Friday, April 13, 2007

Will the real Sherry J please step up!!

A friend emailed me and told me about this excellent sell that was going on and that luxury yarn was on sell for 1/2 price or more. So, I went online looked at the yarn and it was selling out very fast. I have been looking to buy the Lorna Lace Lions and Lamb yarn for the clapotis, but it would cost me like 120 to make and I was just breaking down and about to buy it when low and behold this comes up and guess what they had it for about 11 dollars a skein. Can someone say SCORE!!! so, what's a woman to do, but buy it. I ordered the LL Lions and Lamb (new clapotis), Rowan Cashsoft (2 bandeau - me and the daughter), and some Lorna Lace sock yarn (daughter - I wuv their sock yarn).

The place is in Northern Virginia so I figured I should receive the package at the two days - NOT. Well, that didn't happen. I received a email from someone with the same name as mine, so I thought the message was pirated and didn't open it for a while. Than I saw in the memo that it reference the knitting package. I opened the email and saw that they sent my package to her in NYC. To make a long story short, this kind woman with the same names as mine (since I have not changed my last name on my cards yet) sent me my stuff right away.

I have not scrapbooked in years, but I felt like I should send her a Thank you card, for sending it to me and guess what. It kicked started a lot of projects (and unfinished projects).

Here is the card:

I know it looks cheesy, but I am proud of myself because I made it myself and I made it for someone else (hey, I am selfish and I know it). So, with doing that. It kicked off these beauties ....

My daughter is having a slumber party and I made different ones and I personalized them for each girl so that they all have a different one. We are going to do a Murder Mystery.

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a said...

I thought that the card was cute and thoughtful.

I got married and never changed my name. Born with it and will die with it.

Glad the package made it back!