Wednesday, June 27, 2007

From the mouth of babes

My little one, the baby (their all my babies) 8 year old Stefon is a trip. I figured I would share with you a little of his sassiness (I wonder where he got that from). No seriously, I would not be surprised if he becomes a comedian, actor or President. He is just that funny and smart. My mom and family love to be around him. Remember that show, Kids Say the Darnest Things - it's true. Okay here is a little bit.

Background: Dad and kids don't eat Pork or seafood (except fish). Mom still partake in the pork, but rarely - maybe 2 times a year if. Okay here goes.

Stefon: Mom you know where your going. Me: Where? Stefon: You know, never mind. Me: Boy what are you talking about - speak up. Stefon: You know what the Bible says. Me: Stunned, thought about - are you telling me I am going to Hell. Stefon: I can't say the word, but yeah if you keep eating that pork. Well, at least he is worried about my well being.

Background: I don't know what it is about kids and lightskinned blacks. Each one of my kids when they were little thought I was white. Mind you, I am not that light. My theory they see the crayon white - black and they figure, hell she is closer to the white crayon.

So we go to Costco.

Stefon: Mom you know what you look like. Me: Stefon, I don't want to hear it right now (I knew he was going to say something crazy and of course his father is down another aisle). Stefon: I just got to tell you something. Me: Look boy, I asked you to be quiet. Stefon: Mommy, I was just going to tell you that you are the same color as Bob the Builder. Me: I am not the color of Bob the Builder - BE QUIET. Stefon: Yup, you are white just like him mommy, I am telling you. Me: Bob the Builder is yellow and I am black. Black people come in all shades!!!!! Husband is now back dying laughing. Take your child.

Stefon talking about his sister:

Stefon: Mommy Me: Yes (worried) Stefon: Your daughter (his sister) is getting on my nerves. Me: Why, what's wrong. Stefon: She is always yelling when I ask her something. I am going to start calling her "angry (he means anger) management." Me: Dying laughing this time. Sister: Trying to kill him. We all call her anger management now!! Too funny!

Okay, too many stories to tell about Stefon. So, I will just leave you with these for now.

In Knitting News: I finished my third Clapotis and as usual, I have no pictures. Hell, at least I am consistent. I will take some today (hopefully). I might pick up Starsky or Ene's before starting something new. Who knows.


Evelyn said...

I am ROFLMBFAO! We have the same conversations about skin color. Kids are so funny as they try to figure the world out. Actually, I'm still trying to figure it all out. . . ;-)

PAJNSTL said...

LMBAO!!! Omg!!! Too funny! I know you are forever laughing at them! LOL

KnitFloozy said...

ROFLMBAO!!!!! my kids told their teachers the same thing....hammercy