Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Life in review over the past two weeks

Gone, baby gone
The Assassination of Jesse James
I am Legend - again (damn Will - I need some water or a fan - good Lord)
No Country for Old Men (I do not know why it won anything at ALL - if it was between this garbage and American Gangster? They should have won hands down!)
I Left (or Buried) My Heart at Wounded Knee
The King and I (the old one of course)

The Secret Life of Bees
Anna Karenina (will be reading for the next 20 years)

CPH - haven't had a chance, been reading, I need to do the arms.
Pomatomous - have been knitting the second sock, slowly.
Looking at new patterns - tried one, and me no likey

Everyone went to the dentist over the last two weeks (thank goodness the kids and husband dentist is open on Saturdays and the evening - I go closer to work).
Spring Break has come and gone.
My mother is moving back up here from Georgia - I feel like Jerry when he was talking about his parents moving back to NYC from Florida, if George parents moved down - I need the cushion damn it!
Another job fair - 2 - I really must be losing it.

Michael Jackson CD - let me just tell you, I too use to be a big fan and use to have one of the hugest crush. My godsister had him all over the place and her cousin Tony was worst, she had him on every inch of her wall, door and ceiling. I use to be so jealous her mom let her do that, because my mother was not having it at all! My gf told me they released a new cd with the old songs, plus some new songs with Fergie, Will.I.am and Kanye and I told her I was not getting it.

How/why did I get it. The computer in the house is in the living room where we can monitor them and I noticed Anger Management on Youtube watching Thriller and on another night I watched Stefon watching Beat it (and Eat it - remember that with Weird Al?) and Jackson Five cartoons.

I bought it up jokingly to the husband that the kids was watching Michael and that he had a new CD and he acted like a kid and was like really - why didn't you tell me, I didn't know he re-released it, we should get it.

We bought the CD - and guess who has been jamming to it? ME, let me just tell you they can have the new trash added to the CD - I only listen to the first half which is the original and so does the kids, they do not like the new ish. When I told College boy we had the CD he asked could he burn it on his laptop - go figure, another generation bites the dust. I feel like a little kid again, I forgot about all those songs.

So now when we get in the car Mr. Stefon wants to hear Billie Jean or Thriller and I don't care as long as I get to hear PYT!


Two Cables and a Frapp said...

Cute post. Thank you for updating us on your life happenings. Mine have been pretty mundane lately. I needed that.

NikkiJ said...

I had the poster with him in the yellow fest and white pants with his long sleeves rolled up. Oooo he WAS so cute.

Christie said...

Yeah. Why Will.I.Am? Oh well, somethings can't be helped.

Virtuous said...

Now that is what I call an update!

And you are a PYT!! ;oD

Pajnstl said...

Thanks for the update! I love willard in Legend

Anonymous said...

I completely feel you on Will Smith...if I miss the first 10 minutes of I, Robot, I don't bother with the rest of the movie because I've already missed the NAKED BUTT IN THE SHOWER scene. Wooooooooo.