Monday, December 17, 2007

George Washington Carver was a knitter and a crocheter

What couldn't this man do?!!

My family loves watching the history channel, my husband was watching a story on Dr. George Washington Carver and his discoveries that are used today and it was a awesome show. But what really got me was - HE WAS A KNITTER AND CROCHETER!!! He also did needlepoint and paint, but seeing him crochet was the best, he was so fast.

Anyway, it was so neat because this past week, I have been teaching Stefon how to knit and it was cool to see another man knit. I explained to him that the craft started with men and a lot of men do it (you know people think a certain way when a man knits - um, he plays for the other team is one). But so what, my baby is knitting like George Washington Carver!!!!!!

Here is a sample of his work in a museum and more about the man. If you google him and crocheting a lot of stuff come up.

Oh another interesting fact. Edison offered him a job making 6 figures a year and he turned it down to stay at Tuskegee. He was making 1500 per year at Tuskegee tell me THAT isn't commitment, I wish the kids/adults today knew something about that!! It is not always about the paycheck.

I will find that video of him crocheting!!

Also, check out Crimsonpurl, she has a story on Sojourner Truth!!! WOW!!


Virtuous said...

Gurl that is amazing!!! We both had great discoveries this weekend!! :oD

And you gotta find the video!

Now you know I am link this post to mine too now! HAHA!

PAJNSTL said...

You and Stacey are on the ball with the little known facts!

beanchild said...

your link to crimsonpurl has an error in the addy. fwiw. :)

p.s. really nice blog!

storytimeknitter said...

Yes I saw that program and ordered the CD from amazon (Great price). Great information. Wonderful to see all he did! Also Sojourner Truth was a knitter. Great information. Best wishes!