Monday, March 10, 2008

The Wire finale

I have been in love with The Wire since day 1. I make sure my to do list is DONE for the day so the husband and I can sit down and get our t.v. watching on.

Anyone who has been watching The Wire from the beginning know that every season was suppose to be the last. But, it kept chugging on - THANK goodness.

So, when I heard that this last one was really the last season, I was like damn, but okay, all good things must come to an end.

Well, all I have to say is.......THAT WAS SOME BULL SHIGGITY!! Man, I just knew it was going to end better than that. I was looking for some Six Feet Under type of shit. Six Feet Under was so well written and cast and the ending did not leave you hanging.

Damn. Of course Marlo got off, who didn't know the charges wouldn't stick. Hell, I was done with the series when Omar got shot down by Kenard.

My ending in a perfect world would have been Omar and Marlo in a shoot out and Omar beating that ass. Or Barksdale doing him in while he was behind bars. Something, Marlo needed his ass whipped.

I'm just saying, the shit could have ended better but, hey, by the grammatical mistakes in this post you must know, I am not a writer. I guess I will continue to do what I do, watch t.v.

My show right now is In Treatment, and I guess I will wait for Dexter, Big Love and Entourage to come back on. Oh and I almost forgot Larry David crazy ass Curb Your Enthusiasm.

Damn, I expected much more....Can you tell? I just like when things come full circle - I guess that is why I like The Kite Runner (the book, haven't seen the movie), so well written - Beginning, Middle and End.



Christie said...

I figured that regardless how it ended, it would probably be a little disappointing. I loved that Michael was on his way to becoming the new Omar. I didn't know how Lester and McNulty were going to get off, but I'm glad they did. Could you see Lester in jail? NAH! Marlo may have gotten off, but there's no way he won't go back to what he knows. He's too awkward not to. AND CHEESE TOOK IT IN THE HEAD! Thank god for that!

Nelly Knits said...

I also thought it could have ended better. I'm glad someone got Cheese for Prop Joe, but Marlo needed to get it from Omar. The storyline about Dookie made me sad....real sad.