Friday, June 15, 2007

Me, me and oh yeah me!!!

Knitting Help Summer Swap

Let me tell you, the gift was worth the wait. My yarn swapper sent me a package and I asked my DH to pick it up for me. So, he calls me at work and tells me he got the package and will bring it home (after he was suppose to pick it up a couple days a go and he didn't). Anyway, he brings it home and I meet him at the door excited - HELLO - present for me (oh hubby too, gotta love him). Well, I get upstairs prepare to open it and I look at the box and am like, ummm something is not right. So, I open it and it is some medicine - not for me but for someone else. So, of course I am yelling at hubby (slow ass) and am like the post office is closed and now I have to wait another day - ARE YOU SERIOUS!!!

Well, hubby didn't want to disappoint again (um, I can be a bitch, pouty, a little spoiled), so he picked me up from the subway and we smoked it to the post office and they gave me the package MY package, and I opened the damn thing right there! I was floored, spoiled pretty damn good!!! Of course I don't have pictures. I did try, but the pictures didn't come out right, so I will take better ones and upload them next week (Mother Nature did destroy my modem for the internet, so I am trying, but until then) when I get to work.

Let me see she gave me so much: Rowan Tapestry, Rowan DK, Mbalgrio, Knitpick and Ghriardelli (2 Bags!!!) and a nice note. I love all the yarn!!! I can't wait to use them all, I am already thinking 2 scarves and my daughter wants the Knitpicks (I have to look for a pattern).

Personal shout out to my swapper for making me feel special. I am always the one who do for other's so it's nice to have someone do for me!!! Especially since I was in a swap and my person did not come through and I didn't receive a angel even though I told my group leader. So again, thanks Summer Swapper - Yarn XOXO ( I know your in the CHI from the address).

Oh in other swap news, I must say this. People you reep what you sow and also Karma is a muthaflucker!!! I hear people whine about how they are in swaps and there person complain about them or they this and that, and yet do the same thing. Treat people like you want to be treated!!

NEXT!! (said like the Soup Nazi on Seinfeld)


I am moving right along, I have loved this pattern when I first saw this and thought it would be too hard for me, well a sister is doing the damn thing (if I may say so myself). Take a look. It's for my 13 year old daughter who love blue, so I think she will like this.

Have a great weekend, sorry for the typos or grammatical errors, I will correct them later. Oh and for knitters in the DC, MD and Northern VA area StitchDC is celebrating it's 3 year anniversary and they are having a sale 15-60% off everything in the store.

Peace!! (said like Pam on Martin - dang I miss that show)


Adrienne said...

Its looking great!!!

Judy said...

Thanks for the comment on my Hawaii pics. Hey, your sock looks great, I love the color. Aloha! (We leave today - - so sad!)

Joslyn H. said...

Thanks for the comment on my monkey socks. No, they were'nt hard at all (tee hee). I was really surprised. You are doing a beautiful job on the Pomatomous socks and that color is so pretty.

Kimberly said...

You receieved some extremely nice items. I'm always excited about Rowan.

Your sock is looking really good.

Virtuous said...

YEAHH!!!! For you on at your great goodies!!

Oooh! I have been LUSTING for some Malabrigo yarn!!

But I COMPLETELY agree with you about complaining SPs "Do unto others as you would want them to do unto you" AND let me add an amendment to it "Just b/c your SP sucks doesn't mean you have to have to suck as a SP to your spoilee"......

Girl stay tuned! ;o)

Busy Mom said...

thanks for your nice comment on my blog. I like the socks pattern, it looks like a waves and shells combination (my personal opinion). Where did you get the pattern from?
Personally i never tried to knit socks (it seems so difficult to me)

Busy Mom said...

I found the pattern, on Yuhuuuu!