Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Conversations with Urb

Stranger/Friend - WHO KNOWS

On the bus to take Mr.Stefon to school, we were about to get off the bus:

S/F/whoever - Urban?
Me - Yes.
SFW - Hey girl, I thought that was you, I have not seen you in a long time.
Me - I know right. How have you been?
SFW - Fine and you.
Me - Girl, on my way to work and drop him off. Have a good one!!
SFW - You too.

Mr. Stefon - Mommy who was that?
Me - I have no idea.
Mr. Stefon - But she knew you and you were talking to her.
Me - Shish!! Why are you talking so loud.

I have been caught before doing this shit. I always run into people and I feel bad that people remember me and I do not remember them so I talk to them anyway praying they keep it moving.

Well - Once I was in the Giants Food and this girl kept talking to me and I did the same thing, we go through the whole spill and then she says -

Girly - You do not remember me do you?
Me - Nope, have no clue.
Girly - She insisted on going down Memory Lane and I STILL could not remember so I got tired and was like OOOOHHH I remember you now.

My gf can't stand it because we all been friends since we were 13/14 and she tries to get me to remember people and I am like LOOK - why must we go through this, if they were not a strong sidekick I will not remember. Do she stop? Nope and then she will say Hell, the next time I come over I will bring the yearbook - yeah - okay.

Different Girlfriend and Me - email

GF - Hey, I am going to schedule us to have a Brazilian wax. What day do you want to go?
Me - Pump your breaks, when did us say we were doing that.
GF - Stop crying and let's go. Man up!
Me - Um, I am going to let you handle your business yourself.
GF - Why can't you be a supportive friend and go with me and go first, so if there is pain or whatever I won't do it.
Me - WTF. Um, I will be supportive and go and laugh at your ass. And take before and after pictures of your face. GTFOOH!!

Oh and I started a oldie but goodie knitting project. It has been resurrected and I hope to show a picture tomorrow. More conversations to come, I do not know why people tell me stuff, but they do.


Anonymous said...

This happens to my DH all the time. I end up saying "you don't know who that is, do you?" He can't remember names for anything.

I'm not too much better; you have to be really beautiful or really ugly if I only meet you once. lol.

Lisa said...

Ah yes, this sounds very familiar. I think something happened when I fell down that flight of stairs and cracked my head... most of the time I can't remember names, or where I know some people from and they are always such nice people coming up and calling me by name and all. I just can't bring myself to ask "Um, who are you again?"

I can remember the name of the punk who ticked me off in kindergarten tho.

Kamika said...

Girl, this is me too! Folks always talking to me and trying to get a hug. I just ask em who they are. No sense in wasting more time than necessary. Tell me how the Brazilian wax goes (I know you're going). I've been thinking about it but I want someone else to man up first. LOL

gold said...

That happen to me too!I just keep talking to them like I remember them.After they leave I be racking my brain trying to figure out who in the heck was that!

Susan said...

I actually dated a guy and forgot about it. He saw me at a club and I just smiled and kept on stepping. He started talking to me outside and it was all good until he told me that we use to date and he could tell I didn't recognize him. I had been walking right past him at the clubs for months completely oblivious! Hey - they can't be that great if they're soooo forgetable.