Tuesday, December 18, 2007

WMATA Corner: I'm having twins!!

Sike!!! So, why did I say I am having twins? Because this bugaboo on the bus yesterday would not leave me alone.

Bugaboo: How are you doing?
Me: Acting invisible - maybe if I stay really still, he will think I am not here - no haps.
Bugaboo: Clears his voice loudly - I said how are you doing?
Me: Scared of crazy people - Fine and keep knitting.
Bugaboo: So, Can you make me a sweater?
Me: You got to be outta your damn mind, but I don't say that - I say nothing.
Bugaboo: Is that a wedding band on your finger?
Me: Naw Sherlock - Yes - thank God, maybe he will stop talking to me.
Bugaboo: So, I don't care, I still want a sweater.
Me: Ugh, well, I don't think my husband would appreciate that, and I know my twins won't.
Bugaboo: You have twins, you don't look like it.
Me: Well, actually I have 6 kids.
Bugaboo: Oh.........well we can work it out.
Me: Urban, you fucking idiot, stop talking to these fools, so I made up more lies until he got his ass off the bus.


About a week ago I was on the bus going to work and as I was passing this construction site, I saw two dump trucks and one of the dump trucks had on the back of it: PIMPIN AIN'T EASY. Well, guess what I saw today? The same truck.

The picture is not that clear, but I tried to take a picture with my cell phone while on a moving bus:

Crazy People

Okay, so this isn't WMATA, but this has to do with people, who thinks people care what they really think.

I go to the bathroom yesterday and I see this sign that says:

Please wipe the counter off, don't leave water on it. We are not in Kindergarten.........

And then left the paper towels she used to clean the counter off ON the counter...um....two wrongs don't make a right - littering.

WTF. I understand where this person is coming from, because I hate bumping up to the counter while washing my hands and getting wet, but um....IT AIN'T THAT SERIOUS!!! She typed this shit, she must have been wearing cashmere or something.

I am tempted to go in the bathroom and write - who gives a fuck or something. But I am not.....or will I?

P.S. Sorry if you seen this updated 20,000 times, but something is going on with my font.


pajnstl said...

lmao ... he didnt run kicking and screaming when u said you had 6 kids! he must have 6 too! lol

Ooh, you should do it and take a picture of your graffitti! lol Just dont get caught! lmao

Amanda said...

Girl you always have the most entertaining stories!

Anonymous said...

Oh gosh, I just hate the crazies! It doesn't matter what you do (read, knit, barf), they still bother you. Ugh. LOL!

NessaRenee said...

Wow I can't stand guys like that too. I was at the gas station one day, filling up my SUV (so it takes forever) minding my own business with my pitbull puppy sitting in the passenger seat checking out the scene.. and this guy walks in front of my truck, looks at my then my dog and has this surprised look on his face... then he ducks down like to LOOK IN my window and is like excuse me.. I ignore him, he says it again I look at him and he waves like I didn't hear him and I'm like what? so my dog gets on my lap and stares at him... and he's like "oohh look them ears!" - my puppies ears aren't cropped so they're big and floppy - and yadda yadda so eventually he tells me to hold my hands up, facing him... I have this huge wedding ring/band that you can't miss, so he looks at his own hand trying to figure out which hand my ring is on and I make it easy for him "yes I'm married"... that got him to leave me alone... but still I always got old nasty guys talking to me at the gas station. Some guys even asked me to clean their windshield!

Thanks for visiting my blog by the way!!