Friday, December 28, 2007

What's up!!!

Hey bloggers!!! I missed you gals!!

My holiday was excellent, we did not celebrate this year (for the second year). No tree, decorations, gifts. Nada!!! And, I got to admit it was really nice and less stressful. The only thing I missed was the decorations. I might incorporate that back into our lives, oh yeah and I cooked and baked of course. We will probably go shopping or something Saturday.

So, what did I do during this holiday? I knit of course. I am still knitting my daughter's sweater, I am finished with the back and am about to knit the arm sleeves, but this project is so monotonous, so what does a knitter do in this case - start a new project. My next knit project was to complete the Bandeau that I started for my daughter, Anger Management, but of course she saw me knitting it and said she changed her mind, she now wants the Ruffle scarf out of Scarf Style. It is going along quite well and I hope to upload a picture tonight or tomorrow. I am using the same yarn I was going to use to make the Bandeau, so I did not have to order any new yarn. Which is great because I am knitting from my stash until I get rid of some of my yarn before I buy anything new yarn (except for the scarf exchange).

Oh and I meant to tell you gals, I have FINALLY completed my essay and got my professor and friend (who happens to be a professor) to write references for me, so my application was sent in. Now, if my boss hurry up and put his in that would be great (I sent him a reminder before the break – but that means nothing). So, I should be starting grad school soon!!! Hopefully.

Also, I made some cute snack mixes for my coworkers this year and I think I did an excellent job. My kids loved the snack too. The only thing I would change about this project is the jar. The snack mix includes: Cranberries in Apple Juice, Sunflower Seeds (nuts), M&M’s, Raisins, Almonds, and Peanuts.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

WMATA Corner: I'm having twins!!

Sike!!! So, why did I say I am having twins? Because this bugaboo on the bus yesterday would not leave me alone.

Bugaboo: How are you doing?
Me: Acting invisible - maybe if I stay really still, he will think I am not here - no haps.
Bugaboo: Clears his voice loudly - I said how are you doing?
Me: Scared of crazy people - Fine and keep knitting.
Bugaboo: So, Can you make me a sweater?
Me: You got to be outta your damn mind, but I don't say that - I say nothing.
Bugaboo: Is that a wedding band on your finger?
Me: Naw Sherlock - Yes - thank God, maybe he will stop talking to me.
Bugaboo: So, I don't care, I still want a sweater.
Me: Ugh, well, I don't think my husband would appreciate that, and I know my twins won't.
Bugaboo: You have twins, you don't look like it.
Me: Well, actually I have 6 kids.
Bugaboo: Oh.........well we can work it out.
Me: Urban, you fucking idiot, stop talking to these fools, so I made up more lies until he got his ass off the bus.


About a week ago I was on the bus going to work and as I was passing this construction site, I saw two dump trucks and one of the dump trucks had on the back of it: PIMPIN AIN'T EASY. Well, guess what I saw today? The same truck.

The picture is not that clear, but I tried to take a picture with my cell phone while on a moving bus:

Crazy People

Okay, so this isn't WMATA, but this has to do with people, who thinks people care what they really think.

I go to the bathroom yesterday and I see this sign that says:

Please wipe the counter off, don't leave water on it. We are not in Kindergarten.........

And then left the paper towels she used to clean the counter off ON the wrongs don't make a right - littering.

WTF. I understand where this person is coming from, because I hate bumping up to the counter while washing my hands and getting wet, but um....IT AIN'T THAT SERIOUS!!! She typed this shit, she must have been wearing cashmere or something.

I am tempted to go in the bathroom and write - who gives a fuck or something. But I am not.....or will I?

P.S. Sorry if you seen this updated 20,000 times, but something is going on with my font.

Monday, December 17, 2007

George Washington Carver was a knitter and a crocheter

What couldn't this man do?!!

My family loves watching the history channel, my husband was watching a story on Dr. George Washington Carver and his discoveries that are used today and it was a awesome show. But what really got me was - HE WAS A KNITTER AND CROCHETER!!! He also did needlepoint and paint, but seeing him crochet was the best, he was so fast.

