Tuesday, September 18, 2007

She's Alive!!

I miss you gals!!! I have been reading all the blog, just haven't had a chance to really write. Hopefully, I will be able to do a proper update.

Quickie -

Still knitting Starsky - doing two arm sleeves at the same time - harassed (paid 2 people for 2 skeins) - oh and found two skeins in the house.

Traded my Coach coupon for some Noro - not what I expected.

Hope to update properly later.


Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Drama: Starsky


I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and holiday!!! I had a wonderful weekend. Friday was awesome, I got my independent groove back! I went clubbing with the girls and we had a ball - I still got it ya'll!!! Saturday and Sunday we took the kids shopping for school supplies for the youngest two. Monday, me and the hubby went runny, cleaned the house and chilled.

Finally!! We finally agree on a paint color. So many colors and so little patients (mine). My husband is very fashionable, he has great taste (chile and smell good). Problem is so do I. Majority of the time we see eye to eye and than there are just times when I am right (always). We agreed to go with a green for the majority of the house - we got a sample and will be putting it on the wall. We will see how we feel about the color by the end of the week - I already think I want a different color and the damn color is not on the wall. The color we chose you ask -Swampwater. Yup, you heard/read it - Swampwater. Where do they get these names from? Who had to get in the damn water or that close? The color I have is a green and does not look dirty enough to be the color of swamp water at least I don't think so. Then again, I haven't really tried to compare it.

Now for what you come here for the knitting. Well, I am ready to pull my damn hair out. Here I am trying to be loyal to Starsky - even though I have cheated twice, three, hell four times. Damn, I did get her a gift. I started using pretty stitch markers to make up for it, but that was not good enough. So, I talked to her and told her I would remain faithful this time and she said how could she believe me. Well I did eye Ene's, but I didn't put my hands on her (she threaten to unravel or make me lose my place in the pattern again). So, Friday I run and grab my almost finished right front and figured I would finish on the train/bus ride to and fro work and the little one's school. Well, I could NOT find my yarn, WTF, I start panicking but said, you really need to clean up your stash and it is probably in here somewhere. Get home and I cried and searched and found ONE skein. Now, I am panicking, I am on Ravelry begging people to buy there yarn. Why didn't I go back to my supplier you ask? I tried, called Knitpicks and found out they discontinued the yarn a month ago (I bought the yarn last Aug/Sept). I thought I ordered enough, I don't know if I lost it while moving or what. Anyway, I have two people on Ravelry sending me yarn and I will see where that takes me. I hope the two that is coming and the one I have will be enough.

The saga continues.......