Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Bathing Suits: Conversations between Mr. Conservative and Anger Mgmt

My baby is back!!!

Miss Anger Management just returned from a weekend in Rehoboth Beach, which was very big. Her school took seven honor students. Originally, they were supposed to go to Puerto Rico, but parents did not want their children leaving the country. Understandable. Hell, I did not want mine to leave the house. This is her first away trip. She has only been allowed to go to her Grandma’s house and two aunts. That is it. No spending a night over friend’s house. Nada. Well, she is growing up. My little young lady, and as usual I do have a story to tell. We went shopping for bathing suits and the child has always had a one piece ALWAYS, even as a bambino. While we were shopping 50 million stores, on the 51st we were dog tired and determined this would be the last store so she had better find something. Well they really did not have anything and then she says this suit is okay and the conversation between her and Mr. Conservative went something like this –

Anger Mgmt: Well, I do not see anything. I might as well get this one mommy (I normally fight for her, if her dad is unreasonable.).
Mr. Conservative: Let ME see? (He is not stupid she said it too quick and specified me)
AM: This one.
MC: Girl, you funny. Was you smoking crack this morning?
AM: What?
MC: You heard me you must have been smoking crack!
AM: So, I can get it daddy? (She is delusional and he was laughing, so I guess she thought he was joking)
MC: Hell no, was the crack good to you; it must have been if you thought you were getting that suit.
ME: (DYING laughing, and of course, putting my two cents in) I do not see anything wrong with the bathing suit; it is a full bathing suit – just CUT OUTS on the sides.
MC: Oh, okay, so she gave you some too. I do not care what either one of you says, you better, find another bathing suit because she ain’t coming out of here with that one. (Awe, look at him trying to be all rough, and put it down….I like that, he’s getting extras tonight – ya feel me!).

We end up finding a bathing suit that was suitable to all of our standards, and we confirmed that the child was a little delusional and not on the pipe.

Shopping for the Eighth Grade Prom is tonight cannot wait!!


Pajnstl said...

can't wait to read THAT dialog re prom dresses lol

What was wrong with the cut outs though?! lol JUST KIDDING

cici said...

ROFL..good luck with prom dresses.. :D

sherry said...

8th grade Prom?
Surely you joke!

Sheila said...

LoL @ look at him trying to be all rough, and put it down….I like that, he’s getting extras tonight.

Looking forward to a post on prom dress shoppping...lol