Saturday, August 21, 2010

College Boy is 21!!!

I am so excited!!! My beautiful baby boy is a grown arse man, but I still see him as my little baby. He turned 21 today and he is having a sleepover for his bday. Him and his friends are playing video games. I swear he is stuck at 16, which is okay as long as he is close by his momma - oh and not in the house at 35 writing his name on the OJ.

Sunday, August 01, 2010

I am so glad they hired you!! What? GTFOH!

This is what the receptionist told me Friday. She gets a big CHILD PUHLEASE!!

I so wish I blog when I am suppose to because there are so many stories to tell with layers and I hate when I don’t blog and something else happens.

Anywho let me tell you the story from the beginning.

Part 1: My arrival

I get to work and no one is there to open the door. For some reason on Monday’s the place is locked up like a fort after the weekend after that we can use our passcodes and get in. Well homegirl is the only one with a key. So we have to wait for her because she is the ONLY one with a key except other directors who of course don’t come to work that early.

Then when she does arrive we are all met (the five people who had to wait for her who were on time).

At the end of my first day I told my good girlfriends and husband that homie was gonna be a problem. I can just tell. I got that vibe from her straight off the top but whatever.

Part II: Hazing/Disrespect

I was given my telephone and office extension on day two, but yet did not have a voicemail set up and they had me hit the ground running on my first day so when people called me back they had to talk to her - the um, what is her title again, the um, RECEPTIONIST and leave messages with her. So, let me set the stage, I am on the phone conducting business with a potential employee and she enters my office and says - Do you know your extension? If not it is x25! All I could do at that point was give her evil stare down because 1. I am on the phone, 2. I am conducting business and I really don’t have time so I let it slide.


As, I told you before we have a passcode to get into our office, however, our doors are glass so if someone comes up that is not apart of the business she has the POWER to buzz you in and she uses her powers for her own good. Okay, so it’s my third day. I go to the bathroom and I come back and this hussy sees me struggling to put in the code so I knock on the glass and she rolls her eyes and lets me in. Mind you she is on the phone do you know she SIGHS loudly (must be a personal call) and says to me and she SUCKS HER TEETH - I mean do you know the passcode?

Urban: (sick and tired at this point) NO I do not. Do I have the code? Yes I do. Do I know it by heart? No I don’t. Will I know it by heart? One day AND TODAY IS NOT THE DAY!!

Ya’ll it took all of me not to curse her ass out this was my damn third day! Biatch puhlease. I am like are you serious. I had to go in my office and walk around in circles to stop from coming out there. It was the first day I had to closed my door for a minute because I know I can go there if you take me and I wasn’t trying to go there.

Part III: BFFs- we are bestest

I went to her the next day and said can we talk when you have a moment.

Idiot: Why? Um, okay.
Urban: Okay, so what are your policies for the front?
Idiot: Huh
Urban: You know - rules and regulations.
Idiot: (trying to play dumb or was she…..) What do you mean rules and regulations? I’m not understanding.
Urban: Well, when I use to be at the front I use to have policies and procedures or a way I wanted to conduct things.
Idiot: Ohhh that….

I couldn’t stop her from talking then. I knew it was a power issue with her but it was so stupid and do you know she told another coworker. I didn’t know about the new girl at first because we had a disagreement but she is cool now.

Um, what planet is she on? WE didn’t have a issue. YOU had an issue. But whatever.

Part III: I betta watch my back - I mean, I’m glad you were hired.

She now talks to me everyday (go me) and now when she coming towards the door, before I can put my passcode in she buzz me in. Go figure. While I was getting my mail she says…….

BFF: Can I tell you I am so happy you are here.
Urban: Oh really.
BFF: Yes. I gotta tell you though. I told someone that I wasn’t sure about the new girl.
Urban: (funny how she left out the part about the disagreement but whatever) Why?
BFF: You were so quiet. You just come in and work and I like that.
Urban: Oh okay thank you. I am glad I was hired for the position.

WHAT THE HELL WAS I SUPPOSE TO DO? People kill me with that. I didn’t say much because I was sitting back observing. Sorry, I don’t give my life story to everyone only my blog buddies and friends.

Ain’t that some crapola. Have ya’ll ever dealt with stuff like that. Crazy