Monday, December 10, 2007

It's over!! I am done!

Dear Starsky,

It's a wrap!! I can't take it no more. I have to let you go. I would have told you privately, but since you put my business out in an earlier post, I am putting yours out there!

Look-a-here, Miss Thing, your ass is too big, and bulky and I am not feeling you right now. I know you don't understand because I completed you this weekend, danced and took compliments from my husband and kids. Blocked you, seamed you, put you on and than started the collar. Yes, you brought a smile to my face because I completed you (except for the collar), however, your just not my type. You are just too bulky, and big. I know I told you I would give you to Ma Dukes, but you saw her skinny ass, she lost weight, she is smaller than me (this should not be allowed AND she got a big kadonkadonk - WTF!). In other words your short!

So, I am going to take you apart and maybe make you into a lapghan or something. I do love your stitch pattern - the banana tree pattern is fierce (just not on me). But, I am trying to lose weight and your big ass adds 10 pounds on me. I should have knit you as a small and not a large, but I was a new knitter and I followed the damn directions - and forgot about the 8 inch ease. PEACE!!


Okay back to reality. In all honesty I am glad I made Starsky, I experienced a lot of firsts. My first cable project, sweater, seaming (I seamed before, but not this much or a arm sleeve), pick up stitches for a collar, shaping. The whole nine. but, it was just too freaking big! I can do bulky as long as it is fitted bulky.

I should have ripped this sweater out a long time ago but I was in love with the banana stitch, it is so pretty. I loved the sweater until I started doing the arms and saw how big it was becoming, but I pressed on because i wanted to complete this project and I figured, maybe it won't be so big. I also kept going because I ran out of yarn and ordered yarn from three different Ravellers, so I figured I had no choice but to complete it, since I went through all the trouble. So, once I seamed everything and my husband said, wow that looks nice, I just knew I had to complete it - he finally gets why I do this thing called knitting!! So, I kept going and all I had to do was knit the collar, I picked up 285 stitches and knitted the third row and than realized something. My name is URBANKNITRIX and um, this is my MOTHERFLUCKING KNIT WORLD and I can do whatever the hell I want. Love the fam, but freakem this shit is coming DOWN!! My husband asked me yesterday after I had college boy take some pictures, why are you taking it apart it looks nice (he was either tired yesterday or wanted some - bless his little soul). I said, well, I don't like it and it will be a throw one day!!!

In the words of the Soup Nazi - NEXT!!!

In memory (proof) of Starsky - Here are pictures - while you look at the pictures make sure you have Boys II Men singing in the background - It's so hard to say goodbye............

P.S. Don't mind the greens on the wall - remember when Starsky ratted me out by talking about my green wall - well we still have not made a decision - it looks like 1 or 2 colors but it is actually about 6.


Beta said...

OMG!!! The drama! I can't believe you're that strong. That Starsky does show off some of your best work. But I understand the feeling about just not being into the finished product. Are you going to use the existing pieces of the sweater to make the lapghan?

Virtuous said...

LOL!! Gurl you are a mess!
I do love that banana tree and see why you were in a trance to keep going!

The body actually doesn't look bad at all. Just the sleeves are too big. But I am sure you mind is made up.

Gurl you were a good one to pick up over 200 stitches and get 3 rows in...I so would have stopped long ago! Haha!

Nice work!! :oD And like AK's new CD - you got some great lessons learned!

urbanknitrix said...

@ Beta - she is going down!!! All the way down, I am taking her apart and will start from scratch.

@ Crimson - I know right 285 stitches, I should have listen to myself when I got to the arms and quit then, that way I would not have to buy yarn from others. Oh well, you live and you learn.