Monday, September 25, 2006

Damn it - Sk8tegrl has killed me

I am a fallen sock warrior. I got to work this morning and checked my email and low and behold, I get a message from skategirl that I have been killed. Gee, I thought I would at least last another couple of days .

I would show you a picture of the socks, but I don't have them yet. When they arrive, I will post them and let you know if I died a horrible death, or went in my sleep. Either way, I will love my weapon of mass destruction.

Sk8tegrl YOU ROCK!!! Kill all them blimey bastards. Sock Warriors, you better watch out.

May the saga continue - SOCKWARS.


Hey, I got some new goodies from Knitpicks, but I didn't take a picture of them yet. I got the Scarfstyle book that I have been wanting for so very long!!! I also got some yarn to make the Ene's scarf (shawl) and a scarf for by bo who never request anything, but really like how the scarf looks. Can't wait. will send a pic soon.

Maryland Wine Festival

Hey, I was suppose to submit this last week and didn't get a chance to. I went to the MD wine festival and it was excellent. It was my first wine festival and me and my bo went with his aunt and her partner. We really enjoyed ourselves. Especially, observing people. The music was great, the food was excellent. I ate a MD lump crabcake for $7 that is unheard of and it was delicious with no fillers.

Okay, now the people observation. There are many people who can control their alcohol. By the time we left the festival people were wasted and the best part ---- There were MD highway patrol doing breatlizers on people and some were happy to say how high they scored as if they were taking the SAT, LSAT or GRE. A couple of frat guys got into a fight and I am like what the @#$%!!!

So, that was an experience and we can't wait to do it again. I think we are going to go to the big one they are going to have in October. What was also great about the outing is we made plans to go to the mountains as a group on the 29th. Back to Wintergreen and we can hit some wineries on the way; when me and my boyfriend went in July we past six or seven wineries.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Starsky Update

Finally, here is an update picture of the famous Starsky. Okay, so I am still working on the back, but I am very proud of myself for trying to do a sweater. This is the back and this is my first time doing cables so I am versy excited. I really have to have my son look at the camera because the lighting and everything is horrible. I really don't know what I am doing, if I use the flash it blinds the thing and the only way I can take it is with out the flash. So, I am hoping t get the back done this week or at least before Sock Wars start because I am a combatant and I want to be prepared when my orders arrive. I guess I should go and order my needles and I think I am going to order the book Scarf styles, I love the designs in there and I think it is worth it. I find that it is rare to find so many nice patterns in one place. Tell next time.

Ignorance on HIV and AIDS in 2006

I can't believe people are really still very ignorant about AIDS. There are still people out there who think they can tell if somone has it or not by their behavior and how they look.

My best friend who is a nurse, was talking with this guy (her husband cousin) and they were talking about how he is always chasing after women and she told him she hopes he is being careful and he stated, "yeah, I know if someone has AIDS or not" and she said, "oh, yeah, how?" This fool said, if a girl gives it up to him immediately than she has it and that if a woman is dirty than she has it. I am like WHAT is he stuck in the 80's. I mean with all the education and stuff out there it is amazing that this 30 something almost 40 year old male is so ignorant. He really believes he can tell!!!! You can't tell if someone is HIV positive, some may be able to tell if someone has full blown AIDS, but no one should be trying to guess. I am just going to leave this alone for now, but can you believe this?

Monday, September 11, 2006

Sock WARS!!!!

Yeah, it's time!!!!

I am so ready to fight. I can't wait to get my pattern so that I can begin to fight. I am so excited. I will do an update on the starsky soon. I am still on the back, the first piece - sigh! Oh well, I am hoping to get more completed by next week.