Friday, March 28, 2008


Hello everyone!!

I am alive and kicking. I have been doing a little knitting not much. More reading than anything. I just finished The Secret Life of Bees by Sue Monk Kidd and I just picked up Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy translated by Richard Pevear and Larissa Volokhonsky. I am only three pages in and I like it (I guess that's why it's a classic).

Oh, before I leave Miss Straight A's AKA Anger Management got accepted into Wilson Sr. High Finance and Business Academy (her goal is to go to Columbia, law school and own her own law firm) and I know she can do it. Here that's a big deal because we have crappy schools and it is one of the only bright spots here. So, she is following behind her big bro, who graduated from their Science and Math Technology Academy.

Mr. Stefon is doing great - why wouldn't he? The world revolves around him (knock on wood).

Friday, March 14, 2008

Day 5


So, what you got planned?


We FINALLY picked a paint color after the 11th color and we are going to prepare the walls. I think I will visit my great aunt it has been a minute and I have been thinking about her lately. Oh and I plan on starting the second sock and rocking out the CPH right front.

So, I ask you, what are your plans?

Thursday, March 13, 2008

I will fight a kid!

Okay, I told you yesterday that I do not answer my celly from unknown callers. Someone called me twice from a number.

Me: Hello
Stranger: Mommy, I am on my period and I had an accident.
Me: Okay, I will have daddy pick you up.

Me: Can you pick up Anger Mgmt?
Mr. Conservative: Okay, I am leaving out

So, long story short Mr. Conservative came and pick me up as well. I work up the street from her too. We go to her school and these hoodlums "kids" are jumping double dutch, I think it was P.E. I was just thinking after we get her I might ask can I get a go. Her father calls her on her cell phone and told her we were here she needs to come out. And I hear all of a sudden from this big chick turning the rope.

Big Chick: GOOOO, Okay I guess they must not want to get by then.
I forgot how old I was. I looked
Me: Uhm...who do you think your talking too? Dear heart I am NOT the one!

Why when I walk past her to get into the school she gave me the evil grit down. Child please! I have my Doctors in Gritologoy. Too funny! Did I let that look slide? I sure didn't I said, I don't care if you look at me like that I am a grown woman, and I will not let you disrespect me. Oh and hit her with the old school grit and rolling of the eyes. Yes some of you are saying I stooped to her level but these kids need to recognize.

So, we get my daughter and come out of the school. The same bad ass girls says, "Hey Anger Management. My daughter says Hi, and I look at her and say who is that fast little girl and my daughter says, oh no one likes her, they all want to beat her up.

I wonder why?

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Leaving Kids at School is not a good look!

Okay, so after I posted about the job fair, my celly rings, I normally don't answer #'s I don't know, but it was a local, so I answered.

Me: Hello
Caller: Ma, can you pick me up
Me: Stefon - why do I need to pick you up.
Stefon: Because it is a half-day.
Me: SHIT, I am on my way.

My husband started a new job, so I didn't want to call him. Thank goodness, my job is not that far. Cab/Car - 10 - 15 minutes. Bus - 30. So, I caught a cab. Get there scoop him up and since it is not rush hour. I see the bus coming.

Me: Come on Stefon, run. Let's catch this bus, you know we will have to wait a minute if we miss it.
Stefon: Come on Ma run. Psst, you are so slow.
Me: Just run I will get there.

I see his book slidding out his hand. I am behind him.
Me: Don't stop running I WILL GET THE BOOK.
Stefon: Stops, and pick the book up.

Of course we miss the bus. I am irritated (I know its not his fault).

Stefon: Shooottt. I was not going to leave MY book down there, you know how long it took you and daddy to give me money to buy that book. I was not waiting a hundred days again.

Stefon: Ma
Me: What?
Stefon: So, when does the next bus come?

If I could choke him I would! Any other damn time his ass don't want to read. Oh and the older people on the bus was so touched with his reading. "He is going to be so smart", "He's not being forced to read or anything" "Normally they are playing video games." TRUST, if he had a choice he would be too, but he don't.

