Thursday, December 13, 2007

Me and Mr. Stefon

Stefon and Ms. Anger Management school has determine that we make too much money and that they will no longer receive free lunch and oh yeah, you don't qualify for reduced lunch either. People, I don't know what type of numbers they are looking at, but they really need to raise the household limits. Moving on.

So, what does a mother do in this situation? Go to one of my favorite stores Costco. I can spend hours in Costco. But, I went in got the snacks and all that - quick breakfast food too. Should be no problem right? WRONG!! After a month of doing this, I am thinking okay were straight. Here's a little conversation me and Mr. Stefon had on the way to his school.

Stefon: Mommy, you know you can eat breakfast at school - they said it's okay.
Me: No, you can't. I have to pay for it. So, you need to get up early, stop lallygagging and eat. Who the hell is They?
Stefon: No Ma, I'm for real, the people said everyone can eat for free. I'm telling you that's the truth.
Me: Stefon, have you been eating breakfast at school? You bet not be because I will get a bill, why must you listen to other people? Who the hell is this other people? I bought you stuff to eat at home - get up and eat! If your hungry in the morning and were rushing and you don't eat, let me know and I will give you money.
Sidebar: The school says they are not going to turn any children down, so they will let the kids eat and than bill the parents. I got a bill for $42 - this is why I went and bought the food. First, I don't see how you can bill me, when you are just telling me we are not approved. But, whatever.
Stefon: No answer.

So, we get home - Hubby, looks through the mail and says, here is a letter from Stefon's school and of course he gives it to me like he can't read and write. I open the letter and what do YOU think was inside? Well, if you said Alex, I'll take a bill from Stefon's school for $92.00 you would be correct!!!

I hit the fucking roof. College Boy and Ms. Anger Management is dying laughing. College Boy asked a great question.

He said, Stefon, does that mean you have been eating 2 breakfasts, 2 lunches AND a big snack (he makes big ass sandwiches and more when he gets home, not chips and stuff or a apple)?

Of course he rolls his eyes. I had to go upstairs and relax before I straight choked him. My hubby bought up some medicine (Remy VSOP) to relax me. It worked and I haven't received a bill......yet.


NikkiJ said...

Wait a minute, do you have my son over there? Could you check, he wears glasses. He's 10 and is frequently rebellious in a sneaky kind of way.

Those fools disqualified me and I am single with TWO kids. And they say that 40-50% of the students STILL qualify. What da hell?!

PAJNSTL said...

LMAO!!! Your son is bout to straight up eat you out of house and home! LOL

Lisa said...

Oh my goodness. I would have hit the roof too! Here in Barbados you have to pay a dollar I think for two meals at the public schools - morning snack and lunch. $92???? Wow!!