Anyway, it was so neat because this past week, I have been teaching Stefon how to knit and it was cool to see another man knit. I explained to him that the craft started with men and a lot of men do it (you know people think a certain way when a man knits - um, he plays for the other team is one). But so what, my baby is knitting like George Washington Carver!!!!!!

Here is a sample of his work in a museum and more about the man. If you google him and crocheting a lot of stuff come up.

Oh another interesting fact. Edison offered him a job making 6 figures a year and he turned it down to stay at Tuskegee. He was making 1500 per year at Tuskegee tell me THAT isn't commitment, I wish the kids/adults today knew something about that!! It is not always about the paycheck.

I will find that video of him crocheting!!

Also, check out Crimsonpurl, she has a story on Sojourner Truth!!! WOW!!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Me and Mr. Stefon

Stefon and Ms. Anger Management school has determine that we make too much money and that they will no longer receive free lunch and oh yeah, you don't qualify for reduced lunch either. People, I don't know what type of numbers they are looking at, but they really need to raise the household limits. Moving on.

So, what does a mother do in this situation? Go to one of my favorite stores Costco. I can spend hours in Costco. But, I went in got the snacks and all that - quick breakfast food too. Should be no problem right? WRONG!! After a month of doing this, I am thinking okay were straight. Here's a little conversation me and Mr. Stefon had on the way to his school.

Stefon: Mommy, you know you can eat breakfast at school - they said it's okay.
Me: No, you can't. I have to pay for it. So, you need to get up early, stop lallygagging and eat. Who the hell is They?
Stefon: No Ma, I'm for real, the people said everyone can eat for free. I'm telling you that's the truth.
Me: Stefon, have you been eating breakfast at school? You bet not be because I will get a bill, why must you listen to other people? Who the hell is this other people? I bought you stuff to eat at home - get up and eat! If your hungry in the morning and were rushing and you don't eat, let me know and I will give you money.
Sidebar: The school says they are not going to turn any children down, so they will let the kids eat and than bill the parents. I got a bill for $42 - this is why I went and bought the food. First, I don't see how you can bill me, when you are just telling me we are not approved. But, whatever.
Stefon: No answer.

So, we get home - Hubby, looks through the mail and says, here is a letter from Stefon's school and of course he gives it to me like he can't read and write. I open the letter and what do YOU think was inside? Well, if you said Alex, I'll take a bill from Stefon's school for $92.00 you would be correct!!!

I hit the fucking roof. College Boy and Ms. Anger Management is dying laughing. College Boy asked a great question.

He said, Stefon, does that mean you have been eating 2 breakfasts, 2 lunches AND a big snack (he makes big ass sandwiches and more when he gets home, not chips and stuff or a apple)?

Of course he rolls his eyes. I had to go upstairs and relax before I straight choked him. My hubby bought up some medicine (Remy VSOP) to relax me. It worked and I haven't received a bill......yet.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

I'm going to Hell with gasoline Victora Secret's on.

You guys I just hung up on my mother. I am saying this not as a pat on a chest. I am saying this because I feel really bad. I damn near cursed her out and hung up. I really can't take it no more. I have to always be the strong one and today I can't. When I get home I am going to scream to let some of this energy out.

Under no circumstances should you disrepect your parents I truly believe that, but I couldn't take it any more. I am tired for real.

Pray for me.

I will explain why I did what I did in a future post, but right now, I have to call my mother and apologize because at the end of the day - she is my mother - no matter how fucked up things are.


Mr. Stefon

Stefon as you know is the youngest of the family. My hubby would be pissed to know I used his real name, since I don't use mine or anyone else, but, um so what. I told you all his name before and I use to use From the Mouth of Babes, but so many people are using that now. So, my post for the 9 year old crazy person of the family is Mr. Stefon.

So, the men in the family - Dad, College boy and Stefon go to get their hair cut and they met up with their Granddad because he goes to the same barber as well. Me and my daughter Anger management (the name Stefon so lovingly gave her), was at home having some girl time which meant we were chilling, watching Snapped (the show). I hear the garage open and I hear college boy say, you need to go show Mommy your hair. I love to see them with a fresh haircut - my men are so cute - yes I am bias - sue me (sike, you would only get a buck o five).

