Thursday, April 26, 2007

Girls, girls, girls

The slumber party was great. My daughter had a slumber party this Saturday and it was a fun time. We did trivia, karaoke and tried to watch a scary movie. For food we had snacks, pizza and a ice cream bar (fresh strawberries, banana, caramel, pineapples, chocolate and of course fudge). For breakfast they had waffles, fresh strawberries, whipped cream, eggs and turkey bacon. It was great and the girls got excellent goody bags. We gave them black cosmetic bags with lip gloss, sunglasses, fingernail polish and bangles.

Okay, the bad part, the reason I hate having sleepovers. There is always someone who don't come and get their child on time. I specifically put on the invitation that pick up time was 11 am. Everyone RSVP and did not say that a problem with this. All the parents came and got their girls on time EXCEPT one. Her parents didn't come and get her until 5 p.m. Mind you my boys were over my godsister house and we had to go and get them and we were waiting on her parents because they did not have a cell phone and we couldn't get in contact with them. The girl was no problem, but her parents worked my nerve. I live in a gated community so when they showed up, they started yelling my daughter name through the window. My husband told them that we were sending her out and she said, "well, is she coming now." I looked at him and said, I know they are not rushing anyone!! So, when the little girl walked out the door we were getting in the car to leave and the mom waves to me and says, "thanks, for taking care of my baby" and I am like phony smile and wave because if I said something to her or husband it would not have been pretty!!

The flowers I planted are dying, green thumb - Not!!! However, my yard still looks nice. I am going to have my uncle come back over and look at stuff for me.

Oh right, knitting. It's coming along. Again, the shawlette is easy, but I have been busy with other stuff, plus I had to rip a couple of rows because i was not paying attention and was off a number somewhere. Anywho, I hope to be finished tomorrow, so I can start something else. I casted on for MY clapotis!!!

Pictures loaded later (so she says).


AJ said...

There's always that one, huh? *sigh* Makes me happy that I don't have to the whole sleepover thing, yet! :) Sounds like you guys had a blast though and that's really all that matters!

hope said...

Hi- just came to visit your site after you left such a nice comment at mine. I laughed at the slumber party description. It's so much fun having a girl. Does she knit yet? I wasn't knitting much when mine was young and I regret not teaching mine then. I'm a Harry Potter fan too. Can't wait.

I love the shawlette. Can't wait to see that too.