest!!!

Go, Mrs. Fix-it! I don't think it bugs my DH anymore that I have to assemble things here (because I read instructions & he doesn't). You'll save a ton in repair bills.

Love the sock!

Michelle said...

The socks are looking good...I need to stop being lazy and start a pair....

Virtuous said...

Alright now!! You ARE Wonder Woman!
I would have never known that about Drain-O!

GO GO GO! @ Pomotamus I want to do those socks one day soon!

Girl wait until you see the mess of socks I finished....:op

Sheila said...

Kudos to you on fixing the clog.. and thanks for the Handy Home Depot Book. I learned that harsh chemicals will do a doosy on pipes after paying Roto Rooter $200 for 15mins of work last year. Potomaus looks good.

gold said...

You go girl!!I am going to have get that book!

Your socks are looking great!!