Monday, April 14, 2008

Life - Making decisions, falling down stairs and some more

Where do I begin? Do, I start off with me thinking I was at the bottom of the stairs and was not, which led to me falling on my 33 year old knees! Oh and with Mr. Stefon behind me, which will not let me live it down. He told my husband once they knew I was okay and we were in the car to be taken to school and work - oh, the way you were laying there - I thought you were dead. I did not hurt any thing, except my ego (next time I will turn the light on).

Next, unrelated to me falling down the steps, my back was acting up last week. Literally could not move, I have never experienced back pain like that. Why me? Why now? Damn. But, hot pads and my husband made me feel better, except when he tried to give me a massage and damn near killed me, but he was trying to help. I had to let him know that the insurance policy is not that big to bring a young girl in here to take care of Mr. Stefon and Angermgmt will run her away (I think, don't know about that girl, she might just be happy). I know my sweetie College boy will look after me - I so love him, he is 18 and cute as the devil and when he came in the house Sunday, he came upstairs gave me a hug and kiss and told me he missed me this weekend - boy I wish I could bottle him up. I want so much for him - too mushy I know, so moving on.

Then, I finally made a big decision. I am now taking classes to get a Human Resource Management Certificate than a HRM Graduate Degree from Uni.versity. Why? Well, CU has been getting on my last nerves. Originally I was suppose to start this past January, but they said they didn't receive my application fee (I paid using their online system - update your shit). So, once I told them that, they checked, apologized and then said they didn't have my transcripts. WHAT?!? So, I called my undergrad and they had it documented on when they sent and who they sent it to. Ha. Somebodies lying.... So, I call Ca.tholic back and they said
maybe another department received it and blah, blah. Guess what? Yeah they did (I swear, I hope they don't lose the like this, it will be an international incident!!). Long story short, I have decided to get my certificate from Cornell University. I will take it online and after completion I will have a certificate that states it is from Cornell NOT ecornell which looks like it is online (even though it is - you know some people look at it differently.) Anyway, I am happy with this decision. I know I want a graduate degree, but now I can get it with what I really want and it might just be HRM, but we will see. Oh and as I thought this crap was to a close, I got an email from CU telling me that they will all meet this week and let me know if I need to come in for an interview or if I will be waived (shit I graduated Cum Laude and you want me to interview? Fudge you). So, I will like to take the time out to give them THANKS, because I would never have looked for an alternative if they were not pussy footing as the old folks says and make a decision on my own. I started class last week and I love it so far. Best part, it is a helluva lot cheaper!

Knitting - last as usual. I keep making mistakes with the freaking socks, I don't know why, but my count keep being off and I have restarted, like 3 freaking times, so that shit is in time out and I don't know when it is coming back out. However, I did start a new project and that could be the real problem. I love it so much. I am making my daughter the shrug, although, I had to unravel 2 inches because of a mistake, but it didn't bother me too much. You know how it is when you like something.

Hold up, one more thing. I have tulips in my yard ya'll and I am HAPPY!! Can you tell? Guess what I am not the only one happy. Why one of my neighbors is cutting my damn tulips!!! What the Fuck! Who does that? My husband said - babe, why did someone pull one of the tulips out the ground (they left it in the yard, bulb and all), them kids get on my damn nerves. So, I go and take an inspection. Um, dear heart, lets not blame the kids so fast. he said why. I said look at the damn plant, besides the one someone cruelly pulled out the ground, they cut two of them. I said look at the straight line across, kids didn't do that. A grown ass adult did that shit and they must of did it when they saw our ass leave. Ain't that some shit? Let me catch there ass.


Boutique Mix Fashion said...

LOL!!! you're very busy :-) good luck with classes!!!!

Pajnstl said...

theres a thief among us... lol i know you're on the case though.

and ummm i needyou be more careful on those stairs, goodness lol
congrats on school!

Virtuous said...

Ooh I hope you back is feeling better!

And college boy should be bottled up somewhere! He is going to make a great future hubby! Mmmhh 33-18=.....too dang young for CrimsonPurl! ROTFL!!

LOL @ losing the Pope! So glad you got it all straightened out! And I must say it again how proud I am of you making these great moves! Didn't realize classes already started at Cornell! Wow! Glad you are enjoying them!

gold said...

Wow hope your back is feeling better!
That shrug you making for your dd is going to be cute.
Congrats at starting college!!

Sheila said...

Hope your back & knees are better and Congrats on starting school. Oh I thought I was the only one with a darn thief among us... During easter holiday I put out large faux easter eggs - all glittery & purrty. Returned home from work and was minus 4

Thanks for the lovely compliment on my dress, hope to have pics of it by the end of the week.

Anonymous said...

Someone cut your flowers? WTH??

Glad the school thing is working out for you & that you're knitting something you love.