Friday, February 29, 2008

Do over

Well, I finally got a little knitting done. I wanted to get some knitting done for the month of February, you know end it with a knitting bang, so I can go into March knitting up a frenzy (well, something). This weekend I completed the left front of the CPH which is a crying shame because I only had 3 rows left. I started the right front and then remembered I left the magazine at work. Damn.

Knitters you know how it is when that mojo hit. You feel like your on crack (never tried it, but let us assume) or should I say your needles acts like they are on crack. I started shaking, pacing, looking around the house for this project I wanted to work on last year – found the yarn, not the magazine. (I STILL cannot find that ding, dang magazine). Next! Well. I went to hubby nightstand and I have so much knit stuff in there (Ene’s, Forbes Forest, Starsky, etc. and peaking at the bottom was this.

Remember Pomatomous for Anger Management? The foot fit perfectly but the calf was loosey /goosey so I put it back because I did not feel like taking it apart. Well, me and the husband, sat down to watch the Assassination of Jesse James and I just started ripping the sock and it turned back into this –

Now it looks like this -

I had problems last night – I was so into In Treatment (my new fix) on HBO that I had to frog a couple rows – um, not a good look when dealing with dpn’s. I so love dpn, but they get a lot of hate from peeps. Sidebar - Blair Underwood is like a fine red wine. Damn, that man is sexy. He plays Alex on In Treatment and I could not believe he was playing a egomaniac, but I do not care. Lawd Have Mercy!! Okay, back to knitting.

Anyway, I am chucking right a long and hope to have the sock done this weekend and try to work on the CPH too, since she should come first. I have a project for spring/summer I want to work on so bad. I did not feel like I can do it last year and I think I am ready for her. As Jilly from Philly said, I took my earrings off and broke out the Vaseline. READY!!

Hopefully, I will be able to get the yarn this weekend. I know I know I said I was not going to order any yarn until I knit down some of the crapola I have. Well, I do not have the yarn and as I said before, my current stash really do not reflect me. It reflects the rookie knitter who bought here and there just because of a sale or impulse.

Knit on with your bad selves!!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Conversations with Urb

Stranger/Friend - WHO KNOWS

On the bus to take Mr.Stefon to school, we were about to get off the bus:

S/F/whoever - Urban?
Me - Yes.
SFW - Hey girl, I thought that was you, I have not seen you in a long time.
Me - I know right. How have you been?
SFW - Fine and you.
Me - Girl, on my way to work and drop him off. Have a good one!!
SFW - You too.

Mr. Stefon - Mommy who was that?
Me - I have no idea.
Mr. Stefon - But she knew you and you were talking to her.
Me - Shish!! Why are you talking so loud.

I have been caught before doing this shit. I always run into people and I feel bad that people remember me and I do not remember them so I talk to them anyway praying they keep it moving.

Well - Once I was in the Giants Food and this girl kept talking to me and I did the same thing, we go through the whole spill and then she says -

Girly - You do not remember me do you?
Me - Nope, have no clue.
Girly - She insisted on going down Memory Lane and I STILL could not remember so I got tired and was like OOOOHHH I remember you now.

My gf can't stand it because we all been friends since we were 13/14 and she tries to get me to remember people and I am like LOOK - why must we go through this, if they were not a strong sidekick I will not remember. Do she stop? Nope and then she will say Hell, the next time I come over I will bring the yearbook - yeah - okay.

Different Girlfriend and Me - email

GF - Hey, I am going to schedule us to have a Brazilian wax. What day do you want to go?
Me - Pump your breaks, when did us say we were doing that.
GF - Stop crying and let's go. Man up!
Me - Um, I am going to let you handle your business yourself.
GF - Why can't you be a supportive friend and go with me and go first, so if there is pain or whatever I won't do it.
Me - WTF. Um, I will be supportive and go and laugh at your ass. And take before and after pictures of your face. GTFOOH!!

Oh and I started a oldie but goodie knitting project. It has been resurrected and I hope to show a picture tomorrow. More conversations to come, I do not know why people tell me stuff, but they do.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Someone is trying to kill me and I think I know who it is.....

Mr. Stefon! I thought it was going to be Anger Management since she is always watching Snapped! Gotta watch her.

I don't know if he is trying to kill me or trying to make me go to jail for committing a crime!!

