Friday, August 10, 2007


I didn't think the weekend would get here!!! I hope everyone have a wonderful weekend!!!

Do anyone have any plans? Me, I hope to knit and get this sock off my back. But, I doubt it. At lunch time I tried to knit two rows and had to frog them because I made a mistake - dang it!! Oh well, I should of just read Harry (which I will do on the way home). Maybe load my stash on Ravelry.

Anywho, do you and have big fun!!!

Peace & Blessings


PAJNSTL said...

I don't have any plans this weekend! But I'm so excited about THAT! LOL Have a good one!

Christie said...

No plans really, so that means I'll be knitting quite a bit!

Virtuous said...

Yes it is here!!

I didn't have any plans but I see there are some things that are poppin' up on my Saturday that I don't mind at all!

A cookout and then to a white party!

As far as knitting I hope I buckle down and at least do it! It has been 5 whole days since I have done anything!!!! I guess I just needed a break :op