Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Mr. Stefon

Stefon as you know is the youngest of the family. My hubby would be pissed to know I used his real name, since I don't use mine or anyone else, but, um so what. I told you all his name before and I use to use From the Mouth of Babes, but so many people are using that now. So, my post for the 9 year old crazy person of the family is Mr. Stefon.

So, the men in the family - Dad, College boy and Stefon go to get their hair cut and they met up with their Granddad because he goes to the same barber as well. Me and my daughter Anger management (the name Stefon so lovingly gave her), was at home having some girl time which meant we were chilling, watching Snapped (the show). I hear the garage open and I hear college boy say, you need to go show Mommy your hair. I love to see them with a fresh haircut - my men are so cute - yes I am bias - sue me (sike, you would only get a buck o five).

Anyway, I am waiting and when he gets up the steps me and my daughter is looking at them like Oh No He Didn't!!! The boy has a Mohawk!!

Now, if college boy would have come in with the Mohawk, I would not be surprised at all - that is how he rolls, punk rock - no rap, let's just say I would understand. But Mr. Stefon - that would be a no. So, I look at College Boy and Hubby and say WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED!! Mr. Conservative says, he said he wanted one, so I let him get one - you don't like it - HELL NO (I do now, it has grown on me). I said, when did we let his ass start telling us what he can and can't have. He said he didn't think it would be a big deal (funny, because he wouldn't let him get braids or cornrows). So, my baby has a mohawk and Ms. Anger Management has been calling him a Poor Puffy (PDiddy) - too funny!!

Can you see my baby eyelashes? Look how long they are, my daughter's lashes are the same way, people ask her if they are fake all the time. My lashes are long, but they definitely get it from their dad.

Me and Mr. Stefon made cookies - old fashion chocolate chip cookies and some with white & regular chocolate with walnuts. He thought I was a genius because I made them from scratch!!


I have been knitting a sweater for my daughter and it is very tedious, but I like it. Especially since I can sit in front of the t.v. and I have finally mastered knitting without looking, I have been scared to do this in the past. I have completed the left and right front and I am chucking along on the back - I hope to finish the back and start on the arm sleeves this week.

I love this stitch pattern, I think I want to make a scarf out of it - we will see.


NikkiJ said...

Stephon's hair is cool. Some of the kids in Cali are into the mohawk now. I personally think it's more appropriate for babies or toddlers who have that lone patch on the top. I say, let the kids do what they want with their hair now. I've spent so much time in life wearing the hairstyles that I was "supposed" to that I nearly lost me. I get sick and tired of trying to stay conservative enough for work sometimes and wish I was about 14 so I could die my hair pink and wear rhinestone butterfly hair clips. My dread locks will have to suffice for now.

PAJNSTL said...

LMAO @ your reaction!

His little Mo'hawk is kinda cute though!

don't you just hate it when men and little boys have longer prettier eyelashes than you?! I know I do! LOL

Virtuous said...

LOL @ Poor Puffy - Ms. Anger Management is too funny! :o)

Haha! @ genius in making cookies from scratch...gurl I am looking at you like you are a genius myself! :oD

I have yet to master knitting while not looking...I plan to get all grown up in that one day like you! Haha!