Friday, May 11, 2007

Drop it's like it's hot, Drop it like it's hot!!!!


Guess whose been dropping it like its hot???? Me!!! The best part of doing the clapotis is dropping the stitches and I am loving it. I have dropped two so far and I LUV it. I am still not feeling the colors, but now that the stitch is dropped it makes the scarf looks different. We will see. Here is another skein of Lorna Lace that I will have to wind soon because I am almost through with the first one. Here's the pictures of Miss Clappy #3 (sorry for the messy desk - a sistah gotta work!)

1 comment:

Mozilla said...

hahaha I love the title! So true for the clapotis. It is those dropped stitches that make it all worth it!