Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Knitty Gritty

I just love this show!!! I record the shows and watch them when I get a chance. And guess who I saw the other day...... Cookie A. It was awesome and now I know what my next sock may be (sorry Jaywalkers). Me and my daughter was oogling over the Twinkle Toe socks. We will definitely knit these for Summer of Socks!!

I know some people do not get Knitty Gritty but you should definitely go there and get free patterns for knitting or anything crafty. I love DIY Network - you name it they have it for crafty people.

For the knit patterns click here:,2024,DIY_14141,00.html

From the mouth of babes

My little one, the baby (their all my babies) 8 year old Stefon is a trip. I figured I would share with you a little of his sassiness (I wonder where he got that from). No seriously, I would not be surprised if he becomes a comedian, actor or President. He is just that funny and smart. My mom and family love to be around him. Remember that show, Kids Say the Darnest Things - it's true. Okay here is a little bit.

Background: Dad and kids don't eat Pork or seafood (except fish). Mom still partake in the pork, but rarely - maybe 2 times a year if. Okay here goes.

Stefon: Mom you know where your going. Me: Where? Stefon: You know, never mind. Me: Boy what are you talking about - speak up. Stefon: You know what the Bible says. Me: Stunned, thought about - are you telling me I am going to Hell. Stefon: I can't say the word, but yeah if you keep eating that pork. Well, at least he is worried about my well being.

Background: I don't know what it is about kids and lightskinned blacks. Each one of my kids when they were little thought I was white. Mind you, I am not that light. My theory they see the crayon white - black and they figure, hell she is closer to the white crayon.

So we go to Costco.

Stefon: Mom you know what you look like. Me: Stefon, I don't want to hear it right now (I knew he was going to say something crazy and of course his father is down another aisle). Stefon: I just got to tell you something. Me: Look boy, I asked you to be quiet. Stefon: Mommy, I was just going to tell you that you are the same color as Bob the Builder. Me: I am not the color of Bob the Builder - BE QUIET. Stefon: Yup, you are white just like him mommy, I am telling you. Me: Bob the Builder is yellow and I am black. Black people come in all shades!!!!! Husband is now back dying laughing. Take your child.

Stefon talking about his sister:

Stefon: Mommy Me: Yes (worried) Stefon: Your daughter (his sister) is getting on my nerves. Me: Why, what's wrong. Stefon: She is always yelling when I ask her something. I am going to start calling her "angry (he means anger) management." Me: Dying laughing this time. Sister: Trying to kill him. We all call her anger management now!! Too funny!

Okay, too many stories to tell about Stefon. So, I will just leave you with these for now.

In Knitting News: I finished my third Clapotis and as usual, I have no pictures. Hell, at least I am consistent. I will take some today (hopefully). I might pick up Starsky or Ene's before starting something new. Who knows.

Monday, June 25, 2007

How do you spell relief? I spell it like this: V A C A T I O N

Myrtle Beach here I come!!!

It's almost here!!!! I can smell the salt water if I close my eyes hard enough and hear the water hitting against the rocks. I have 5 more days and than I will be out of the city!!!! I can't wait. I so need a vacation. The boss man has been working my everlasting last nerve. He is normally a quiet little man, but lately he has been wearing stilts or something (I am going to talk to his girlfriend and tell her to give him some "act right" (maybe that will help)..

So, what did we do this weekend. The family went out for Caribbean food and we loved it as usual. I love the fact that my family will try different foods - well not the oldest son (my baby)as much. I can't believe he's my child anyway - he does not eat fish at all!!! I love seafood.

Let me see, what else, oh, the hubby played with his new toy - a navigation system. It was too funny, he had it on for the simplest places: to Pentagon City (the mall we always go to) back home (as if we didn't know where we live). The lady voice is annoying as heck. Especially when he makes a turn she determines wrong, she sounds exasperated and says, "rerouting" - like you idiot, I told you to make a left not a right. It would be so cool to put your own voice in the system and make your own "wrong way fool" or better yet "didn't I tell your ass to turn left."

I went shopping for my Summer Swapper, I think I did a good job, I plan on sending the package out tomorrow, so I will probably take a picture of it before it goes out.

Oh guess what, my daughter asked me to buy her some yarn to knit on the trip. I can't believe it since she hasn't picked up the needles in awhile. I think I am going to give her the Knitpick Shine my Swapper gave me for a tank she saw, if not, we will go shopping!!

The next best thing happened today - CAMP!!! My 8 year old son needs an outlet, he is so wired and this will help him unwind - I hope they wear his buns out!!! My daughter goes as well, but she is pretty good, so she will just go along with the program. Last year she did the Girl Scout sleep away camp and she said she might still sign up for it. They always have openings later. We will see.