Dang, I was going to treat myself to some Sushi or a Rueben for lunch - now, I am eating a candy bar, potato chips and a dang soda.

The Job Fair

Thank you ladies I needed the push.

The job fair was some shit. I knew it would be, or shall I say, I was hoping that it wouldn't be. I hate for my time to be wasted and that is how I felt.


What is the purpose of having a job fair and NOT accepting resumes, or better yet. Say, yes we are hiring, we have plenty of positions.... go to and complete the application or upload your resume and create a profile. Do what? Hell, what was the purpose of me messing up my good resume paper? I could have done that at home.

I also felt bad for some of the people at the job fair. More than once I strolled to one of the booths, and heard the people ask what positions they had available and they would yell - you have to have a college degree. Do you have a degree? I don't like that crap. I have a degree, so I was straight, but the way they assumed people didn't have one, I mean even the ladies and gents dressed correctly (few). Say what the position is and then say the requirement is a Bachelors. Maybe it was just me, but if you were there you would understand. AND majority of the people there didn't look qualified for half the jobs. They should rope a section off for the sectors that didn't require a degree, maybe that would cut it down. I am actually thinking about writing a piece on this for the paper. We will see, you know I am lazy.

There was a positive. The more I talked to people (not that many), they would try to classify me in the finance world, which is what I do (75%) of the time, but I am tired of numbers, so I know that I need to change my resume. Oh and maybe I need to put my degree on the front page instead of the last page. I could have sworn, my resume book said don't do that unless you just graduated and didn't have any experience (note to self, check it).

NOW, I wish I could take pictures with my camera without making that damn noise. Why you ask? Because, people do not know how to dress for a interview. I thought it was a stripper convention when I first walked in. More on what NOT to wear to a job interview/fair for a later post. I am on my third day of blogging for the week and doing excellent.

Anyway, I found two jobs today that I would like to apply for so I will revamp my resume.

Oh and I completed Sock #1 - will take picture and show later.


Tuesday, March 11, 2008

P.S. I'm Scared

Little ole me. Scared. Can you believe that? Yup. I really hate change. Damn. I wish I had the book/movie "Who Moved My Cheese" with me. Am I rambling. Yes, this is my blog/journal and I can use it how I see fit. Ugh!!!!! I want to scream. It won't be bad if I stay here another five years and by that time I will be finished school....right?

Let me call my husband so that he can talk me into going, because I think I might just stay at work and just mail my resumes out. I don't feel like smiling at people and shaking hands - I don't want to catch cooties.

DAYUM!! I hate feeling weak. Shit.

Job, career, something

I blogged before about finishing my resume and starting to look for a new job. Well, guess what people. I have not been looking really. I have posted on websites and people have called me, but they are not willing to meet my price or the benefits are wack! I blame my job sometimes for spoiling me. These are my benefits.

25 days vacation
12 Federal Holidays
1 day sick leave a month
paid healthcare
5% retirement
750 medical reimbursements
5% raise automatic

I can hear you now, sounding like my mother - What the hell is wrong with you? Why are you leaving?

Yeah, I have said the same thing, I also had a couple questions for me.

Are you sure this is what you want to do? Start over?
Um, yes. I am bored. I feel like I am not gaining any new skills. I met with my boss and told him just that - bored and frustrated (yes, that is what I told him - he's cool). He took me to a nice restaurant and told me how much I meant to the organization and that he would get me more involved in some other areas. Okay cool. Well, that was over a year ago and no new duties. I am T.I.R.E.D of looking at numbers. So, yes I am ready to start over.

Will you take less money/benefits?
I don't want to take a pay cut, but I will if the benefits are good or okay. I already know my vacay will go back to 2 weeks. Some stuff I will lose, some I will keep. I can gain them all back. However, I will not skimp on Retirement, not having healthcare or my punch out time, I have to be out by 4/5 at most - remember I plan on starting grad school in the fall.

