Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Guess who has an 18 year old son???? Yup me!!! I can not believe it. I love him dearly. He is so handsome and he is such a sweet boy. My baby - can you tell. I realized today - starting Monday, I will have 1 kid in College, 1 in the 8th grade and 1 in the 4th grade. WOW!!! My babies!!!

Okay, well I got to run. We are taking him out to eat.

Knit Status
Sock - put it down, not SSS - will explain tomorrow
Starsky - picked back up, completed left front
Ene's Scarf - completed first row

Harry Potter - finished this weekend.

Let's keep it moving


Virtuous said...

Wow! You have a child in each stage of life!!

Congrats on another adult raised!

Keep it moviing Gurl! :oD

PAJNSTL said...


They aren't babies anymore! LOL

have fun at dinner!