Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Why Me?!?!

Do you ever experience those days when you ask yourself - Why me???? Who have I wronged!!! Karma maybe??? But for what!!

Yesterday, I got up early and decided to look really nice. My office was taking a coworker out for her last day and hell it's finally Spring in the nations' capitol. So, I get up, do my hair and as I am doing this I can hear the news and it is saying that Eastern Market is burning down and I am like WHY!!! I love Eastern Market, my meals are planned around Eastern Market. There are very few places in Washington, DC where you can buy, fresh organic meats, flowers, smoked Gouda, a painting and a vintage belt!!!! I know they will rebuild but my heart goes out to the vendors and I will be out there this weekend trying to support the outdoor vendors. I guess I will have to go to Whole Foods (pay $15 for cherries - no kidding, that is what I paid last year for a freaking pound (I was desperate)) or wait until the open air market opens in Anacostia - June. Bummer man!!!

Okay, than I get to work and I am looking FIERCE (if I do say so myself). I have on my teal linen and bejewelled sandals. I bought my "F" me shoes to work to wear when it was time to go to the Tabard Inn for the lunch party. Well, the food was okay but the red and white wines we had were awesome. I am adding it to my list for my wine tasting party. DELISH!! Anywho, I say my good byes so that I can go and pick up the brat (love the little one but that is what I call him).

NOW, this is where the drama starts. I call the husband and chat with him why I am walking to the subway station. Oh, did I tell you I changed back into the bejewelled darlings, didn't want to walk a long way in the "f"me shoes.... I am walking in the wrong direction which means I have to now run/walk because it is 3:15 and I have to pick the babe up @ 3:15 - so I am late. My shoe hit the sidewalk hard and the DAMN sandal break - WTF!!! So, guess what boys and girls??? I had to take the sandals off and put back on the "F" me shoes!!! Mind you I am like 8 blocks away, I have 10 dollars on me and I can't catch a cab because I didn't see any ATM machines. That means, I have to walk in 3 inch heels for it seems like forever before I got to the damn metro station!!

So, by time I get to my sons' school (4:13), I am limping and my foot is burning, I can barely see straight because of the pain. I am trying to still look cute because you are not suppose to let them see you sweat. I begin to talk to myself and say, "MAN UP BITCH" and "WORK IT" So that is what gets me across the street to the school, where I almost pass out from the pain. Dad doesn't get their until 4:30 to relieve my aching feet. I get to the car take my shoes off and i have a damn blister on my right foot. I say a small prayer, "please Lawd (Lord) don't let this grow into a blister.

Does it stop here??? Of course not!!! I decide to look down at the "f" me shoes and take another guess - my "F" ME shoes are broke as well!!! - the heel is almost sawed in half!!!! It looks like a dog has been chewing on it. I told my dh to look at it and he says, you can take it to a shoe shop and get it fixed!!!! I don't have time for that crap!!!!

Anyway, I ended the day soaking my feet for an hour, him rubbing them and watching Flavor of Love Charm School - them girls are crazy!!!

Oh, this weekend was awesome too, smoked salmon, asiago cheese, a bottle of Riesling and the fireplace. Awesome. And I made Sunday dinner for my godsister, her husband and their two boys. The menu - chicken, greens (collard and kale mixed), cornbread, potato salad and fresh squeezed lemonade.

Knitting - not too much, a shame too, because I am just about finished the clementine shawlette. maybe I will finish today, or tomorrow.....

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Judy said...

Hey, Sistah girl, thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a nice comment. Oh boy, your post "why me?" sounded like the day I had today! I'm so glad this day is over...wish I had someone to rub my feet! Thanks for the visit. I'll be back to see your finished shawlette...