Thursday, May 31, 2007

Mother Nature is not having it!!!

Well, let me tell you. Don't play with Mother Nature!!!

I am now able to blog after cleaning my house up after the Memorial Day festivities at my house. Let me just start off by saying light beige carpet, 20 + people and Sangria do not mix. My carpet looked like crap. I have been deep cleaning it all week. We really did have a good time, it was some people first time at the house so they got to walk around and enjoy it.

Close to the end of the cookout it started to rain and thunder and my MIL said lets turn some of this stuff off because it is lightning and stuff in the house and I turned and looked at her and said, you older people are a trip, I don't believe in it (although, I had to do this as a child because my mother was not having it). So, we were playing cards and I said wait, I have to get something off the computer real quick. Turned the computer on walked away and heard this loud boom. It was Mother Nature showing me she was in charge (just like a woman)!!! So, now the internet isn't working, the t.v. in my bedroom and my daughters bedroom isn't working either. I will not mess with her again.

Of course I got some shopping done. I went to Leesburg Prime Outlet in VA and totally enjoyed myself, got more Off Saks 5th Ave tickets and can't wait to use it on their bags and shoe sell. I can not fine any cute shoes worth spending money on and I really need some shoes.

I really didn't get to knit much, I put the socks, the shawl and everything else down. However, I did buy a knitting book and some more knitting magazines. I want to get my hands on some Rebecca and Kim Hargrave (I think) magazines. The more I get into this thing called Knitting, I want to hoard it all. The world of knitting is so huge!!!

As always, I did not take pictures of my WIP, but I am uploading up unblocked shawlette and will upload the blocked version tomorrow (if my internet is up - Verizon will be there tomorrow between 8 a.m. and when sharks fly - I am pretty much betting on them coming a little before the sharks fly.

Oh, I almost forgot. Did I tell you my son is going to the Prom tomorrow!!! I can't wait, I am throwing a pre-prom party with family and friends before we sent him off. If I am doing this for my son can you imagine what I am going to do for my daughter????

I will show the block version later.


Adrienne said...

Gosh! Hope you won't have to clean your carpet again!! Love your shawl its beautiful!

Lisa said...

Hi! Thanks so much for dropping by and leaving a comment on my blog : ) Sahara was a nice knit and came out nicer than I thought it would!

Great job on your shawl!


sherry said...

My husband talks to the thunderstorm. he says if you talk and respect it; it will not need to show you who is boss.

AJ said...

Sherry, the shawl looks great! Congrats on your FO! Glad you had a great time, I, unfortunately, will be cleaning my carpet this weekend! :/ We'll see if I survive!

Virtuous said...

Wow! You love to throw parties! :o)

I still to THIS day respect Mother Nature! I don't play!

Shoot! That is perfect knitting time! :op