Sunday, February 03, 2008

What have I been up to?

1. Daughter - Anger Management faints on subway train - her dad went to get his baby and I followed suit. We took her to Kaiser, and they really didn't say much - she needs to eat before leaving and going to school and we need to give her a multivitamin since she has started her mensy.

2. Almost get beat up by a crazy person on Metro

3. Anger Management meets us on the second landing when we get home to say, Mom let me tell you what your son did, I said dang, didn't we just get in the house. Well, I just wanted you to know that he cut a hole in the back of his new long johns. Look at Mr. Stefon and ask him why - and he said he was bored.....

4. Anger Management gets sick this week and didn't go to school for three days (maybe that's why she fainted - who knows).

5. Now I feel sick, call Kaiser they have me come in - take blood, wait and see.

6. Husband ring, diamond came out - thank goodness for insurance. Go to take his ring in and get mines clean and they say, oh we have to send your ring in too, one of your diamonds are loose. Great.

7. College boy calls us 30 minutes before superbowl to ask us to come and get him - WHAT - today is the superbowl, get it together!

8. Me & husband go out to spend time together, and when we get back we drive up to the gate putting in the code and I say honey, why is our front door open, he says what, I said, I just saw Mr. Stefon in the front door, he just closed it. We open the garage, park, go in and asked him what was his problem and he says - huh, you heard me, oh, I wanted to go outside. WHAT, who gave you permission? Nobody, but I had nothing to do. Yeah okay. I'll just say, dad took care of him. Anger Management said she thought he was downstairs playing video games. Why is this boy at 9, starting to act like he's 2. All I am going to say, if he was first, he would be an only child.

9. Now follow this. My godson, girlfriend mother was shot in the head and killed by her boyfriend and than he killed himself. She had 6 kids and the last was only a couple months old. WTF. I don't get it, he took the mother of his kids from them. I didn't know the mother, but I feel for the children.

10. Knitting? What's that. I wouldn't know, I haven't knit much in the past two weeks, I hope that changes, so that it can bring my stress level down. I think I will take some time off of work soon - oh and I still have not heard anything from Catholic University, so I am really bummed.

Excuse misspelled words and grammar, I wanted to get a post out, while I could.


11. Ugh.


Lisa said...

Girl, you sound like you need a drink and a hug. Here's the (((HUG))) - I pray this week will be better!

CiCi and CAJtalk said...

Whewwww that was a lot.let's take a deep breath together.. here I thought I was having problems... I had minor fender bender yesterday and now I know that things could always be worst than they are... Breathe.... Knowing that the sun will shine again...*0_0*

Beta said...

PLEASE tell me you're feeling better today!

NikkiJ said...

Just hold on. You'll get through, you know you will. It sucks we gotta be strong all the time. You know it's the devil when all these little be-be gun bullets hit you. That mess hurts. Girl, brush your shoulders off.

Christie said...

Sorry to hear about all the drama! If it helps, I awarded you with the YaMMeD award. I hope that's the start of better days!

Pajnstl said...

whoo chile! You have been having a TIME over there.

hope this week is better for you!