Honestly, I like my coworkers and my job is cool. I have my own office and I can close the door and chillaxs and don't have to worry about the bossman or anyone breathing down my neck.

I will be looking for a new job, I got the blue suit on, brief case, hair did, and resumes in the brief case.

I am going to a job fair today. It is time for me to be proactive and get a job.

Wish me luck!

Monday, March 10, 2008

The Wire finale

I have been in love with The Wire since day 1. I make sure my to do list is DONE for the day so the husband and I can sit down and get our t.v. watching on.

Anyone who has been watching The Wire from the beginning know that every season was suppose to be the last. But, it kept chugging on - THANK goodness.

So, when I heard that this last one was really the last season, I was like damn, but okay, all good things must come to an end.

Well, all I have to say is.......THAT WAS SOME BULL SHIGGITY!! Man, I just knew it was going to end better than that. I was looking for some Six Feet Under type of shit. Six Feet Under was so well written and cast and the ending did not leave you hanging.

Damn. Of course Marlo got off, who didn't know the charges wouldn't stick. Hell, I was done with the series when Omar got shot down by Kenard.

My ending in a perfect world would have been Omar and Marlo in a shoot out and Omar beating that ass. Or Barksdale doing him in while he was behind bars. Something, Marlo needed his ass whipped.

I'm just saying, the shit could have ended better but, hey, by the grammatical mistakes in this post you must know, I am not a writer. I guess I will continue to do what I do, watch t.v.

My show right now is In Treatment, and I guess I will wait for Dexter, Big Love and Entourage to come back on. Oh and I almost forgot Larry David crazy ass Curb Your Enthusiasm.

Damn, I expected much more....Can you tell? I just like when things come full circle - I guess that is why I like The Kite Runner (the book, haven't seen the movie), so well written - Beginning, Middle and End.


Me and my Boo

I have so much to write about, so I am going to start off with the knitting and I probably will post every day this week or at least twice a day. I know it is some knitters out there dying laughing at that last sentence (so am I).

I have a positive and negative knit update. Let's get the negative out the way. CPH - I decide to take the CPH out of the corner and get back to knitting. The last time I knit the right front I stopped at the ribbing and started working the front with the cables. So, I switched to the bigger needles and started working. When I got home I decided to measure the right front with the left front - why I didn't do this at first don't know. Well, I paid for it. I have to rip out the knitting to the ribbing because the measurement is off. Am I mad? Not one bit. Why? Because I have a new love anyway. Ha!

Positive knitting would be the Pomatomous sock. I have been working on it even though my week have been quite busy. I am almost finished with the sock. I had to stop knitting it last night because I was watching The Wire finale (hated it) and messed up a row or two and had to knit backwards to fix it. Cool. I ain't made, that's what love do to you. Me and Pomatomous are still in that honeymoon stage. We will see how long that will last, but for now, that's my boo. Look how pretty she looks -

Friday, March 07, 2008

Last Night

My plans for last night was to - in this order:

Knit, help Mr. Stefon with homework, try a new turkey meatloaf and cheese recipe (a keeper), knit to In Treatment and stay up until husband comes home.

Well, you know what they say about the best laid plans. I helped Mr. Stefon with homework. Tried the recipe and did the head bob while watching In Treatment - I have no clue what happened I woke up at the end - I guess I will get caught up this weekend.

What happened you asked?

Mr. Stefon has been constipated for the past three days. I have been giving him water and veggies and trying to let it pass naturally. He goes to the bathroom and he is screaming at the top of his lungs. What do a good, caring, loving mother like me do? Laugh - not out loud so he could hear me, but yes laugh. Don't judge me people, the shit was funny. He is known to talk to his bowel movement when he is NOT constipated. On more than one occasion I have asked him who is he talking to and yes he has imaginary friends and one of them is named - guess what - Stefon. How the hell do you name your imaginary friend after you. College boy had an imaginary friend too.