I try and be a nice mother and cook a big ole breakfast on Saturday and I call everyone down to eat. I walk past Mr. Stefon and he has this bump on his lip. I ask what happened to your lip? He says, College boy thinks a spider bit me. sigh, a damn spider did not bite you, you have been biting on your lip again. STOP IT!! I TOLD YOUR ASS BEFORE YOU ARE GOING TO GET AN INFECTION.

Well, Sunday I walk past him and decide not to look at him because I know he is going to do something and Lawd For Jesus, I am going to have to strangle him. Against my better judgment, I look and his lip has doubled in size - I ignore it. Monday, same size. I said well I am off until Thursday and you will not be home with me you are going to school with your lip looking just like that. He said, I know, I am not worried about what people say to me. I said good for you!

Tuesday come and his lip tripled and it looks infected because I swear his ass was picking with it and as much as I wanted to be home BY MYSELF, I said you are going to have to stay home and when your father gets home we will call our pusher Kaiser (I should get stock as much as we go). Go in and the doc explains to him that he can NOT chew on his fingers and lip like that because he can get a bad infection and they will have to stick a needle in and it hurts - you think this may have scared him, but I swear he looked like he was considering the shit. While we waited I told him - you know what, I think you are going to be a Hypercondriac when your ass gets older. He LOVES going to the doctor and dentist.

Like I said before, IF he was the first we would be the damn last. Tubes tied, burnt and all.

On a good note, Miss Anger Management got straight A's. I got good grades, always on the honor roll, dean's list and all that - but I never got all A's. I remember once my uncle said - hey if you get straight A's I will get you this Barbie House. Ya'll I got all A's and 1 B and he said well you didn't get it. Aint that some bull shiggity! His broke ass did not want to give me my house, that is how my young eyes saw it.

So, all in all I had one damn day to myself. Started out rocky because I had to threaten to kill again. Anger Management was about to sock Mr. Stefon and he told her he was ready. I am on the third floor mind you and I can hear their ass all the way on the 1st floor. I had to break them up and tell them that I will kill both of them on the spot if they don't leave out the house! Of course while I walked up the steps, Mr. Stefon says, she started it again. He just don't know I wanted her to sock him - he put her clothes every where and that is why she was arguing with him and he told her. I don't have time to pick your stuff up - we need to catch the bus and we don't have time. (Funny, but she was about to hem his little butt up)

Want to see a picture of his lip. Here it is:

This is why I have been ghost, all my energy has been spent on this one and he has a nerve to tell me he needs someone to share a room with - SHIT.

KnitNews: None. I hope to try and knit tonight, I have not knit in weeks.

Monday, February 11, 2008

No Child Left Behind Act - shiiiiittt.

Let's talk a little bit about the No Child Left Behind Act. You know the one instituted by one of the greatest presidents that every lived Mr. Dubya.

Well, let me just tell you. Someones, dumb ass child was left behind. They don't have to worry about little Amanda or Antman being on ESPN competing for the Spelling Bee.

What am I talking about you ask? Well, Friday on my way home. Mr. Conservative was not at the metro station yet to pick me up. I am waiting in the inside and I look down on the window sill and this is what I see............

I am looking at this drawing and am like what the hell is this suppose to be, I think I know what half of the drawing is and then I am like DAMN!!! Who child is this. If you are so grown to know what this is and make drawings you SHOULD be able to spell it. Ridiculous. PRONUNCIATE DAMN IT!!! That is why you could not hear the ER, not UR. This is probably the same person saying scrimps or scrawberry. Neither here or there, but really I could not believe this I had to take a picture. ANYWAY....

DC, MD AND VIRGINIA STAND THE FREAK UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Man, I love me some politics and this is so exciting. Hey and when you go vote, grab your kids and your grand kids, and any other little kid. YES your vote count and YES you do make a difference. And I don't care WHO the hell you vote for as long as you stand up and be counted or sit down and shut the FUCK up - sorry people can't sugar coat it - I hear too many excuses. I have a thing or two to talk about politics, but I think I will wait a little later for that.

Again, DC, MD and VA it is our turn - make some noise with your vote.

