Monday, June 25, 2007

How do you spell relief? I spell it like this: V A C A T I O N

Myrtle Beach here I come!!!

It's almost here!!!! I can smell the salt water if I close my eyes hard enough and hear the water hitting against the rocks. I have 5 more days and than I will be out of the city!!!! I can't wait. I so need a vacation. The boss man has been working my everlasting last nerve. He is normally a quiet little man, but lately he has been wearing stilts or something (I am going to talk to his girlfriend and tell her to give him some "act right" (maybe that will help)..

So, what did we do this weekend. The family went out for Caribbean food and we loved it as usual. I love the fact that my family will try different foods - well not the oldest son (my baby)as much. I can't believe he's my child anyway - he does not eat fish at all!!! I love seafood.

Let me see, what else, oh, the hubby played with his new toy - a navigation system. It was too funny, he had it on for the simplest places: to Pentagon City (the mall we always go to) back home (as if we didn't know where we live). The lady voice is annoying as heck. Especially when he makes a turn she determines wrong, she sounds exasperated and says, "rerouting" - like you idiot, I told you to make a left not a right. It would be so cool to put your own voice in the system and make your own "wrong way fool" or better yet "didn't I tell your ass to turn left."

I went shopping for my Summer Swapper, I think I did a good job, I plan on sending the package out tomorrow, so I will probably take a picture of it before it goes out.

Oh guess what, my daughter asked me to buy her some yarn to knit on the trip. I can't believe it since she hasn't picked up the needles in awhile. I think I am going to give her the Knitpick Shine my Swapper gave me for a tank she saw, if not, we will go shopping!!

The next best thing happened today - CAMP!!! My 8 year old son needs an outlet, he is so wired and this will help him unwind - I hope they wear his buns out!!! My daughter goes as well, but she is pretty good, so she will just go along with the program. Last year she did the Girl Scout sleep away camp and she said she might still sign up for it. They always have openings later. We will see.

I hope everyone had a great weekend and a merry Monday.


Christie said...

Ah, vacation! I have two weeks before I go on mine. Have a great time and maybe your boss will calm down by the time you get back.

And as far as the navigation system is concerned, I feel your pain. Gf has one in the car, and I made her turn off the voice. She still programs places that we've been to a thousand times...I"m going to have to break her of that habit too. GRRRR! Other than that, it's a lifesaver when you don't know where you're going!

Virtuous said...

"her to give him some "act right" LMAO!!! ^5!! Haha!

Too funny at navigation!! Do they really help?? LOL

"Wear his little buns out!" Hehehe! How old is your daughter?

I hope you get lots of knitting done on your V.A.C.A.T.I.O.N. :oD

Have a wonderful time! And stay out of Coach! :op Haha!

Judy said...

Thanks, the shrug is coming along s.l.o.w.l.y. I know how you feel when a vacation is just around the corner! Have a great time!