Friday, February 29, 2008

Do over

Well, I finally got a little knitting done. I wanted to get some knitting done for the month of February, you know end it with a knitting bang, so I can go into March knitting up a frenzy (well, something). This weekend I completed the left front of the CPH which is a crying shame because I only had 3 rows left. I started the right front and then remembered I left the magazine at work. Damn.

Knitters you know how it is when that mojo hit. You feel like your on crack (never tried it, but let us assume) or should I say your needles acts like they are on crack. I started shaking, pacing, looking around the house for this project I wanted to work on last year – found the yarn, not the magazine. (I STILL cannot find that ding, dang magazine). Next! Well. I went to hubby nightstand and I have so much knit stuff in there (Ene’s, Forbes Forest, Starsky, etc. and peaking at the bottom was this.

Remember Pomatomous for Anger Management? The foot fit perfectly but the calf was loosey /goosey so I put it back because I did not feel like taking it apart. Well, me and the husband, sat down to watch the Assassination of Jesse James and I just started ripping the sock and it turned back into this –

Now it looks like this -

I had problems last night – I was so into In Treatment (my new fix) on HBO that I had to frog a couple rows – um, not a good look when dealing with dpn’s. I so love dpn, but they get a lot of hate from peeps. Sidebar - Blair Underwood is like a fine red wine. Damn, that man is sexy. He plays Alex on In Treatment and I could not believe he was playing a egomaniac, but I do not care. Lawd Have Mercy!! Okay, back to knitting.

Anyway, I am chucking right a long and hope to have the sock done this weekend and try to work on the CPH too, since she should come first. I have a project for spring/summer I want to work on so bad. I did not feel like I can do it last year and I think I am ready for her. As Jilly from Philly said, I took my earrings off and broke out the Vaseline. READY!!

Hopefully, I will be able to get the yarn this weekend. I know I know I said I was not going to order any yarn until I knit down some of the crapola I have. Well, I do not have the yarn and as I said before, my current stash really do not reflect me. It reflects the rookie knitter who bought here and there just because of a sale or impulse.

Knit on with your bad selves!!


Christie said...

uh oh...somebody's on FIRE!

And if the stash doesn't reflect you, before you buy more, get rid of what you have that isn't going to work! Sell it, gift it, something.

Pajnstl said...

Work it on out, Chic! :)

Virtuous said...

Love the closing sentenance! :o)

Can't wait to see your spring/summer project! Definitely get the yarn!

(Mad you keep all your projects in your hubbys nightstand! HA!)

Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

Now that would drive me crazy, to not have the magazine I need! I understand. Those are some socks I haven't been brave enough to try yet, so knit on, girl.