Friday, February 08, 2008


Hey, I got this email and I thought I would share it with you. I have seen it before (or three times), so, I know many of you probably have to. Without further ado:


A guy goes to the supermarket and notices an attractive woman
waving at him.
She says hello. He's rather taken aback because he can't place
where he knows her from.
So he says, 'Do you know me?'
To which she replies,' I think you're the father of one of my
Now his mind travels back to the only time he has ever been
unfaithful to his wife and says,
'My God, are you the stripper from my bachelor party that I made
love to on the pool table with all my buddies watching while your
partner whipped my butt with wet celery???'
She looks into his eyes and says calmly, 'No, I'm your son's

Happy Friday - I hope everyone have a great weekend. Me - I hope to find a new paint color, after living with 6 - 8 different shades of green on the wall, we are thinking about brown again. Decisions, decisions. Hopefully, we can settle on one real fast, damn - it's been a year. Although, we have picked out two chairs to put in the living room, I hope we order them fast, because we will change our mind. Knitting - um, maybe not, I believe my Mojo is hanging out at the club with Del's- did you read her post? HILARIOUS - get to reading. I can't wait to read a novel, or something from her. I love her writing.

Okay, what do you have planned for the weekend?

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

My goodies!!

Hi y'all

Thanks for the well wishes and the hugs, I would tell you how my week has begun, but that will mess up this post, so I will do that on another day.

I am feeling special because of two wonderful bloggers Amanda and Christie said my blog makes their day. Thank you ladies, especially since I am always stalking YOUR blogs for your next post, I am totally honored and floored.

So, I would like to thank all the crazy people I run into on the Metro and of course my family Mr. Conservative AKA Hubby, Anger Mgmt, and College boy. I have to give a special shout out to Mr. Stefon because without him this blog would not be possible. Last but not least the Knitting that is sometimes completed in a week or a couple of months.

Thanks ladies and I will put my 10 today or tomorrow - two posts in one day, now THAT would deserve a badge, or another award or something!

Right now. I need to properly thank my Ebony Elite Sistah Regina for the wonderful goodies I received during the E.E. scarf exchange. I love skinny scarves and guess what I got - yup, another skinny to add to the collection. So, I will be able to wear it during the Spring too!!

Contents: Beautiful Scarf, The Knitting Stitch Bible by Maria Parry-Jones, thread cutter pendant, cable needles and a skein of 100% Pure Luxury DK Cashmere, 4 ply by Sarah's Yarns in Red Mahogany (uber soft).


Hey, I had CrimsonPurl - here is what I made her

Sunday, February 03, 2008

What have I been up to?

1. Daughter - Anger Management faints on subway train - her dad went to get his baby and I followed suit. We took her to Kaiser, and they really didn't say much - she needs to eat before leaving and going to school and we need to give her a multivitamin since she has started her mensy.

2. Almost get beat up by a crazy person on Metro

3. Anger Management meets us on the second landing when we get home to say, Mom let me tell you what your son did, I said dang, didn't we just get in the house. Well, I just wanted you to know that he cut a hole in the back of his new long johns. Look at Mr. Stefon and ask him why - and he said he was bored.....

4. Anger Management gets sick this week and didn't go to school for three days (maybe that's why she fainted - who knows).

5. Now I feel sick, call Kaiser they have me come in - take blood, wait and see.

6. Husband ring, diamond came out - thank goodness for insurance. Go to take his ring in and get mines clean and they say, oh we have to send your ring in too, one of your diamonds are loose. Great.

7. College boy calls us 30 minutes before superbowl to ask us to come and get him - WHAT - today is the superbowl, get it together!

8. Me & husband go out to spend time together, and when we get back we drive up to the gate putting in the code and I say honey, why is our front door open, he says what, I said, I just saw Mr. Stefon in the front door, he just closed it. We open the garage, park, go in and asked him what was his problem and he says - huh, you heard me, oh, I wanted to go outside. WHAT, who gave you permission? Nobody, but I had nothing to do. Yeah okay. I'll just say, dad took care of him. Anger Management said she thought he was downstairs playing video games. Why is this boy at 9, starting to act like he's 2. All I am going to say, if he was first, he would be an only child.

9. Now follow this. My godson, girlfriend mother was shot in the head and killed by her boyfriend and than he killed himself. She had 6 kids and the last was only a couple months old. WTF. I don't get it, he took the mother of his kids from them. I didn't know the mother, but I feel for the children.

10. Knitting? What's that. I wouldn't know, I haven't knit much in the past two weeks, I hope that changes, so that it can bring my stress level down. I think I will take some time off of work soon - oh and I still have not heard anything from Catholic University, so I am really bummed.

Excuse misspelled words and grammar, I wanted to get a post out, while I could.


11. Ugh.