Wednesday, June 06, 2007



I have pictures of my son going to the prom and all that jazz, but I have not had a chance to post because my boss is working my ass off (while he is on vacation) and I have no other way to get on the internet because Verizon slowpokes have not been able to get my internet back up since Mother Nature showed me who the HBIC is.

Also, I have been going back and for with my homeowner association and other because they are about what happened yesteryear and I am about today and solving issues now - oh and following the damn bylaws. Dang, they are what govern you - oh, did I tell you by degree is in politics. I love to debate (some might say argue). Anyway, they are disorganized and our pool is not open. Funny thing me and the Prez been going back and forth and he has started the process with a lot of stuff. All people need some times is a little push and a high heel (size nine) in the butt.

So, more to come later when I can really get to have fun. Isn't that what going to work is for???

See ya when I see ya (or should I say write ya).



Lisa said...

Hey there!

Sounds like you are swamped! I hope you get your internet back soon!

The seasilk is wonderful to work with! It's not splitty, it slides along my knitpick options beautifully and it is just knitting up spectacularly :) At first I thought I might have had a pooling problem on my hands with the pink in the Lilypond, but I was worried for nothing... it is just turning out lovely! If you buy some I doubt you'd regret it : )

Virtuous said...

Well we hope to see you back soon!