Tuesday, August 07, 2007

I am alive


I missed blogging, but life called and I had to reenter the real world, you know, kids, husband, work, and bills (damn it). I made a pact with myself that I would not blog at work, can you believe that!! That means I will have to work, hell who would of thunk that. Sike, bossman (just in case your reading). My knitting was taking over my world and something had to give. However, something knitty did happen to me this past week - Friday to be exact.
Yup. I am a member..... Really.....I am. But, guess what. I don't have too much to say. I love the layout, nice and clean; and the fact that your blog/flickr and all that jazz. That is neat, I must say and you can IM as well. um yeah. NEXT.
Clapotis #3 Ug-i-lee or Pretty?
I am happy it took me awhile to write about the Ugilee Clapotis. I really didn't like it at first. But now that time has gone by I likey!!! I thought that the colors were off and that I would only be able to wear it during the winter with my white coat. But guess what? I like it alot (Britsh Accent please!!) Love it. Lorna Lace Lions & Lambs was well worth it!!! Especially since I got it half off. Without further ado - I now present to you Pretty Clapotis formally Ugilee Clapotis.

Summer Swapper Knitalong with Knittinghelp.

My secret pal was papergirl and she was fun to chat it up with. So, the second part of the swap was to knit something for our partner and I decided to knit something that I never knit before. Here is the set. The pattern called for Rowan DK Handknit yarn 100% cotton. My partner said she wanted orange and boy did she get what she asked for. However, this yarn was really harsh to the hands, but once it was knit up, it was pretty soft.

Okay, peeps. I am sorry for the misspelled words and runon sentence and all the other bad grammar. But it has been so long since I had FO. Blog with yah tomorrow (hopefully)!!


PAJNSTL said...

Welcome back! dontcha just hate it when you have to do work at work! LOL

clapotis is really cute... I like the colors

Beta said...

I couldn't not comment. AWESOME clapotis!!! Beautiful job. But...um, are those pics taken in the lovely ladies room? hahaha. that's me laughing at you a little bit.

and about ravelry - how the hell did you get your invite first. Didn't I tell you to sign up for it? After I did? Why am I still on the waiting list? To me, the magic of ravelry is discovered when you start to research a pattern or concept: which yarns, what colors look best, how it fits different people, etc. Of course, I only know this by mooching off my friend's account since i'm still on the waiting list. Lucky you :)

Christie said...

I like the Clapotis! The colors looks great.

Adrienne said...


Virtuous said...


As you can see I added you as a friend on Ravelry I get in on Tuesday.

I am just blown away at how high tech it is! You add stuff and don't even really have to think to hard about it! What I really love about it is that I can reach other people doing the same projects I am doing or plan to do!

Wonderful job on the Clapotis!!!! How in the world did you get Lorna's Laces half off?!? Was this a hard knit?? I have been thinking about it....how many skeins did you use??

Okay on your swapper set you gifted I it is a 3 piece and I see the eye mask (too cute), the bag, and is that a matching washcloth??
Where did you get the patterns for those?? TOO CUTE!!

SEE you should be gone too long or I have tons of questions!!!! LOL

Welcome Back Girl!! :oD