Anyway, I am waiting and when he gets up the steps me and my daughter is looking at them like Oh No He Didn't!!! The boy has a Mohawk!!

Now, if college boy would have come in with the Mohawk, I would not be surprised at all - that is how he rolls, punk rock - no rap, let's just say I would understand. But Mr. Stefon - that would be a no. So, I look at College Boy and Hubby and say WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED!! Mr. Conservative says, he said he wanted one, so I let him get one - you don't like it - HELL NO (I do now, it has grown on me). I said, when did we let his ass start telling us what he can and can't have. He said he didn't think it would be a big deal (funny, because he wouldn't let him get braids or cornrows). So, my baby has a mohawk and Ms. Anger Management has been calling him a Poor Puffy (PDiddy) - too funny!!

Can you see my baby eyelashes? Look how long they are, my daughter's lashes are the same way, people ask her if they are fake all the time. My lashes are long, but they definitely get it from their dad.

Me and Mr. Stefon made cookies - old fashion chocolate chip cookies and some with white & regular chocolate with walnuts. He thought I was a genius because I made them from scratch!!


I have been knitting a sweater for my daughter and it is very tedious, but I like it. Especially since I can sit in front of the t.v. and I have finally mastered knitting without looking, I have been scared to do this in the past. I have completed the left and right front and I am chucking along on the back - I hope to finish the back and start on the arm sleeves this week.

I love this stitch pattern, I think I want to make a scarf out of it - we will see.

Monday, December 10, 2007

It's over!! I am done!

Dear Starsky,

It's a wrap!! I can't take it no more. I have to let you go. I would have told you privately, but since you put my business out in an earlier post, I am putting yours out there!

Look-a-here, Miss Thing, your ass is too big, and bulky and I am not feeling you right now. I know you don't understand because I completed you this weekend, danced and took compliments from my husband and kids. Blocked you, seamed you, put you on and than started the collar. Yes, you brought a smile to my face because I completed you (except for the collar), however, your just not my type. You are just too bulky, and big. I know I told you I would give you to Ma Dukes, but you saw her skinny ass, she lost weight, she is smaller than me (this should not be allowed AND she got a big kadonkadonk - WTF!). In other words your short!

So, I am going to take you apart and maybe make you into a lapghan or something. I do love your stitch pattern - the banana tree pattern is fierce (just not on me). But, I am trying to lose weight and your big ass adds 10 pounds on me. I should have knit you as a small and not a large, but I was a new knitter and I followed the damn directions - and forgot about the 8 inch ease. PEACE!!


Okay back to reality. In all honesty I am glad I made Starsky, I experienced a lot of firsts. My first cable project, sweater, seaming (I seamed before, but not this much or a arm sleeve), pick up stitches for a collar, shaping. The whole nine. but, it was just too freaking big! I can do bulky as long as it is fitted bulky.

I should have ripped this sweater out a long time ago but I was in love with the banana stitch, it is so pretty. I loved the sweater until I started doing the arms and saw how big it was becoming, but I pressed on because i wanted to complete this project and I figured, maybe it won't be so big. I also kept going because I ran out of yarn and ordered yarn from three different Ravellers, so I figured I had no choice but to complete it, since I went through all the trouble. So, once I seamed everything and my husband said, wow that looks nice, I just knew I had to complete it - he finally gets why I do this thing called knitting!! So, I kept going and all I had to do was knit the collar, I picked up 285 stitches and knitted the third row and than realized something. My name is URBANKNITRIX and um, this is my MOTHERFLUCKING KNIT WORLD and I can do whatever the hell I want. Love the fam, but freakem this shit is coming DOWN!! My husband asked me yesterday after I had college boy take some pictures, why are you taking it apart it looks nice (he was either tired yesterday or wanted some - bless his little soul). I said, well, I don't like it and it will be a throw one day!!!

In the words of the Soup Nazi - NEXT!!!

In memory (proof) of Starsky - Here are pictures - while you look at the pictures make sure you have Boys II Men singing in the background - It's so hard to say goodbye............

P.S. Don't mind the greens on the wall - remember when Starsky ratted me out by talking about my green wall - well we still have not made a decision - it looks like 1 or 2 colors but it is actually about 6.