Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Leaving Kids at School is not a good look!

Okay, so after I posted about the job fair, my celly rings, I normally don't answer #'s I don't know, but it was a local, so I answered.

Me: Hello
Caller: Ma, can you pick me up
Me: Stefon - why do I need to pick you up.
Stefon: Because it is a half-day.
Me: SHIT, I am on my way.

My husband started a new job, so I didn't want to call him. Thank goodness, my job is not that far. Cab/Car - 10 - 15 minutes. Bus - 30. So, I caught a cab. Get there scoop him up and since it is not rush hour. I see the bus coming.

Me: Come on Stefon, run. Let's catch this bus, you know we will have to wait a minute if we miss it.
Stefon: Come on Ma run. Psst, you are so slow.
Me: Just run I will get there.

I see his book slidding out his hand. I am behind him.
Me: Don't stop running I WILL GET THE BOOK.
Stefon: Stops, and pick the book up.

Of course we miss the bus. I am irritated (I know its not his fault).

Stefon: Shooottt. I was not going to leave MY book down there, you know how long it took you and daddy to give me money to buy that book. I was not waiting a hundred days again.

Stefon: Ma
Me: What?
Stefon: So, when does the next bus come?

If I could choke him I would! Any other damn time his ass don't want to read. Oh and the older people on the bus was so touched with his reading. "He is going to be so smart", "He's not being forced to read or anything" "Normally they are playing video games." TRUST, if he had a choice he would be too, but he don't.

Dang, I was going to treat myself to some Sushi or a Rueben for lunch - now, I am eating a candy bar, potato chips and a dang soda.


Pajnstl said...

CTFU @ waiting 100 days!! Stefon is too much! lol

Anonymous said...

That sounds like my kind of lunch. ;-)