Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Job Fair

Thank you ladies I needed the push.

The job fair was some shit. I knew it would be, or shall I say, I was hoping that it wouldn't be. I hate for my time to be wasted and that is how I felt.


What is the purpose of having a job fair and NOT accepting resumes, or better yet. Say, yes we are hiring, we have plenty of positions.... go to and complete the application or upload your resume and create a profile. Do what? Hell, what was the purpose of me messing up my good resume paper? I could have done that at home.

I also felt bad for some of the people at the job fair. More than once I strolled to one of the booths, and heard the people ask what positions they had available and they would yell - you have to have a college degree. Do you have a degree? I don't like that crap. I have a degree, so I was straight, but the way they assumed people didn't have one, I mean even the ladies and gents dressed correctly (few). Say what the position is and then say the requirement is a Bachelors. Maybe it was just me, but if you were there you would understand. AND majority of the people there didn't look qualified for half the jobs. They should rope a section off for the sectors that didn't require a degree, maybe that would cut it down. I am actually thinking about writing a piece on this for the paper. We will see, you know I am lazy.

There was a positive. The more I talked to people (not that many), they would try to classify me in the finance world, which is what I do (75%) of the time, but I am tired of numbers, so I know that I need to change my resume. Oh and maybe I need to put my degree on the front page instead of the last page. I could have sworn, my resume book said don't do that unless you just graduated and didn't have any experience (note to self, check it).

NOW, I wish I could take pictures with my camera without making that damn noise. Why you ask? Because, people do not know how to dress for a interview. I thought it was a stripper convention when I first walked in. More on what NOT to wear to a job interview/fair for a later post. I am on my third day of blogging for the week and doing excellent.

Anyway, I found two jobs today that I would like to apply for so I will revamp my resume.

Oh and I completed Sock #1 - will take picture and show later.



NikkiJ said...

I hate job fairs too. What's the purpose of them anymore if companies just refer you to their website. I remember a time where it was possible to get an interview at a job fair. I really don't understand them anymore. Put your resume on Monster, this is where ALL the companies go. I think that the more you check for jobs, the more active your resume is, so don't just post your resume and go.

Pajnstl said...

lol @ you wanting to do a what NOT to wear segment! lol

Job fairs are not what they used to be!

Virtuous said...

Ooh despite it being wack you found 2 jobs to apply and finshed a sock!! YAH!

And yeah you are supposed to put edumacation on the
I am mad they said that to folks up front. I think you should let someone know your suggestions!

I was pigeon-holed into accounting for awhile too and just had to bust completely out. It is funny how folks only look at what currently do and discount everything else that comes BEHIND that paragraph like you don't have other experience..sigh

Glad you got some "dings" on what to start changing up.

Wish me luck on Friday! I got another one coming up! ;o)

Gurl I gotta get out of there ASAP!!!!

(mmmh I SO should have just e-mailed you! LOL)

Anonymous said...

Dang, I wish you had taken pictures! I can only imagine.