He goes to bed @ 8:00 (on the nose, believe me I do a count down - you want what? oh you have 1 min.) Fastfoward - I fall asleep around 9:30, hubby probably got in around 10 and my whole house is sleep. At 11:45 (I know cause I looked at the damn clock), someone (Stefon) is screaming at the top of their lungs. Husband - WTF, shut that damn noise up. In defense of the husband earlier the same day Mr. Stefon woke us up at 4:00 saying his throat hurt!

Parents Conversation:
Me: Don't yell at him, he is constipated, he has been for three days.
Mr. Conservative: Well, I didn't know.
Me: I know, I will go talk to him. Mr. Stefon, I know your stomache hurt but you can not yell at the top of your lungs - someone may call the popo on us. He says, okay. And, I am hoping to go back to sleep.

My husband is hardheaded. Love him dearly, but sometimes, he thinks his ass knows everything ( I do too, but....I am normally right LOL), remember, what the old folks use to say - A hard head, will make a soft ass.

Mr. Conservative: He needs more water and veggies.
Me: He drinks plenty of water (although, you didnt bring any home and I asked you too), but he do need to eat more veggies.
Mr. Conservative: He needs to stay away from sodas.
Me: Um, when we went to Costco we only bought Cranberry and Apple juice.
Mr. Conservative: Gets out of bed, gets Stefon and commence to giving this child water. I am upstairs listening to him explain the importance of water and how he HAS to drink it even though he don't want too.

I say to myself, this shit is child abuse why am I allowing this shit to go on - the warm bed maybe. Hell, he is his daddy too. Rolling over. Both of them come back upstairs and the husband tells him to sit on the toilet for a minute and he comes and lays back in bed. We hear this big boom in the kids bathroom.

Me: What the hell is that?
Mr. Conservative: I don't know.

Well guess what bloggers - it was PAY BACK.

Backstory: Daddy has been better taking care of sick kids. I am lazy, especially when I am trying to sleep I am a very light sleeper and I suffer from insomnia alot, so he gotta know I am faking (remember earlier, we're not judging). Whoever gets to the kids first normally take care of the problem. Well.

Mr. Stefon threw up everywhere in the bathroom, not in the toilet or the trashcan. EVERYWHERE.

What do I say when husband gets back in the bedroom - see, that's why you should not have been making him drink all that damn water. It was dark in the room, so I didn't see his face, but I am pretty sure he wanted to choke me. I would. He just went downstairs got the gloves and the mop and went to work. I laid in the bed, but then I felt bad so in solidarity I sat up in the bed...and commence to giving orders/suggestions. You might not want to use that mop, use the other mop. Do you have gloves? What are you going to do with the clothes? Hey, you need the Lysol? At this point, I believe he had ENOUGH of me. He said, um, yeah - YOU can go get it. I figured Hell he did everything else, I could at least do that.

God I love my husband!

Wednesday, March 05, 2008


Get the freak out of here? Let me find out someone is getting their knitting on!! Yessir, I am knitting and Loving it!! (lets see how long this last!)

But while I am knitting - let's discuss:

This weekend I couldn't get that much knit done, celebrating with the hubby and the kids. However, I was able to get some done on the bus this week.

I started the heel and will be turning it tonight (hopefully?). I hate saying what I am going to do, because that means - it ain't gonna happen captain. But we will see, if not tonight on the long ass bus ride in the morn.

Monday, March 03, 2008

16 Years!!!

As you all know we got married last year and Sunday was our 1 year wedding anniversary. Moving on - we are celebrating 16 years together - very important!! Woot! Woot!

I normally have a book to write, but today I will play three of our favorite songs. I want to warn you now that these songs are for grown folks and is baby making music.

The sensual Kem

You know I had to have some Jilly from Philly

And I have to have the homegrown - Raheem Devaughn

Sixteen years - wow. Have a great day!!