Thursday, April 12, 2007

Kite Festival - Cherry Blossom

The Cherry Blossom Festival is a big deal in Washington, D.C. and this year I decided to participate more, because the trees are really beautiful and there are lots of things to do for free with your family.

The Kite Festival was down on the Mall and it was awesome. It was a beautiful day to fly kites and have a picnic. Me and the kids went along with my husbands aunt. We had a ball. Of course these are the pictures she took, because i am a procrastinator and have not begun to take my pictures off of the camera. Well here they are.

First the Cherry Blossoms:

Kites any one?

Guess what building that is?????

Yup, you guessed it - the Washington Monument

Hey, look at the blossoms, kites and all the people!!!

That is my baby's kite (Stefon) soaring up the Monument (the big pencil).

Hey, have you read the Kite Runner, if not you should get it THE best book I have read in a long time. Just was a complete book. I say that because there is a scene in the book about Kite fighting. If you look at the pic closely, my son kite and another young man (loser) kite was entangled and they had a kite fight - who won did you say???? MY BABY cut his line - proud mama - yup. They had professional kite fights later, but we left by than.

And who can that be struggling to get the lady bug kite off the ground?

Yeah it's me, with my daughters kite!!!!

Okay, I will try to upload some pics of my daughters invitations we sent out for her sleepover. This is so fun, we are going to do a Mystery - sleepover. Cool Hah.
And I will tell you gals about my yarn shopping saga.

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