Thursday, April 17, 2008

Expulsion, Suspension and then some

I hear what everyone has to say in reference to picking up the young lady, but I would not. Don't get me wrong, I would not want any harm to come to her. However, she did not get help by getting picked up, which mean she will do it again. Her parents need to rectify this problem, and what if something happened once she was in my car. If it was my child and you got the phone call, tell your child no, or do it and knock on my door. My friend, the mother has a problem with authority herself and that is the reason she didn't do anything. And that is also the reason why she has issues with her sons. See, I believe that you don't have to be your children best bud. That is why so many kids are out of sorts today. Too many parents want to be friends and not chastise their kids. Children need discipline and that does not mean that you have to go upside their heads, but they do need to know that with every action there is a reaction - choice/consequence.

I get a call from the same friend last week.

Friend: I am so sick and tired of these kids.
Me: Why? What's wrong.
Friend: I am on my way to the youngest school (he is in the 10th or 11th grade). They are talking abut Expelling him from school.
Me: What!! What is going on?
Friend: He went off campus for lunch (not allowed), and when he came back in the security officer smelled weed on him and he said it was so strong he could not let it go. So, I am on my way now.

They had to wait for the Police to come and weigh the drugs to see if it would be distribution, plus he had $120 dollars on him. It was not distribution, because it didn't weigh much. He had money on him because he works. Plus the police said he would have a lot of $10 on him not $20. Whatever, that means.

Later on that night, I am talking to her on the phone and she told me she told him to write a essay. While were talking I hear him and his brother (who is suspended for 10 days for being disrespectful with a teacher) laughing it up, and I am like is that him and she goes on this rant with him. Boy, you should have your head down in shame, I can't believe you. He said to her, for what, I am not going to walk with my head down and feel shame. Okay, I got in trouble and I will fix it. YOU JUST MAKE SURE YOU GET MY PAPERS ON MONDAY, SO I CAN DO MY WORK. He did not yell this, I just had to put this in caps. Do you know, all she said when she walked away was I hate my kids.

He has not been officially expelled from school. They have to go to a hearing, but in the meantime, he has been going to see a counselor (where he is drug tested weekly), still working, playing in a go-go band and hanging out.

I try and talk to her, she knows it a problem. But I asked her how can you deal with the blatant disrespect. I just don't get it and she told me I was right, I mean we were having this conversation after she told me she went to get his school work, the one he told her she better get. I mean come on.

The reason why I say she has a problem with authority, is because she will talk about the faults of the teachers and everyone else. And I have told her for years that you can't talk bad about the teachers in front of them, no matter how dumb you think the rule is, a rule is a rule. Hell you follow them and your an adult, they need to know that they have to follow them too.

I don't know what else to say. Oh and by the way I got another call yesterday the oldest just got suspended again for being disrespectful to one of the teachers again, this time for 3 days. So, now she has both of them at home.


Pajnstl said...

smh... thats really sad.

Lisa said...

What an awful situation. She is really outnumbered and has put herself in a bad position with those boys. And don't they know it! I hope it isn't too late for them to turn it around.