Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Ignorance on HIV and AIDS in 2006

I can't believe people are really still very ignorant about AIDS. There are still people out there who think they can tell if somone has it or not by their behavior and how they look.

My best friend who is a nurse, was talking with this guy (her husband cousin) and they were talking about how he is always chasing after women and she told him she hopes he is being careful and he stated, "yeah, I know if someone has AIDS or not" and she said, "oh, yeah, how?" This fool said, if a girl gives it up to him immediately than she has it and that if a woman is dirty than she has it. I am like WHAT is he stuck in the 80's. I mean with all the education and stuff out there it is amazing that this 30 something almost 40 year old male is so ignorant. He really believes he can tell!!!! You can't tell if someone is HIV positive, some may be able to tell if someone has full blown AIDS, but no one should be trying to guess. I am just going to leave this alone for now, but can you believe this?

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