I hope everyone had a great weekend and a merry Monday.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Summer Swapper - Yarn Porn

Finally - here are the pictures from my Summer Swapper. She is so great!! Here it is:

Knit Pick Shine : My daughter has already claimed this.

Rowan Classic Silk Wool DK: maybe a scarf or socks.

Rowan Tapestry: Love the colors scarf definitely!! Gets cold, got to have enough scarves in your wardrobe.

MMMMMbalabrigo.....can't wait to use!

Oh and do you see the Ghirardelli... delicious!! Hubby and kids have claimed!!

Have a great weekend!!! OH Almost forgot HARRY POTTER BOOK IS OUT!!!!

Monday, June 18, 2007


Oh and by the way - who the hell turned the temperature on HELL!!! It is hot as hell (not quite) in the nation's capitol!!!


I hope everyone had a great weekend with Dad!!! Me and the kids took the husband to BSmith (aka the Black Martha Stewart) at Union Station. The food is soooo delicious. Jazz was playing and the food "YUM". Here is a sample of the menu: made to order omlets and belgian waffles, cheese grits, fried chicken, mac and chees, fish, seafood pasta, baked apples....... Southern fare. We had everything. I think I gained 10lbs, but it was worth it.

Want to hear something funny.... DH told us, if we really wanted to make his day complete we could take him and get the Plasma Screen t.v. he wants. I looked at him lovingly and told him, that its a shame that he will not have a totally good day!!! He was just kidding (I wasn't). Love the man dearly, but dang. He has it in the works to get it before football season anyway!!!

I hope everyone had a great weekend.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Me, me and oh yeah me!!!

Knitting Help Summer Swap

Let me tell you, the gift was worth the wait. My yarn swapper sent me a package and I asked my DH to pick it up for me. So, he calls me at work and tells me he got the package and will bring it home (after he was suppose to pick it up a couple days a go and he didn't). Anyway, he brings it home and I meet him at the door excited - HELLO - present for me (oh hubby too, gotta love him). Well, I get upstairs prepare to open it and I look at the box and am like, ummm something is not right. So, I open it and it is some medicine - not for me but for someone else. So, of course I am yelling at hubby (slow ass) and am like the post office is closed and now I have to wait another day - ARE YOU SERIOUS!!!

Well, hubby didn't want to disappoint again (um, I can be a bitch, pouty, a little spoiled), so he picked me up from the subway and we smoked it to the post office and they gave me the package MY package, and I opened the damn thing right there! I was floored, spoiled pretty damn good!!! Of course I don't have pictures. I did try, but the pictures didn't come out right, so I will take better ones and upload them next week (Mother Nature did destroy my modem for the internet, so I am trying, but until then) when I get to work.

Let me see she gave me so much: Rowan Tapestry, Rowan DK, Mbalgrio, Knitpick and Ghriardelli (2 Bags!!!) and a nice note. I love all the yarn!!! I can't wait to use them all, I am already thinking 2 scarves and my daughter wants the Knitpicks (I have to look for a pattern).

Personal shout out to my swapper for making me feel special. I am always the one who do for other's so it's nice to have someone do for me!!! Especially since I was in a swap and my person did not come through and I didn't receive a angel even though I told my group leader. So again, thanks Summer Swapper - Yarn XOXO ( I know your in the CHI from the address).

Oh in other swap news, I must say this. People you reep what you sow and also Karma is a muthaflucker!!! I hear people whine about how they are in swaps and there person complain about them or they this and that, and yet do the same thing. Treat people like you want to be treated!!

NEXT!! (said like the Soup Nazi on Seinfeld)


I am moving right along, I have loved this pattern when I first saw this and thought it would be too hard for me, well a sister is doing the damn thing (if I may say so myself). Take a look. It's for my 13 year old daughter who love blue, so I think she will like this.

Have a great weekend, sorry for the typos or grammatical errors, I will correct them later. Oh and for knitters in the DC, MD and Northern VA area StitchDC is celebrating it's 3 year anniversary and they are having a sale 15-60% off everything in the store.

Peace!! (said like Pam on Martin - dang I miss that show)

Wednesday, June 06, 2007



I have pictures of my son going to the prom and all that jazz, but I have not had a chance to post because my boss is working my ass off (while he is on vacation) and I have no other way to get on the internet because Verizon slowpokes have not been able to get my internet back up since Mother Nature showed me who the HBIC is.

Also, I have been going back and for with my homeowner association and other because they are about what happened yesteryear and I am about today and solving issues now - oh and following the damn bylaws. Dang, they are what govern you - oh, did I tell you by degree is in politics. I love to debate (some might say argue). Anyway, they are disorganized and our pool is not open. Funny thing me and the Prez been going back and forth and he has started the process with a lot of stuff. All people need some times is a little push and a high heel (size nine) in the butt.

So, more to come later when I can really get to have fun. Isn't that what going to work is for???

See ya when I see ya (or should I say write ya).