Friday, April 25, 2008

Acceptance, Tulip robbersand some more

Hey blogging family. Guess what this is?

In case you didn't get it. That is my acceptance letter from Cat.holic Uni.versity Graduate School!! Yes, they would accept me AFTER I have decided NOT to go any more. But it is always good to know somebody wants you, that you are worthy enough. Now I am back to the drawing board of do I want to go or not, it was easy to make the decision when I figured they were taking too long and since they didn't want me, I didn't want them. But now I am like, ha, do I want it? Buggers. At least it is a good diliemna to be in and I have until August to make a decision.

Tulip robbers.

People, I have these special tulips that are different than the others. The old homeowner planted them, I don't know what they are called but they are so dainty and beautiful. They bloomed Monday and they are sooooooo pretty. When the husband and I pulled into the driveway yesterday they were blowing in the wind with all the other beautiful tulips yellow, red and some red/yellow just gorgeous (I know I need to take pics before they blow off). Once we got in the house, I remembered I was waiting for my refill meds, and I went to the mailbox to check to see if it was in. I open the door and what do I see? Not three beautiful tulips, but one! What the hell happened to the other two?!?! WE just came in the freakin house!! After I came from the mailbox, I looked at it and realized that the other flowers behind it were cut too! Thank Goodness my rose bushes are in the BACKYARD!! Dilemma, my lilies will bloom soon. ASSWIPEs, if I catch a grown ass adult doing this IT WILL BE SO ON. What do I do? I go in the house get the scissors and cut the last one, so that I can enjoy her, hell if other's are beautifying their home, I might as well too! I just didn't want to do it yet, so the seedlings can drop and I can enjoy next year. FUCKERS!!

I love these shoes - look at one of my new babies for the summer. I love them because of the heels. Walk it out!! Have a great weekend ladies (gents?)


Nik said...

Girl, what size shoe is that?
Looks like my size to me. :D

Pajnstl said...

congrats on your acceptance! Beautiful flowers.

Virtuous said...

Very good dilemma to be in!

Ur uh your shoes are HAWT!! Where did you get them from woman?!?!

AND cute Avi!! ;o)

Good to see your font woman!

Anonymous said...

If my DH found cut flowers in our yard, I really think he'd try to hurt somebody (he's serious about his flowers, lol). That is crazy! I hope you catch the thief red-handed & pull out a can of whoop-azz.

Sheila said...

Congrats! People need to stop their shyt... cutting other peoples flowers. We are avid planters and marvel at our handy work, and have a sign in our flower bed, "How Fast Can You Run" with a pic of 2

Lisa said...

Wth?? Don't they have their own blinking flowers????? Sheesh! You should get a cheapie spycam or something and position it to catch that creep in the act!
As for those shoes - I LURVE them!! Veray sexay!

KnitFloozy said...

now you know you need to see these shoes to me!!! i have a suit they go with right now!!!