Thursday, March 13, 2008

I will fight a kid!

Okay, I told you yesterday that I do not answer my celly from unknown callers. Someone called me twice from a number.

Me: Hello
Stranger: Mommy, I am on my period and I had an accident.
Me: Okay, I will have daddy pick you up.

Me: Can you pick up Anger Mgmt?
Mr. Conservative: Okay, I am leaving out

So, long story short Mr. Conservative came and pick me up as well. I work up the street from her too. We go to her school and these hoodlums "kids" are jumping double dutch, I think it was P.E. I was just thinking after we get her I might ask can I get a go. Her father calls her on her cell phone and told her we were here she needs to come out. And I hear all of a sudden from this big chick turning the rope.

Big Chick: GOOOO, Okay I guess they must not want to get by then.
I forgot how old I was. I looked
Me: Uhm...who do you think your talking too? Dear heart I am NOT the one!

Why when I walk past her to get into the school she gave me the evil grit down. Child please! I have my Doctors in Gritologoy. Too funny! Did I let that look slide? I sure didn't I said, I don't care if you look at me like that I am a grown woman, and I will not let you disrespect me. Oh and hit her with the old school grit and rolling of the eyes. Yes some of you are saying I stooped to her level but these kids need to recognize.

So, we get my daughter and come out of the school. The same bad ass girls says, "Hey Anger Management. My daughter says Hi, and I look at her and say who is that fast little girl and my daughter says, oh no one likes her, they all want to beat her up.

I wonder why?

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